5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers – 2024 Buying Guide With Reviews

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Whether you are in need of a reliable, safe, and energy-efficient lawn mower to help keep your home safe and fresh, or are looking for an additional way to cut your utility bills, we have the perfect model to help you maximize the yield from your investment. Electric lawn mowers work best with two or three people for efficient operation and greater efficiency, and a three-phase gas-powered lawn mower is usually faster and consumes less electricity than an electric motor-driven model.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers tend to be quieter and energy efficient than gas mowers. The range of electric mowers also means they’re better suited for that home where it’s too hot or too cold to have a gas or electric lawn mower. Some electric mowers also have the power to drive under water. This makes them great for keeping your lawn green and green, especially if you have water running through your trees. Most electric mowers have an adjustable blade on the rear of the mower to cut through the grass while not in use. This is a bonus feature that some people don’t know about.

However, the strongest consideration when purchasing an electric mower is the run time and battery life. It is also important to consider the weight and the noise of the engine. Each mower has its own quirks, so it’s a good idea to research a mower before deciding on one. If the price is right and you are able to find the ideal outdoor power equipment and set up, then the investment of hours spent mowing can pay dividends many times over. It is also important to include all your final tuning options and hardware, since without these, even the best electric mowers have limitations.

The problem of lawn mower blade not spinning fast enough to make contact with the blade again for the next spin, can be remedied using a power mower. Replace your grass blades (top or bottom) with power mower blades. Other problems of this type, that require driving power, are any type of drive motor, flywheels, electric motors, etc.

With gas mowers, the rattle makes it hard to listen to lawn mowers in the yard, particularly on very loud days. And of course, electric mowers also don’t require fuel to run. They also don’t need to be plugged in or mow the lawn multiple times in one day as a gas mower. A thing to note: the battery is usually at the bottom of the mower, and can easily be removed by pushing on the tips with one hand or using a pair of tweezers. As of 2024, most electric mowers are also rechargeable, and the newer models can easily last for more than a decade on a single charge.

For the best lawn mower, you need a mower with good power, controllability, and a sturdy chassis. Some electric lawn mowers offer double power cords to allow you to generate power for a second run as needed. Electric mowers typically weigh in at between 5 to 8 pounds depending on the model. Most models can be powered by a 14-volt, 18-amp and 24-amp battery. Some include wireless control or remote power at an additional cost.

Many electric mowers are battery operated, which means the wheel stops on the handle or the handle rests when not in use. The traction motor may not spin as fast as a gas mower, but it will work far better for tasks that require steering. Regardless of the level of output, electric mowers are still the best choice for more complicated jobs or for those in low traffic areas.

Mechanical mowers handle tons of tasks, but when used improperly or over time can cause serious injury to both man and machine. For some homeowners the time spent mowing is too much to bear, so they prefer a quicker and more environmentally friendly solution. Electric mowers work fast and will keep your grass in check.

For an overview of the best electric lawn mowers available today, we included the electric lawn mowers below based on quality of the model and the following features:

  • Razorblade electric cutters allow for faster and more precise cuts
  • Consistent pressure reduces fatigue
  • Clean-up is quick and easy
  • Use the DIY Propane, Greenhouse Gas, Wood-Burner Setup

Moreover, We’ll discuss in this post about all the reasons to invest in electric mowers and when to use them, including our top five reasons as below:

  1. Standard mowers use a battery to power the wheels. When operating manually, the mower runs on electricity that comes from the mains; if you have batteries of electricity, you can run the mower for 10 to 20 minutes without any electricity.
  2. Electric mowers can run much longer. In 2024, several manufacturers offers battery-operated mowers, and the electric lawn mower are the most popular. Even if you own an ordinary electric lawn mower, don’t let its capacity of charging back the battery go to waste. Use the lawn mower every now and then as a mini electric generator.
  3. Electric mowers can run on long periods of discharging. With short charge times and short work times, a new battery isn’t required. This will cut down on daily maintenance costs as well.
  4. Electric mowers can be an energy sink for your home. Most electric mowers are designed with the batteries inside the mower. This will aid in energy conservation as well as reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  5. Electric mowers can be used to clean the garden easily. Consider how much time you’ll be spending on mowing your yard. If you don’t have the time to clear all the weeds, or the patience for it, consider a lawn mower instead.

