Agile Sprint as an Alternative to the Traditional Project Management System


The opening remarks should probably start with a little historical background. Please, take your time, because it will explain why we should not think of Agile Sprint as something unexplored before. On the contrary, it will prove that development can become the very bailout for your startup.

Back in 2001, experts from the field of project management systems created a manifesto, which implied 12 principles of agile software development. Of course, before that document, some applications professed an agile approach to the question. However, the manifesto became a starting point for the systematization of knowledge and skills about the process. Thus, the parent of all agile methodologies is not young but tends to continually improve.

Many advanced companies choose this format of project management, accordingly, it is provided by the real professionals in the IT-sphere. For example, pay attention to the team on agile sprint planning.

What is Agile Methodology

Agile methodology implies performing project management activities, which are accompanied by the analysis of the results and adjustment of the next steps. Thus, it is no longer necessary to run the entire project to figure out its weaknesses. It is enough to highlight the main problems and involves an agile team, which divides the project into sprints and provides customers with reports on all checks.

Thus, the project becomes more and more advanced and refined each time. In other words, at the heart of the methodology is the person and the interaction with the product. This practical approach, allows you to create a working system instead of being bogged down in the study of reporting documentation for many months. As we said above, at the core is the customer. When it comes to customer relations, the same thing happens: cooperation is most important. And the last characteristic is flexibility. The initial plan is the starting point, but it can be changed in the process.

Dividing into Sprints


Using sprints allows the team to break up the work into individual units. Each one accomplishes one assigned task in a short period. Thus, sprints are components of a workflow that produce quick results. The main benefit is bypassing long meetings and confusion due to incorrect initial planning.

Using in Practice

Let’s imagine. You have created a product that can solve people’s pains. For example, a good yoga suit. It does not cling to the mat and allows you to move easily. Perhaps the idea of creating that suit came from personal practice. This way, you know your product and target audience. Next, you have people on your team who will use the suit. From them, you gather wishes for improvements. For example, a customer wants to keep the pant leg from bouncing when exercising and suggests sewing in an elastic band to secure the cuff on the foot. Thus, you and all these people are the development team, which will take into account the wishes and implement them.

According to the agile development methodology, each of these issues is handled by a separate unit (aka sprint). In a week you can handle from 4 to 6 such requests. It is worth bearing in mind that there may be many more ideas from users. The task of the head owner is to choose the main ones. This helps to avoid confusion and chaos in the teamwork. Then a list of tasks is formed, which is constantly updated with new ones. How do you figure out which ones are a priority? Conduct an Agile Sprint before releasing the project and assess the results. This way, you will understand what is best for your company and how to achieve it.

Summing Up


Conducting an agile sprint is a complex, layered practice that requires the attention of an experienced team. But, it’s worth the gamble. In the end, you have a product that has been tested from multiple angles by both professionals and the target audience. Now it is safe to present it to investors, because the project is not in the development stage but has a clear vector of development, and most importantly, you as the owner know the options for solving the problems. In addition, agile sprint saves time and money. Accordingly, you will have more resources to implement creative ideas.

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