6 Best Truck Tool Box Mounts And Accessories 2024

When it comes to hauling toolbox kits for your truck, it is essential to choose the ones that offer maximum practicality & functionality. Storing gears and items becomes easier if you have an open-bed or long-haul-bed vehicle. Inefficient storage of tools might bother the driver with excessive displacement and rattling of tools while driving.

Furthermore, unsecured tools or gears can cause excessive wear & tear to them. Hence, when buying a gearbox for your vehicle, choose the top-rated and best quality. There are many automobile parts manufacturing companies specializing in manufacturing best-quality kits.

Buying a high-quality, branded truck tool box mounting kit is ideal as it saves your motor gear from wear & tear on the go. Also, a well-equipped toolbox can safeguard your vehicle, especially the bed, from regular wear & tear. For anyone who owns a long-bed vehicle and is planning to buy mounts or toolboxes, here’s a quick guide to help find the best and most popular kits in 2024.

Top Factors To Consider For Purchasing The Best Tool Kit

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It can be overwhelming to see a lot of variety in toolboxes and accessories. While the tool kit concept for trucks is quite simple, there’s much to know about them. Following are some essential considerations when buying a truck tool box mounting kit. Some of the points mentioned below might be more important for certain purchasers than others, but it is essential to know them before buying a perfect one.


The larger the box or mount, the more it can store items. And ensuring that the kit you buy is spacious enough to hold all your gear and other stuff is another essential consideration to keep in mind. Doing so will allow you to store all your things in one box and save you from unnecessary disturbance caused by rattling loose tools when driving.


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Always choose a toolbox that is durable enough to handle heavy usage. It should be sturdy sufficient to take a lot of abuse, especially if you are a truck owner who tosses the tools around quite often. Make sure to choose a high-quality one that will be easy.


When buying a tool kit, always go for the ones that offer internal organization for your tools. Tool mounts with organizers can store many of your devices and other stuff quickly without letting your truck bed look messy and unorganized.


A toolbox should be able to keep all your tool secure even while driving. Opt for steel mounts or boxes with sturdy locks, as they provide more security to your devices than others. A truck mount or boxes with double-hinged hasp are the most preferred as they allow you to custom lock security codes per your need.

Best Truck Toolbox Mounts & Accessories Of 2024

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Now that you know the essential factors to consider, you also need to understand the different toolbox types meant for different truck parts. The styles may vary on the factors like size and holding capacity. While some come without a tailgate opening, and some can only be opened when you step on your truck bed. So there are many mounts or kits, and your choice can vary depending on your need and preference.

Crossover Toolbox

The crossover is one of the most common and widely chosen tool mounts. These generally lay across the truck and are often installed near the cab area. Such boxes are not compatible with installing around the tonneau area and are meant to store only short tools. These can be lifted easily and only occupy a little space on your truck bed.

Chest Box

It can also be installed or placed near the cab area, but the chest box mounts do not cross over vehicle bed rails. Compatible with storing more number items or tools, these boxes are designed with enormous depth. Unlike the crossover box mounts, these can only be accessed by stepping on the motor bed. There’s no other way out. Furthermore, these are crafted in trunk style and available in various sizes. You can even fit them under the tonneau cover.

Side-rail Box

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Often designed to install on the truck’s side rails, these toolboxes can be accessed from the truck’s sides. These hold the little capacity to store tools compared to the crossover and chest boxes. Since these can be accessed without getting onto the truck bed, the side rail box can be a perfect choice for riders who often work out of their truck.

Pork Chop Mounts

Also referred to as swing boxes, the pork chop mounts or toolboxes are designed to install over the wheel. These make the most efficient use of your truck bed and do not take up much space. To open these mounts, you’ll need a tailgate. The plus point is that you don’t have to step on the truck bed to access these repeatedly; instead, they can be opened as it is. Furthermore, these offer less storage space than all three types mentioned above.

Dual-lid Tool Mounts

Ideal for those who wish to get items from the box without jumping on the bed. Instead, they can run from one side to another to close the box. These toolboxes are equipped with hinged lids which can be accessed and opened from either side of the truck.

Tonneau Compatible

The toolbox or mounting kit is compatible with the tonneau area, yet another must-have mount for 2024. You will find them on almost with almost all drivers as these make the most efficient use of the truck bed. These allow your tonneau cover lay over them, ensuring utmost security & weather protection.

Closing Note

So, the points mentioned above and considerations were helpful for your to decide how and which type of toolbox or mounting kit to choose. If you wish to buy a toolbox with utmost durability and offers a lot of storage space, it is recommended to select crossover tool mounts. These take up less space on your truck beds and allow you to store many things. Besides this, if you prefer convenience and easy accessibility, side rail mounts are perfect.

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