5 Best Inspirational Speeches From the Greatest

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Words wipe away civilizations and give birth to new cultures. They are the main drive in the political forces that shape reality and how we think. No wonder liberals and conservatives love clashing in debates so much. If you don’t believe in the power of words, consider the following. ‘We shall fight on the beaches,’ once written by Winston Churchill, gave strength to Great Britain during the invasion by the Nazis. By delivering ‘Quit India,’ Mahatma Gandhi moved the masses to fight for freedom. Yeap, this is what words do to the world.

Searching for some inspiration while crafting a bot-beating resume? Check the list of the most grandeur speeches ever made, both old and modern.

#1: ‘Quit India’ by Mahatma Gandhi

One of the most famous speeches, ‘Quit India,’ showcased the ideas of the Quit India Movement. Delivered by Gandhi, the speech triggered all-nation upheaval among the Indians. If you’re not sure that your speaking talents can impress the recruiter in a good way, think of a solution. Take online courses in public speaking and invest in your career while the top resume writing service does its job in crafting a job-winning Linkedin profile. Even the greatest had troubles in public speaking. However, practice makes perfect!

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Back to ‘Quit India.’ What can we learn from Gandhi’s speech?

  • Words unite people and set fire to national movements;
  • Words devour empires and promote freedom to the enslaved;
  • Protests don’t always have to be violent in the civilized world.

 #2: ‘I Have a Dream’ by Martin Luther King Jr.

Is there anything more popular than this speech? Probably, ‘Let It Be,’ the song composed and performed a hundred times by the Beatles. But let’s be honest, even this song is less popular than King’s speech. ‘I Have a Dream’ is obviously a phrase that gets more interviews if written in the CV and passed to the recruiters.

The delivery of the speech was the turning point in the Civil Rights Movement era. Thousands of people joined the march, which later resulted in protests all around America.

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What can we learn from ‘I Have a Dream’?

  • The voice of one person can change the political landscape;
  • Everyone has a right to dream and change the world. For instance, you can always land a job of your dream and be happy;
  • Standing for marginalized groups is the right thing that everyone should do.

#3: ‘Speech to the Troops of Tilbury’ by Queen Elizabeth I

The 15th century was the time when global empires rose to power. It was also a time when Spain was more powerful than Britain. To make things even worse, Spain built a group of 122 ships and sent them to conquer Britain. Sure, the British got scared. But what happened next was the freedom speech delivered by their queen, dressed in armor and a white dress. You can guess what happened next – the British won.

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What can we take from the ‘Speech to the Troops of Tilbury’?

  • World history is full of women whom modern historians started to recognize finally;
  • A powerful speech gives hope and courage and leads to victory;
  • Great accomplishments come from great speeches. From now on, think of dreadful job interviews as a quest to conquer the recruiter’s heart.

#4: ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Another brilliant woman who knows how to rule the world. In this case, the world of femininity and women’s rights. The creator of ‘Americanah’ knows what it takes to be a woman and focus on her career while fighting against stereotypes.

As someone said, ‘Women’s rights are human rights’. Hence, everyone has a right to work without falling under gender stereotypes. To expand your career resources, check out Skill hub sources like online courses to improve your resume writing. In the end, a great applicant is the one who knows how to present themselves.

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What can we learn from ‘We Should All Be Feminists’?

  • Obviosly, we should all be feminists and support women;
  • Gender discrimination is dangerous because it leaves women without economic and social resources;
  • Equality of the sexes is a necessity in the twenty-first century.

#5: ‘Commencement Address at Stanford’ by Steve Jobs

It’s really interesting to get some professional advice from a tech giant, right?

Think of Steve Jobs as your life coach for a minute. And if you never heard of ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish’ phrase, now you know it. Because this is the exact phrase, the speech is known for. In his speech, Jobs teaches you how to squeeze lemonade out of the lemons life gives you. He tells you how to find an opportunity while surviving from failure.

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What can we learn from Jobs’ speech?

  • Instead of focusing on the negative side, think of the opportunities the situation presents you with;
  • We are creators of our own lives;
  • You should accept the nature of death and live every day as if it was your last one;
  • There is always hope for a better future;
  • Most of the time, things don’t turn out the way you expect them.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to marvel at world history or get a drop of inspiration, check speeches. Yeap, the ones that come from the greatest minds. They will teach you wisdom and give you hope when you need it the most. No wonder even Beyonce borrowed the lines from Adichie’s speech. Queen B’s ‘Flawless’ would have never been the same without those precious lines.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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