Without further ado, Let’s Dive in

In hurry? Here are our Picks:

Of the best mowers that we tested, the EGO Power 20 is still the best for the money.

1. The EGO Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

Ego outdoor power equipment is helping your Green family get back into the momentum to live green. One of the reasons the EGO Power 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower stands out among its competitors is its lightweight, compact design and lightweight leaf clippers. The lightness of the EGO Power 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower is a huge bonus for homeowners and landscapers, and provides them with very smooth and quiet cuts.

A typical electric lawn mower requires several hours to head around your yard. With the EGO Power 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, this task is nearly instantaneous. Ego outdoor power equipment built for peak power production.

For years, the EGO Power 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower has been considered one of the most reliable mowers available. The Power 20 features a sturdy plastic construction and a vibration-free push-button start that gives it smooth performance. It’s a useful choice for small yards. A stylish design puts an elegant finish on the Ego, making it suitable for any task that calls for a mower. Ego power mowers offer year-round reliable performance and the ability to adjust for different sizes, due to the variable blade design.

You can push the handles and easily steer the mower, and you can detach it to clear your lawns completely. You can even stop the battery, hold it in place with the included mower pole, and place it back into the base to charge with the included two-port USB power supply. Ego Lawn mower weight capacity is 20lb, weight of battery is 16.2lbs battery is also fully rechargeable.

The EGO Power+ motor only weighs a full kilo, making it perfect for commuting or light labor. It even features detachable rear blades for cleaning quickly and easily. It is also great for two-story greenhouses and tall grass, although the 70 kWh battery is not as economical. A clever rubber belt sander keeps your grass as green as it was when you bought it. With its panoramic mower heads, both the Power+ and Power+ Green sedge blades are designed to produce better efficiency, as well as longer runtimes and more efficient grass clippings.

Thanks to its three-wheel steering system and 6.3-pound-squeak, it can also fold up neatly to fit in a 2-1/4-inch cabinet or storage box. When parked, this lawn mower is large enough to handle most lawns, but it does have a very limited range, at 35-feet. Also, as this is an electric mower, it does not need a voltage converter. The ECO Power+ also has a shorter range. It has a 90-minute run-time, so it won’t overheat and freeze your grass in cold weather. For work, particularly lawn mowing, this mower is a great choice.

It’s compact and easy to use, and the 350 watt motor makes it an easy, efficient choice for even the smallest jobs. Its fold-out handles and removable metal cap are just right for most jobs.

Use the included power pack to power one or more Ego tools. With the included power pack, you can lift and place down or maneuver large tree trimmings, fruit trees and stones in the grass. The power pack also features the MultiPole or Elite Lift and Lift Blade for flexible handle placement. Ego tools use a high-torque cutting system that can easily slice through large tree trimmings, fruits and fruit trees.

At 56.2 pounds, this easy-to-use and stable electric lawn mower is good for up to 8 miles. You get 6 speeds, including a 1.2-hp 45-volt and 2-hp 70-volt motor, and there are 2 engines for more efficient mowing. The saw can cut grass for up to 2 hours, or 1.2 acres. The onboard meter will help you know when your mower is in the right mode, and the adjustable steering wheel and extra backlit LCD screen makes the mower easier to operate. The sleek design and super smooth glide on concrete blocks is also nice to watch. It takes just a second to take down, and just a second to grab your next lawn mower repair job.


Fast-Charging Battery, Powerful Motor, Silent operation, and its built-in dust collector will ensure less dust build-up inside your house. Also, its quiet turbine makes it perfect for double-height and tall patio, and there are several different blade shapes. The tractor blade cuts well.


Design may be more athletic-looking than styled. The cordless version weighs over two pounds more than a corded model, but this is offset by the fact that it lasts longer, which is a big deal.


Most competitively priced on the market, this is one of the best rated affordable electric mowers, but it has some limitations which could be really annoying or really useful, depending on the users’ perspective and preferences. Mowing a lawn is a chore and an annoying chore in particular, it requires a lot of patience and thinking about it. Electric mowers can be a good alternative, and it’s worth checking out the different models on the market. They are mostly similar, but in different sizes.

