1TB Xbox One to be available soon

1TB Xbox One to be available soon

Microsoft is trying to catch more Xbox One buyers by offering a new Xbox One with 1TB storage

While we all were expecting Microsoft to reveal its new controller for the Xbox one, Microsoft plans to go one step further and introduce an all new Xbox one package that incorporates a bigger hard drive along with the new controller. This information comes straight from an Amazon listing that claimed the product’s release date as at June 15 which coincides with the Microsoft’s E3 2015 stage show.

If Amazon’s listing is to be believed, the upgraded version of the Xbox one will feature a 1 TB built in hard drive and will set you back $399. That is twice the storage as compared to the standard 500 GB Xbox one that is currently priced at $349. It’s not really much of a surprise to see a storage bump as Microsoft did the exact same thing back in November 2014 with the surprise of the Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare bundle which retailed at $499 on its debut.

The new Xbox One bundle will feature the new Xbox One controllers that feature a 3.5 mm jack which fall right in line with past numerous leaks. Apart from the jack, there is hardly any difference between these new and the standard old controllers, but nevertheless, having the option to use your headphones without the need of an adapter is a welcome addition. From the looks of things, the new 1 TB Xbox One package won’t come with any games, so it’s really up to personal preference as to whether you would prefer the additional storage space or would go with other bundles already available in the market. All-in-all, the extra storage and the new controllers are indeed a welcome change and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.


Update: The Amazon listing has ow been removed due to unknown reasons. 

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