Why is It Cruel to Keep a Betta Fish?

Bettas are beautiful fish with bold colors. They’re also known as a jewel or Siamese fighting fish and for good reason. These little guys have some aggressive tendencies that can be both awesome to watch and extremely frustrating. If you’ve ever owned a betta, you know how finicky they can be. One moment they’ll be swimming around like everything is peachy, and the next they’ll start attacking their reflection in the glass of their tank. For some people, this is a deal breaker when it comes to keeping a betta fish as a pet. How can so many people think it’s cruel to keep a betta? It all has to do with what you should expect when owning one of these fish as a pet–and whether or not you have the space (and time) to meet their needs accordingly. Let’s take a closer look at why keeping a betta is cruel if certain conditions aren’t met…

Betta Fish Are Naturally Very Territorial

One of the reasons why many people find betta fish so exciting is that they’re capable of showing aggression towards other fish. This is why they’ve earned the name “fighting fish” because people used to keep them in tiny jars and throw them in ponds to attack other fish. If you have ever seen a betta in action, you know that they can be very territorial. They will bite and fight other fish, especially when they are kept in a small bowl or aquarium. They are often kept in small containers, in which they may feel stressed and threatened. They may attack other fish to defend their territory and generate a feeling of security.

Bettas Need a Lot of Space and Light

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Bettas are very active fish and need a lot of space and light in which to swim and explore. Because they are so active, it is important to make sure that the tank you keep them in is large enough for them to swim around. They should have at least two gallons of water per betta, but larger is better.

You may also want to plant the tank to create a more natural environment. Bettas do prefer to swim in plants, but they cannot be kept with live plants. If you have a betta, be sure to use fake or silk plants. Betta fish are tropical fish and do best in aquariums with warm temperatures between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The water should be at least a few degrees warmer, but it should not be warm enough to cause the water to evaporate too quickly.

Bettas Are Sometimes Kept in Tiny Bowls

Some bettas are kept in tiny bowls, which can be extremely cruel. These bowls are usually around two gallons if that. Bettas need to be kept in a large aquarium. They cannot be kept in smaller containers. Bowls are too small for them, and bettas often get sick and die when kept in bowls. Bettas are tropical fish and require warm water. Keeping them in a bowl, therefore, would be both cruel and deadly. Without enough oxygen in the water, the betta is likely to get sick and die because the water will warm up too quickly.

Keeping a Betta is Cruel Because of Their Environment

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Some people keep bettas in tiny containers, which is cruel and will probably cause the fish to get sick and die prematurely. Bettas should be kept in a warm environment with a lot of oxygen and room to swim. A bowl, however, is too small to keep a betta and provide it with the environment that it needs to thrive. Bettas are tropical fish and cannot tolerate cooler temperatures.

Keeping them in a bowl in a cool room would cause the water to warm up quickly and kill the fish. Betta fish are tropical fish, which means that they need warm water. If you keep a betta in an aquarium with cold water, the fish will get sick and die. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your betta’s aquarium is warm enough.


Bettas are beautiful fish, but they need a lot of care. They are best kept in a large aquarium with warm water and plenty of plants. If you keep your betta in a bowl, you are cruel to the fish because it does not have enough space or light. Bettas are beautiful animals and make for a great pet. However, they require a lot of care. Therefore, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time cleaning the tank and feeding your fish. In return, however, you will have a beautiful and fascinating pet that you can enjoy for many years.

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