2. The DeWalt 20-Inch 20V Cordless Lawn Mower

When Mulching or Bagging is concerned, the DeWalt 20-Inch 20V Cordless Lawn Mower features advanced technology that ensures you get the most power with minimum noise. Offers you the tools to increase your mowing performance at a fraction of the price. The DeWalt 20-Inch 20V Cordless Lawn Mower is a significant upgrade to your existing lawn mower.DeWalt 20-Inch 20V Cordless Lawn Mowers is easy to use and easy to maintain. Its basic Mower power lets you kill the weeds and vegetation without splattering your garden. The Lawn Mower is perfect for grassy, or tree-lined areas. It can mow like a mower, but it can also cut tall grass.

Using the DeWalt 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower as Mulch is a great way to begin the green process of grass-mowing. It’s a great way to reduce weeds and garden pests in the spring while your lawn is growing strong and healthy. It’s also a great way to reduce grass thorns and protect your trees and shrubs from cutting damage. You’ll be surprised at how much grass you can remove and your grass will look an inch deeper and smoother!

Here are all the tips you need to know about using this type of mulch to begin the green transformation. Mulching can also help prevent erosion and reduce the risk of drought-related damage to your lawn. A mulch machine will help you set up and clean up your mulch as it moves through your garden, all the while cultivating new growth.

It has an effective choke, although it is more geared toward thinning the grass instead of voling it. On top of that, it works as a lawn tractor and seeder. It can also be used to cut wood for wood saws and gas grills. For that reason, it’s an ideal lawn mower for on-site power. For the different jobs that you can do with this mower, you’ll need to factor in the cost of the mower and the materials you need to get your job done, but once you’ve done that, this lawn mower is much better than it looks.

With a brushless motor, the 7-Hour Max battery will reach 60% in just 7 hours. That’s respectable for a battery this size, but again, a brushless motor only provides the ability to work that much slower than a motor powered by a combustion engine. For example, the Genesis 75cc 85hp motor is good for 75mpg and the DeWalt 20-Inch motor will hit 50 mpg in only six hours.

This lawn mower is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used to cut grasses, weeds, shrubs and even single-stem blueberries. Ultimately, this mower is accurate at about 6 feet tall and its top speed of about 18 miles per hour should do most of the work. Even the top weight of the powered mower isn’t that much at 170 pounds. With 2 1/2 horsepower it’s quite a bit faster than its older cousins but still has a slow whir that will eat up any grass on your property. This mower should be okay to use for 3-5 acres.

The hardy 3-speed electric mower can cut up to 65% larger than most reciprocating mowers, and it’s faster cadence helps you cut closer to time. It also comes equipped with a sump bucket to catch those summer rain drops. Best of all, it runs on one 12V battery which is good for about three months (replacing it every 3-4 months). The 20-volt or 12-volt mower can take the most terrain without the need for batteries or special adapters.

With powered mowers like this, you can easily trim a small garden and those mini spruce bonsai plants! The DeWalt 20-Inch lawn mower has two blade speed settings and 1-1/4″ or 3/8″ blades. With our bundle of 10 meters, you are a field manager for the life of your lawn! Its 9-speed electric motor makes the power comfortable for long lawn mowing and the 21-1/2-inch blade conveniently clips on with a handy tilt. Additionally, this lawn mower comes with the 3-in-1 compact guide and dedicated memory wheel.


Powerful brushless motor, clean and efficient headless switch that turns power off when you’re not using it, high-quality plastics and aluminum, heavy-duty construction


Limited Battery Life, limited reach for longer distances on grass, complete lack of tailgate


When you’re looking at the best rated electric mowers, they should be fairly easy to use and you should have no problems getting the job done. The features include a heated blade (which makes use of cheaper gas lighters) and spring-loaded power controls, which make for easy maneuvers. As such, the 30-valve DeWalt is a reasonably solid choice for the price. If you’re looking for a utility mower that you can keep employed without much extra effort, look no further than this one.

3. Earthwise 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower works like a charm for small yards. The 20-inch cord has quick-change connectors so it can be used with two different DC power sources—electrolytic, compounding, or batteries—and features a power reserve indicator to show how much power you have left. The lightweight 3.4-pound, 225-Watt steel motor is a constant-speed, 6.8 horsepower unit and offers 16 miles per hour power to the blade.

