DHL in Singapore – 2024 Guide

DHL is a large company that ships products internationally. Besides shipment, the company also has online sellers known as DHL eCommerce, who offer various services. Learn more from this guide about how DHL works in Singapore and how your company can benefit.

What is DHL?

As mentioned earlier, it is a shipment company that offers domestic and international parcel shipments. The difference with other shipping providers is that DHL ships in high volume at affordable prices. Its services are available in Asia, Europe, India, and North America.

Why Use DHL in Singapore?


When shipping products, especially highly valuable goods, you must work with a reliable and trustworthy company. Otherwise, you will constantly worry about the safety of your goods, that is, if they will arrive at the destination and what state they will arrive in.

Thankfully, DHL is one of the most trusted global shipping providers. They offer their shipment affordably to entrepreneurs who sell lightweight products in large items. Your product should weigh less than five pounds for the company to ship.

DHL is suitable if you sell lightweight items, ship regularly, and have a large shipping volume. It integrates easily with many eCommerce platforms and shipping management software. Therefore, it makes your work easy, and you can easily track your items. It’s also the best option for international sellers compared to other services in Singapore.

How Does DHL Work?

DHL services mainly target high-volume shippers shipping locally or internationally. These shippers get to enjoy pickup, delivery, and return services.

DHL provides a portal interface that doesn’t charge any upfront cost for eCommerce shippers. Once you are on the portal, you can check your online markets, pull orders, create your shipment labels, and even track your package from your smart device.

You will also receive notifications through SMS or email about your package and handle the returns easily. The delivery timeline ranges from 2-14 business days. However, you may need to allow more days depending on where your products are shipped.

Online entrepreneurs with a high sales volume are offered the fulfillment option, which allows them to execute orders to their customers quickly. With this service, you can ship your products to a DHL fulfillment warehouse for storage until a customer asks for them. Then DHL staff will pick up and deliver the product to you.

It’s also worth noting that DHL doesn’t deliver on Saturdays. The working schedule is from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM. However, you can make arrangements for special delivery on Saturday if you are willing to pay the extra costs.

Also, remember that DHL doesn’t work on most local and international holidays. Therefore, allow more time for deliveries during this day.

Overview of DHL Shipping Rates


Shipping costs vary depending on various factors. So, directly contact DHL to get a quote. However, for international shipping, DHL offers three plans; Packet International, Parcel International, and Parcel Direct International. All feature different requirements, protection, and price. For instance, Packet International is for economical low-weight shipping and can only ship products with a maximum weight of 4.4 lbs within 4-8 days.

The Parcel International Standard ships up to 44 lbs within the same days but includes shipment value protection. Parcel International Direct is the pricey one, but it takes 3-10 days for your package to be delivered, and you also get shipment value protection.

DHL works with local postal services in Singapore that offer domestic shipping for local shipments. Users can check the available packages, including DHL SmartMail Parcel, Parcel Plus, Parcel Return, etc., and choose the right one.

Final Thoughts

DHL is a great company for individuals who ship lightweight products in high volumes locally and internationally. We hope this guide answered most of your questions about DHL. But, if you still have further concerns, talk directly to the customer department.

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