Is There Any Difference Between Clear Braces & Invisalign Treatment


How to straighten teeth has always been a question that has plagued all those with the problem. However, today it seems easier to answer that question. As in many other branches of medicine – there have been significant advances in dentistry when it comes to dentures and orthodontic teeth straightening.

Modern dentistry has brought us aids such as invisible braces and Invisalign treatment. Find out if there is any difference between these two methods in the text in front of you.

Flawless Teeth And A Hollywood Smile


There are no cosmetics that can beautify you as much as your smile can. A smile is an ornament on the face of every person – and that is why everyone wants their smile to be flawless and to disarm everyone around.

If you want something like that, you need to have immaculately beautiful and healthy teeth. Unfortunately, few people are lucky enough to be born with perfectly placed and arranged teeth. Fortunately, many orthodontic treatments today can make your teeth look like in Hollywood movies or commercials.

Healthy Teeth Are Beautiful Teeth

We must keep in mind that it is not only the aesthetic moment that conditions people to want beautiful teeth and a charming smile. An important factor is certainly the health and lifespan of the teeth themselves. We need to know that proper tooth placement, even a bite, are prerequisites for good oral health in general.

Straight teeth are not only more beautiful to the eye, but they are significantly more functional – while incorrectly arranged and crooked teeth can cause major problems when biting, chewing, and in addition, they wear out faster and are more susceptible to damage. Improperly aligned teeth make it harder to maintain oral hygiene – making caries and periodontitis easier.

How To Achieve A Perfect Smile?


Few can boast of teeth that are perfectly spaced. That is why a large number of people are wondering how to straighten their teeth in the fastest way. However, no matter which method of teeth straightening you decide on – you must know that sometimes the road to a perfect smile can be a long one. But, in consultation with your dentist, he will recommend the types of dentures that will be best for your situation.

Correction Of Irregular Teeth: Fixed Denture Or Invisalign Treatment

Today, there are so-called fixed and mobile dentures for straightening teeth. As the name suggests, fixed dentures are not removed – and that is why they correct the position of the teeth continuously. These dentures consist of braces, which are glued to each tooth, and an arch that connects the braces and allows even pressure on all teeth.

If you are an adult and have irregular teeth – the answer to the question of how to straighten your teeth is simple. Wear a fixed denture! The mobile denture consists of a metal arch, and the main advantage over the fixed one is that it can be removed.

Also, mobile dentures are recommended for children or adults who need a small correction of tooth position. However, today, the method for correcting teeth without dentures is especially popular. It is using the so-called dental correction foils – that is, the Invisalign method.

The Difference Between Braces And Invisalign Treatment


Although many tend to mix transparent fixed braces with Invisalign treatment, these are still different things. According to, the difference is primarily in the method of installation, maintaining hygiene, going to the controls – and the duration of wearing.

Wearing Braces

Although wearing fixed braces is mostly associated with children, this is not a necessary rule. Actually, modern dental practice has shown that fixed braces can effectively correct the position of teeth in people ranging in age from 20 to 30 years. For visible results, braces need to be worn for at least a year.

Therefore, the patient must be physically and mentally prepared for such an endeavor – and after that lasting results can be expected. Customizing the patient to braces usually takes about a month and for all the time wearing braces, it is very important to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Types Of Braces


Patients can choose from several basic types of fixed dentures – with all dentures performing their primary role of returning the teeth to the correct position equally well. The only differences are in the appearance of the braces, their comfort, the interval between check-ups, and the visibility of the braces.

What Is Invisalign?

These are transparent dentures that are made with the help of modern technology and 3D printing – which allows the correction of almost all orthodontic anomalies. They are almost as effective as classic fixed dentures, and today they are the number one treatment in orthodontics for adult patients.

The Course Of Invisalign Therapy?


The first stage is taking photos and prints – that is, scanning your teeth. After that, we get a digital therapy plan. It is a video 3D model that very accurately shows the initial condition of your teeth, how the teeth will move, how long the treatment will last – and most importantly, the end result of the therapy.

There is a possibility of correcting the plan, and when the patient confirms that he is satisfied with the plan, the denture is approved. When starting treatment, it is important to wear the foils regularly. It is recommended 20-22h a day – and it is necessary to take them off when brushing your teeth or eating. The foils are changed every 7-14 days, and the controls are scheduled for 2 months.

What Is Better: Braces Or Invisalign Treatment?

The best answer to this question you will get from your dentist when he determines the situation with the irregularities of your teeth. An unwritten rule is that in more complicated cases dentists recommend wearing fixed braces – because braces will provide stronger mechanical support to your teeth.

On the other hand, Invisalign treatment is more discreet, slightly easier to get used to – and less difficult to maintain because you can take them off during the day. However, the final decision on what is best for you will be made by your dentist and you.

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