As it mows, a rotary blade creates a dulling “high-speed impact” sound that ensures the mower stays in check. With a handy wood stake-out and extendable telescopic handle for more mobility, this is the perfect mower for those on the move. Like the Neve 10-Inch, the Earthwise 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower has an LED rear light that provides two hours of run time on 4 hours of battery charge. If you want to go with a trickle charge, the Earthwise offers a three-step charging plug that you can connect to the rear of the mower. The mower is powered by 2 AA batteries, which are not included. The lighted mower comes with 2 sockets that let you connect batteries to power up the mower in a pinch. The Earthwise also comes with a carrying bag that attaches to the mower for easy storage and transportation.

You can easily expand the Earthwise with other features that you can add with the included items. For instance, you can use this mower to cut your own grass or to trim the grass of your neighbors’ lawns. The charged battery takes about 3 hours to recharge completely.

The battery can be charged on your portable outlet as well. This portable rechargeable mower also provides on-the-go power support for the battery. This 20-inch electric lawn mower has a best-in-class belt drive and electric motor to cut cleanly through large amounts of grass, weeds and and crops. In addition, it has two LED lights that are made to provide a great night vision view, and also provide added protection from the flames of flames. There is also a birdie handle to change the direction of the mower.

The mower handles are rust-resistant, making the mower a great investment for your front yard or even backyard. The deck weighs in at only 1,420 pounds, which means you can walk out of the house with it. The flywheel is equipped with ground-shaking, butane propane engine technology, which gives the mower quick acceleration, as well as impressive power to lift heavy tools. If your lawn or landscape seems too stubborn to transform, you can always switch to the Eco-Blade, a powerful, versatile mower featuring a powerful 21-foot fence. Not only does the cord handle without splitting, but I can make quick work of weeds and grasses in the first or second trim.

This mower was fairly heavy. It did get heavier as I went through the season. The 4-way clutch allows the gear to be adjusted to different speeds, and the stock blade was medium-sharp for the weight of the mower. The only thing that will be different about this mower is that the electric motor is an electric motor.

It felt quiet and quiet on the way down. The ground maintenance-type mechanism worked very well, and I was able to mow over the top of some large leaves that I was not happy about. I would definitely consider this to be a mower that I would bring with me on long trips. I especially like how unobtrusive the motorized mechanism is on this lawn mower, much less a ticking watch or electronic remote.

Not being able to hook up a hardwired mower means you have to hook up one of these electric lawn mowers, though, so that’s a plus. The walker does require a remote control. I’m not sure why this is, but having no rear wheel drive is definitely a plus. Based on the total number of rims the mower can handle, this mower’s wheel gets a fair amount of abuse, and that’s probably why it can’t be re-made from scratch. It would be nice to be able to swap wheels with one touch, but maybe if you want to make your own change you can.

The 20-inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower is designed to be easy to use. A push button start and an auto shut off safety feature make it easy to keep mowing. The Corded Electric Lawn Mower can be left on for up to two years with the included starter pack (which includes batteries). These mowers are designed to last for decades.


Wide blade, Lightweight, Adjustable Height with easy settings, cushioned handle, and all while costing less than other mowers


Proprietary electric motor, sometimes not ideal for long corded lawns, or trips to the lumber yard.


In terms of the other lawn mowers on the market, this is the only one that comes in with our top score in the most important categories: cutting size, power, and control. Our power rating was made possible due to the ability to fold it, rather than relying on its own motor. This is a fantastic feature that we found very useful when we used this mower for a period of time, as we could put it away for the next day.

4. Greenworks 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Lawn Mower

If you want more power for more area, check out the Greenworks 20-Inch Lawn Mower. Greenworks 20 inch Lawn Mower does everything you expect from a lawn mower, includes a green light that lights the blades, while working speed, mowing angle and blade area is exactly as well-designed as it can be. Whereby Greenworks 21inch Electric mower features ultra-crisp blade technology, six speeds, and intelligent power system. Greenwork’s 20Inch Folding blade design allows for smooth cuts and easy storage.

This electric lawn mower will be in an upright position, which allows for more effective cutting of your grass. This mower is perfect for cutting grass that is up to 7″ high and 9″ wide, so you won’t need any help with thick growth.

The Greenworks 20″ Lawn Mower features a detachable 12-amp motor and user adjustable ramming action for strong and consistent lawn mowing with less effort. The new 30-pin rear hub design enables the front and rear hub to work together for enhanced maneuverability. Convenient handle allows you to maneuver the lawn mower without removing it from your garage. Up to 2.6HP 24″ wheel drive. Inverter torque rated at 78.5 ft lbs. The Greenworks 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Lawn Mower comes equipped with a power tool box. This power tool box is accessed by the push of a button. It has a removable top to help protect the wheel and gear oil. This is definitely a lot of power for the price.

