5 Best Farming Simulator 2024 Mods To Try In 2024

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For slightly more than a decade, people from all over the world are enjoying a video game series called “Farming Simulator”. Truth be said, the first couple of titles didn’t manage to be as popular as some later ones, but they need to be respected because of the seed they have planted for the future of the franchise. These games are developed by a development company called “Giants Software”.

The publishers changed over the years, but it needs to be said that “Astragon” was a company that managed to stay with “Farming Simulator” for all these years. While we are sure that these games don’t exactly look like the type of game that would attract so much interest from all over the world, it has managed to do just that. To some degree, it managed to outgrow the expectations developers had for it.

After the first couple of installments, it had built a solid fan base eager to play every new installment.

Recently, these players got great news. There is a new installment to come out in 2024. It’s called “Farming Simulator 2024”. If you would like to learn more about it, take a look at farmingsimulator2022.com.
Now, let’s take a look at a couple of mods that are expected to be in this game, and more importantly, let’s see which of these are worth your time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

1. Call Contractors

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Anyone who’s played this game at least once, that person knows that this is a game of finding a fine balance between producing and preserving your resources. With that in mind, you may simply lack some resources, equipment, or time to complete a certain job. Thankfully, the latest installment in the franchise will provide you with a solution to overcome these problems.

We are talking about a mode called “call contractors”. We are talking about a mod that will provide you with a chance to outsource some part of the work process by hiring contractors to do it instead of you. Naturally, you will need to have in mind that this is something that you will need to pay for. In case you have enough money, but you don’t have other resources or equipment, this is a perfect solution.

2. Seasons

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In case you have experience in agriculture in real life, you know that there is a lot of obstacles you can face during different seasons. Experiencing something like this in a video game would be exciting. That’s why we are certain you will be happy to hear that “Farming Simulator 2024” will certainly have this mode. Plus, it will include all the obstacles you can expect in real life from seasons changes.

Therefore, you will need to come up with solutions like buying special equipment for every season. Plus, you will need to think carefully about the economy, how to provide maintenance to the machines, and a wide array of different factors you will need to take into consideration. If this isn’t the mode that will bring the whole experience much closer to the real-life experience, we don’t know what will.

3. Photo-Mode

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It’s not uncommon to come across moments in video games where you just wish there is a way you can make a screenshot from inside the game. That way you can save some exceptional results you can later enjoy, even when you stop playing that particular game. Sure, it is possible to do that without an in-built tool, but this is simply too big of a struggle. In FS 2024, you will have a chance to do just that.

The game will include a mode called “Photo-Mode”. By using this one, you can take a screenshot whenever you want. Meaning, you will not need to using Paint, or some other software to do that. We are talking about a tool that can be found inside a game. It means that you will not need to stop playing the game. However, you will need to pause the game before you can do that.

4. Real Mud

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If you have visited any sort of ranch, or you have been in a village where a lot of inhabitants are working in agriculture, you will surely see that there is a lot of mud in that area. Mud is a significant part of the environment for a variety of reasons. For instance, some animals simply require mud for them to be as healthy as they need to be. FS 2024 will include a real mud mode.

By using this one, you can create mud all by yourself. When we say that, we mean the whole process. It encompasses buying the right type of dirt and combining it with water. Without any doubt, this additional mode to this already exceptional game will provide a whole new touch of reality all the players can enjoy. Be sure to check it out when you have the chance.

5. Guidance Steering

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Last but not least, we would like to talk about a mode called guidance steering. As you can see from its name, it will be of great help to people who didn’t have a chance to play previous titles. It means that this mode will provide the player with some crucial pieces of advice they can use to make their farms much more efficient.

To be precise, you can use it to configure the tracks on the fields more precisely. According to what we can hear from some sources, it will offer players a couple of different chances to do so. Furthermore, you can receive advice on a plethora of different things within FS 2024. That way, you can make your farm as good as it can be.

The Bottom Line

Farming Simulator is a franchise that always delivers high-quality content. There is no reason why we shouldn’t expect the same level of quality from the latest entry. We will just have to wait until it is released before you can take part in all of these activities. If they prove to be as good as they are presented, we have no doubt they will be really fun.

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