What Type of Casino Bonus Is the Best for New Players

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Beginners in casino games would like to minimize the risk so that they can get more time and opportunities to learn the games. The same goes for the experienced, who try new games, and even those who are accustomed to land-based casinos, so want to see if they can cope with the online variants.

What do online casinos have to offer?

Many people prefer to do their activities online, including betting and gambling. For all this to be possible, we need:

– Licensed providers

– Stable and attractive web service

– Appropriate mobile application

– Attractive offers for new customers

– Bonuses and freebies for everyone

– More payment options

– Implemented system for using cryptocurrencies

– Transparency

– Clearly stated conditions for use

– Available customer support center

– Wide selection of games

What is most interesting for all players are of course the bonuses. If you click here, you will see that everywhere, in every casino available online, you can claim a certain type of bonus and start the game with it. Beginners love this, but still, we need to analyze the different types of bonuses, so we can see which is the best option.

1. Free spin bonuses

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Commonly used for slot games. When you make a deposit to your account and choose to play slots, you get a bonus offer. The number of free spins is usually proportional to the amount of money you have invested.

You do not need any additional requirements for this type of free and promotional material, which is not the case with other types of bonuses.

However, if with your activity you manage to get the status of VIP or premium player, the benefits are even greater.

2. No deposit bonus

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This is one of the most popular types that the player gets with the registration itself and there is no need to invest money. It is a free form of virtual cache or spins and when the user consumes them, he can choose to continue the game or find another one, to his liking.

But there is a trick that many are not aware of. If you happen to get a higher profit, then you will still have to deposit a certain amount in order to be paid.

It can be said that no deposit bonus is good for practicing, but it is also a powerful marketing tool to attract as many customers as possible.

3. Exclusive bonuses

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As the name suggests, they are not available to all users. With this fact, we can immediately conclude that they are not suitable for beginners, because exclusive rights are given to customers who regularly invest their money and enrich the online casino.

Therefore, as a token of gratitude, they receive much greater bonuses than beginners, but still, do not forget that behind all this are large sums of money spent on advancement.

4. Cryptocurrency bonuses

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Some casinos allow their users to use cryptocurrencies instead of fiat money. In such a case, those players receive certain benefits or special bonuses intended only for them.

From this, we can conclude that even beginners who use cryptocurrencies can expect attractive free things from the provider.

However, you need to be good at managing this type of money, because it does not work the same way as the dollars or euros we are used to.

5. Welcome bonuses

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These are the ones you are getting as you create your account. It can be any form you prefer from the offered options. It’s a one-time freebie, and once you’ve done it, you proceed with playing with your money.

It’s a safe way to get to know the game better, and then decide if you like it, or you want something more exciting.

6. Weekly and monthly bonuses

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The casinos will always find some way to award loyal players. They really appreciate your presence, since it brings them enough money to maintain the whole service and provide interesting games. So, almost every casino has the same policy, to show the members they are valuable by providing weekly and monthly bonuses.

But, this type is not really for beginners, because they can’t claim it the first time they join the website. Anyway, it’s worth mentioning, since the service knows who is there for longer, and give them free spins and items, to attract them to stay more (and reinvest their money too).

What should the player do?

To begin with, before registering at all, you need to read the full terms of use of the service. It lists everything you need to know about your unique experience.

Also, you should not rely on past experiences, as online casinos have evolved to the point that no matter how much you take a month off, they will not be the same when you return. Therefore, before you invest your money at all, you must check if you really want to do it.

In this case, the safest choice is no deposit bonuses, which are available for free, but you have to come to terms with the fact that most of the time you still need money in case you make a profit. The choice is not simple, because each type of bonus brings advantages, but also disadvantages for which players are usually not prepared at all.


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For your mission to be successful, you as a player must read the rules of the service but also respect the set limits.

Bonuses can be a great way to have a bigger game pool, to have a better chance of winning. In any case, they improve the overall experience and are part of the deciding factors whether to continue or find a service that suits your preferences.

Maybe thanks to the bonus you will be able to win more money, with a higher calculated risk. That’s why it’s good to have both theoretical knowledge about the game and the offers before you even use some of the money.

We hope you already understand this concept better and that you will be able to use it properly to make a profit, even when you are a beginner and new to the casino industry.

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