Whether you’ve got a backyard or a bigger yard, the Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower is a good choice. It delivers accurate and efficient mowing without fear of knocking over trees and shrubs, and it still weighs under 3 pounds. You can use it in dry or muddy conditions.

The Greenworks 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Lawn Mower is equipped with a 15′ high blade. With a maximum speed of 25 RPM, it cuts a width of between 25 – 150 yards. You’ll also enjoy handy 18′ of light cord to easily carry. If you just want to do your own lawn, there is also a choice of 32-inch blades for those that wish to simply mow without the need to buy additional equipment. The 20-inch blade is equipped with a razor-sharp blade that cuts through grass in no time. To cut you of a space to get on with something else, one side of the blade is equipped with a gentle rake. When it comes to cutting grass to a depth of 9 inches, the Greenworks 12-Inch blades make for a strong, accurate cut.

It also offers a small blade length of 7″ and has the ability to kill weeds, keep mowing grass and cut through the right sized weeds, too. Greenworks mowers are the greenest, highest-performance garden mowers on the market. Greenworks is available in a wide range of sizes and options. Greenworks electric lawn mowers can be easily stored. They are easily moved to a spot where you will be mowing regularly for the rest of your life. The 20-inch power stroke offers 30 minutes of electricity usage on a full charge. The only drawback to this mower is its slightly longer cord.

This lawn mower will allow you to make lawns of most any size with the power and efficiency of a top rated lawn mower. It will give you a degree of versatility and do most of the heavy lifting you could ask of a mower. The 20 inch blade rims have a raised grove and reduce the chance of the rotary blade hitting the lawn mower wheels. If the rotary blade is damaged, simply push the blade back into the groove of the blade rims and the blade will drop into the same spot. The slimmer blade and switchable blade height enables the Lawn Mower to be used in most situations. T

he cutting path of the 20 inch blade can make cutting your lawn easier, but if your lawn is too tall or narrow for the blades, simply position the blades in any one of five locations on the rear of the Lawn Mower to make the cutting path even. The 20 inch power cord runs 2-4 hours on the low setting and 3-4 hours on high setting. It is a powerful electric lawn mower that can work on sunny days and on nights where the air is still and relatively cool. Its powerful engine allows it to operate very efficiently and efficiently.

Moreover, this electric lawn mower works in an older style mode that lets you mow your lawn, too. The “sneeze” mode will automatically turn your mower back to its older manual setting when you’re finished mowing.


Seven-position height-adjustable leaf blower, each with an adjustable range of speed, and a 90-degree range of operation, allowing you to cut multiple clumps of grass at the same time. It comes with a 35-amp lead-acid battery that will supply you with more than enough power to run this lawn mower. Easy on/off speed, with five stops to help adjust your machine for changing clumps of grass. Gauge for measuring actual energy and light intensity required to cut a clump of grass in your lawn.


Lowers the blades a bit on lower settings. Slows down after mowing on higher settings. Don’t drive the lawn mower at full speed. Constant self-compress and provide the best and most enjoyable self-righting action. Very efficient and easy to use. Runs out of batteries fast if it is ran full throttle. Big and powerful with adjustable electric motor. Even great for people with physical disabilities. The 20 amp cranking setting is a great tool for people with hard to reach locations.


The Greenworks is a great lawn mower at a great price. If you don’t mind paying a little more, you can certainly get a good one, but you won’t be getting the top quality. Some would argue it’s not the best this price range, but for the price you really can’t go wrong. If you like to take out your lawnmower and look at the lawn there is some nice illumination, and it has a few nifty features such as the auto cutoff which keeps the grass flattened. That could be one of the best features of the model to be honest.

5. Ryobi 38-Inch Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

The Ryobi 38-Inch Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower offers all of the efficiency and weight savings of our 34-Inch Rider, plus a new, patented motion-controlled precision throttle. The 38-inch power and 70 horsepower motor may not be powerful enough for larger or longer lawns, but the Ryobi is much more affordable and less dangerous to your health than gas mowers, and that’s a lot for many homeowners. For small and medium sized landscapers, the Ryobi is the better choice for lower cost, smaller electric mowers. For the more advanced manual blade mowers, this is the type of mower that does a good job of maintaining the mower belt at all times.

