Can You Get Banned For Boosting Your Character in Destiny 2?


Since its initial release in September 2017. Destiny 2 has become one of the most popular and played games. However, during 2024 and 2024, there has been an increase in the number of people that choose to use game boosting services, and Bungie – the studio behind the game – didn’t overlook this fact.

So, do they ban gamers from using game boosting services? Will they remove your account and all of your achievements if you choose to use these packages in the future? To answer your question right away, they probably will. Here are some frequently asked questions, answered:

Three FAQs: Answered


1. Will They Ban Me For Using Boosting Packages?

Yes, if Bungie finds out that you have been using such services, you’ll be banned from playing Destiny 2. According to the developers, cheating has gone up 50% since the beginning of last year, and this percentage is even bigger at the highest skill level players. Most of the cheating happens via PC and the weekly bans have gone up to over 2.000.

2. Will it Be Permanent?


Well, it will depend. They can be temporary and if so, they cannot be undone until a specific time period expires. There are also permanent bans because of the violations of the policy when it comes to boosting services, and if you get a permanent ban, you won’t be able to play the game, even if you purchase a new console.

3. Can I Make a New Account?

Nope. Bungie has implemented an IP ban, hence, you won’t be able to create a new account, even if you play it on a different console. Additionally, if you buy a second-hand gaming console or PC, you won’t be able to connect to the game by using it, meaning that you’ll no longer have access to your account.

So, How Can I Avoid Getting Banned?


It is possible for you to use these boosting services, however, you’ll need to be extra careful when choosing a particular company for these packages. To make things easier for you, here is a list of things that you should consider when choosing a game boosting company:

1. Firstly, Review Their Website

One of the first things that you should do is to review their website, particularly, their “About Us” category. Why should you do this? Well, it’ll ensure that the organization is transparent. A company that has something to hide probably won’t display the email address, telephone number, and physical address, hence, look for these things. Additionally, you see if they have a customer support email address or chat option.

2. See if They Offer Several Games


Another thing that you should check is whether or not they offer a variety of games. A reliable organization will offer these packs for various games, mostly because a lot of people are interested in these services for the games they are playing. Of course, there are sites such as that offer only Destiny 2 boosting services, hence, if you choose such a company, it’s okay, but still, check the rest of the things we mention in this list.

3. Read The Reviews

Next on the list is reading the reviews. Now, of course, you should read some of the reviews left on the official website, however, you might also want to read the ones that were left on independent review sites. Why? Well, the ones posted on such websites tend to be more honest, hence, ensure that you check them out as well. Naturally, if there are more negative than positive testimonials, choose a different company.

4. The Speed of Their Services


While reading the reviews, see what people have to say about the speed of their services. A reliable organization will focus on completing your order as soon as it can. Additionally, they need to have some of the best and professional gamers working for them, which is why you might also want to check them out. Keep in mind, if people aren’t satisfied with the speed of their services, look for another company.

5. The Security of Their Services

Because of the bans that people have been receiving, you need to make sure that the company implemented security measures. This will ensure that you pay for risk-free services. Hence, you should only choose an option that offers encrypted VPN and other important tools and strategies for protecting you from getting banned. Also, you’ll give your personal information to them (login in details), so, be extra careful about the company you opt for.

6. The Price is Important Too


Since game boosting services are increasingly popular these days, there is a wide range of packages that you can opt for, all of which will have a different price. So, when you start looking at your options, you should compare several companies, as well as the packages they offer. By doing so, you could ensure that you’re not overpaying for the services. Keep in mind, if the price is too good to be true, it might be a sign of a scammer.

7. You Should Be Able to Monitor The Process

Last on the list, but equally important is the fact that you must be able to monitor the process. So, when you’re looking for an organization, check and see whether or not you’ll be able to do this. After all, you’ll want to monitor the process to see if they’re doing what you’re paying them for. Additionally, by being able to communicate with them, you’ll also be able to learn quite a lot, which can help you later on.


Although you might get banned for using game boosting services, there are some things that you could do to ensure that you don’t, particularly, you have to ensure that you opt for a reliable and incognito company. And, if you follow the tips we mentioned in our list above, you’ll be able to do just that.

Hence, now that you know what you should do in order to avoid getting banned from accessing your Destiny 2 account and playing the game, don’t lose any more time. Instead, you might want to start looking for a reliable and competent company that’ll help you with improving your rank and character.

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