4 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Title Agency

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When buying a property, it is important not only to choose a good real estate agent but also a good company – that will represent you in the purchase-sales relationship. Hiring a title agency will ensure that the entire transaction is completed in your interest and without unwanted surprises. However, there are things you need to know when hiring a title agency – so here are 4 questions to ask before hiring.

Hire A Title Agency

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Another type of problem that awaits buyers of real estate after finding a suitable property – is the final determination of the purchase price and the process of buying and transferring the title. This includes negotiations with the seller, checking the validity of the documentation, drafting and certifying the sales contract – and ultimately, paying and taking over the property and transferring the title. Each of these items is a potential source of problems and nervousness for both parties – and often a reason to give up the chosen property, bringing the buyer back to the beginning of the entire process. In addition, customers often overlook actions and obligations that arise after signing a contract. These items refer to the transfer of title, payment of taxes on the transfer of absolute rights, reporting of changes to the tax authority, etc. Therefore, hiring a title agency is the best option for real estate buyers.

Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Title Agency

Securing the title over real estate is certainly not an attractive job as choosing one. It is one of the most important steps in the entire process of buying a property. We mostly buy homes on a loan granted to us. However, most banks and lenders want to be sure that you’ll have no problems when transferring the title into your name. For that matter, a title agency will be extremely useful to you. For example, if certain problems arise, such as those with liens on the house you want to buy or unpaid taxes and outstanding financial obligations. However, although hiring a title agency is almost a must if you are a serious client – you must also keep in mind some questions that you must ask them before hiring.

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1. How Much Is The Title Insurance Fee?

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While this seems to be a question that everyone will ask first – it still happens that many clients overlook some issues. What do we exactly mean? In general, the costs associated with a title insurance policy are more or less similar everywhere – and the amount you need to pay is somewhere around a thousand dollars per insurance policy. This fee covers insurance costs, legal affairs, and loss coverage. However, depending on where you buy the house and the price of the purchased property – the insurance fee can be much higher. In practice, this means that if you are buying a house in Florida, for example – the title insurance policy and their amount are determined by the state, and you will know exactly your cost. On the other hand, the situation may differ in states such as, for example, California. Namely, in California, but also some other states, the fees for title insurance are not determined by the law – and may vary depending on which title agency you hire.

2. Are Your Finances Safe?

When you buy a property, whether it is an apartment or a house – it is clear to you that your investment is very large. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate to inquire about what kind of financial stability the title agency you want to hire offers you. It is very important to know whether this is a stable insurance company that offers you all the reports and evaluations when it comes to finances.

3. Does Your Title Agency Belong To A Professional Association?

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Although it is not always necessary for a title agency to be a member of an association, it is certainly recommended. The title agency you choose must be reliable. Sometimes membership in one of the professional associations is important because it guarantees your security in some way. In addition, title agencies that are within an industry group, usually adhere to higher business standards.

4. What Is The Time Frame Agency For A Complete Title Search?

Time is always a significant factor in any business, even those with title agencies. Depending on your terms of buying real estate – you can have a longer or shorter period to reach an agreement. Of course, until you submit your real estate offer, you may not even know how long it will take you to complete the purchase-sale process. That’s why you need to hire a title agency that can do a title search quickly and efficiently. The usual search period is somewhere between 10 days and two weeks. However, if the title agency informs you that it will take more time – this may indicate potential problems, including giving up buying real estate.

What Do You Need To Know When Buying Real Estate?

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Being a buyer of real estate in the current market situation – means being in a privileged position because of a large and diverse offer. However, one of the problems that real estate buyers first encounter is precisely this large offer. It is because it’s not always easy to choose the perfect real estate. This usually happens because of the vagueness of the sales ads – and the time that you need to tour so many properties. By hiring a title agency, you get a reasonable real estate offer – containing properties with the characteristics that you required. This allows you an easier choice and significantly shortens the time needed to tour the houses or apartments you would like to consider when buying.

The Bottom Line

Although securing title over real estate can sometimes be very confusing for buyers – we must emphasize that this is a very important element of the real estate buying and selling process. Therefore, you must not neglect the role of title agencies and their performance in this process – but you must also know to ask them some of the key questions. We hope that our advice will be useful to you and that you will soon enjoy your dream home. Good luck!

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