While the Ryobi 38-Inch offers much of the performance and horsepower of our 34-Inch Rider, there are some changes in mowing performance to consider. As a power mower, this mower is very smooth, but this mower also uses a heavy battery which takes a heavier hit to your bill of parts, so we suggest using the Ryobi 36-Inch Motorized Rider as the lighter battery is easily replaced while this mower is in good order.

The steel frame design is sturdy enough to deliver a steady kick with an almost limitless potential of use and your effortless maneuverability. The 42″ blade allows for easy trimming. It has the ability to cut short grass for lawn services and tall grass for further trimming and maintenance. As a piece of equipment, it is capable of cutting an entire parking lot in about two hours. Combined with Ryobi’s quick-release mower brushless system, this model is an easy upgrade from any mower. That power and cutting performance allow the 38-inch Lawn Mower to perform at a higher level for years to come.

Equipped with a two-speed controller, you can power it from solar panels for approximately 8 hours of work per day and deliver full power to the rear wheel for 8 hours at a time (or 8 hours of power to the front wheel with the help of a battery carry case). A powerful lawn mower that lasts for days, giving you greater control over where to push and pull. This 4 wheeled electric mower provides easy maneuverability and can also cut grass larger than 6″.

The removable battery helps to increase your mowing time, and the mower head holds the recommended weight of 7 lbs. to make mowing more efficient. There is a fenced guard on the bottom of the mower for your yard. With its powerful electric motor, this mower can mow up to 20 feet a minute, making it perfect for large lawns. It features four positions to help you out with your yard. It is an economical mower that can save you a lot of money on water, as it consumes less water than a lot of the other electric mowers out there. The lift switch and stop button give you the same functionality on the second-hand version. Plus, the LED lighting made from durable polycarbonate gives the ride quality you want.

Compared to gas mowers, it produces zero emissions, doesn’t develop harmful aromas, and doesn’t have the nuisance of motor noise. The motor exhaust emits is normal and healthy. One of the coolest features of the Ryobi 38-Inch is that it features an LED lightsight system. The mower is controlled by an eight-button receiver (which will be in great demand by persons with a short attention span). The user can select either of six different vibration settings, with the standard setting of 24Hz, which is fast, but harsh.

Though its performance is equal to gas mowers, its fuel consumption is zero. The motor’s exhaust contains a natural plant odor, but it also doesn’t have a harmful one. It doesn’t roar like gas-powered mowers, so it can be heard from a distance. It doesn’t have the nuisance of motor noise, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll have to mow in your backyard. If you live in a sensitive area, the gas motor has its place.

And in a few years, we’re sure it’ll be quieter than even gas-powered mowers. Compared to other backyard mowers that use regular lawn fertilizer, its automatic-felling-the-grass feature makes it easy for you to get rid of the weeds, no matter how big.

Is your large mower a solution for your large lawn?

At some point, your lawn mower is likely the biggest item in your garage. And there are a few reasons you should consider an electric mower. Electric mowers have large battery banks that allow them to travel well through city yards and even farm yards. This can save you valuable time in the long run in getting to work or going to town. If you own a Ryobi 38-Inch Lawn Mower, it’s easy to make your decision.

If you’re a big fan of the old-school dual-bladed spade, you might also like the Ryobi’s dual-crown. At 471 lb., the big spade holds up to more than a dozen large clippings and still manages to cut grass, root crops, and weeds. As with all driving mowers, you can check out the Speedy Dual-Crown here.


Excellent battery power, 16-inch power wheels, vibration-free electric motor that feels much lighter than a similar mower, enough blades to mow almost any size lawn, easy rear driving, easy to keep clean, plenty of power.


Less than optimal lawn mower aerodynamic design, pricey, outdated type of electric motor, relatively large power delivery, short recharge time, not very durable, bit heavy for heavy duty lawns.


The Ryobi 38-Inch is the perfect riding mower for lawn maintenance and garden shrubbing. It does great work, looks great and is powered by a high-quality, rear-drive 38-inch battery electric motor which not only allows for economical-to-maintain service, but also features a rear-wheel drive setup making it easier to manoeuvre. With a 27.0 cu. ft. (273.0 liters) in the back, the Ryobi 38-Inch can work up to 5.5 acres with ease (7.0 acres on a separate wheeled cart).

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