Ecommerce Seo: a Quick and Dirty Beginner’s Guide


Online business marketing has developed a lot from search engine advancement. We are living in an era where online content is influencing a lot on marketing sales. This is because so many brands are not focused on eCommerce Search Engine Optimization. Unlike any other marketing method, SEO can really allow you to increase search results. Learning SEO is not simple as many people think. However, we prepared an article that will help you get familiar with all the things the Ecommerce SEO brings.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

Let’s start by explaining what Ecommerce SEO actually refers to. As the name says, this SEO type is a set of SEO practices that are combined toward improving online commerce. In general, SEO is one of the methods that companies and other businesses are using to get more traffic to their website and attract many new visitors. The most important role in SEO is keywords and when they are used strategically, you can significantly increase the rankings and traffic on the website. However, you should know that the final results and advantages of SEO can not be seen immediately.

It can take weeks to see that website has significant improvement when it comes to ranking. Ecommerce SEO really pays off in long term. It comes with lots of benefits. This is the most effective way to boost both traffic and sales. Moreover, it represents a strategy that will enable producing results long after you are done with the SEO campaign. Best of all, this strategy is very affordable. Now let’s talk about the SEO Beginners Guide that will help you learn the most important things referring to Ecommerce SEO.

Learn about Keyword Research


The crucial step when you start to learn Ecommerce SEO is getting familiar with keyword research. One of the main problems that you will have when you are using popular keywords that can boost your ranking and traffic is the fact that all top established rands have used them for their content already. Their marketing already includes predictable and most-used keywords.

Therefore, your goal is to understand what exactly sets your brand and marketing apart from the competitots. In that way, you will know what types of keyword to choose for your website. For instance, let’s say that you are selling men’s clothing, you are going to focus on some more specific aspects of the products.

Try using some important words where it is made, what is the specific style of that clothing, what material is used for them, or whether they have some special design. After considering this, you are going to have more specific keywords. Therefore, you can use some other words instead of just writing a shirt. The more specific your content is, the more people will see it after the search. Also, you will be better ranked, and even more, people will see your site at the top of the search results.

Learn What’s the Difference between Long-Tail and Short-Tail Keywords

In general, there are specific and generic keywords that you can use for your online content. In SEO, these terms are referred to as specific long-tail and short-tail. The difference between them is in the volume and conversion rate. For instance, if you are using longer and more specific keywords, you are going to produce higher conversion rates. However, that does not count for shorter and more generic keywords. If you pay attention better, you will see that the average online shopper will use the longer phrase for finding something, and this includes 4-6 words.

Basically, due to the rarity of these long-tail keywords, you will also need to pay attention to the short-tail one. By using both of these types of keywords you are going to ensure that your website has a higher domain authority no matter whether the searchers use specific or generic searches. Your question is probably how you can find the perfect balance?

Find everything about Keyword Volume, Competition, and Search Intent

Now, it is time to answer your question. When you want to find a balance between long-tail and short-tail keywords, you have to know which keywords will produce results. At this point, you need to get familiar with volume and search intent.


When it comes to the volume, it refers to the actual number of keyword searches that are entered into a search engine. In general, short-tail keywords manage to have a much higher volume, so they are harder to rank for. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have lower volume, which means that they are easier to rank for. However, they don’t produce as large of a consumer base.

Search intent represents what customers are actually looking for when they put something in the search engine. It is crucial that the keywords you used to align with the customers.

Finally, your SEO needs to focus on finding those keywords that will have higher volume and lower competition while still maintaining relevance to your business.

Get familiar with Website Optimization

After you find out what keywords you should use and which of them will show the best results, it is time to learn more about website optimization. Basically, it is not enough to just put the keywords. Your task is to make the website content to be readable to visitors. Let’s see how you can achieve that.

Avoid Duplicate Content

In general, if you just duplicate the content from other websites, you are risking getting your website penalties or to be ranked lower. That is why you need to create original content.

Include Keywords on Category Pages

One more thing that will allow users to find exactly what they have been searching for is including keywords in category pages such as kids’ pages.

Include Keywords on Product Pages

If you want your visitors to actually purchase some products that you are selling, you need to create keyword product pages. In general, blank product pages are not something that will attract customers.

Blogs for Keyword Density


You can start writing blogs because they are perfect for providing more details that your customers can read about and at the same time you can use this as an opportunity to implement as many keywords as possible.


If you are not ready to try all of this by your own, you can contact experienced and professional SEO team on that will help you in your goal.

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