First Look at New Powerpuff Girls, Debuting on CN in 2016

First Look at New Powerpuff Girls, Debuting on CN in 2016

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  • Powerpuff Girls return with a new voice reboot
  • Powerpuff Girls Reboot will debut next year
  • First Look at New Cast Revealed

The hit Cartoon Network series The Powerpuff Girls has been scheduled to return in 2016 with a slightly new look and completely new voices for the trio.

It has an iconic jingle, an iconic introduction with Professor Neutonium mixing the perfect batch of sugar, spice and everything nice to make the perfect little girls until he added another ingredient by accident, chemical X. Boom!

It’s the Powerpuff Girls, with their super powers; Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup will save the day from all the evil monsters. Living in Townsville, the trio have a direct line from the mayor of the city who calls them every time the city is under attack.

Blossom, who often plays the role of the eldest and most sensible sister, Bubbles is the baby of the trio, with a sweet, squeaky voice and Buttercup with all her tom-boyish attitude got the boot a few years ago. Cartoon Network wanted to experiment with other cartoons and Powerpuff Girls was pushed to the late night or afternoon slots. 

First look at the ALL-NEW Powerpuff Girls, coming to Cartoon Network in 2016! Featuring the voices of actresses Amanda…Posted by The Powerpuff Girls on Monday, June 8, 2015

The show’s popularity and content excellence has made Cartoon Network re-evaluate their decision and after some consideration, it has been announced that the Powerpuff Girls will be returning to the channel once more. 

That being said, the cartoons will be returning with some changes. That includes some changes in the characters appearances which will be modified according to the modern cartooning techniques. Furthermore, the Girls will be voiced by new actresses. Vine released the introductions of the three new girls that would be voicing the Powerpuff Girls.

“The Fosters” Amanda Leighton will voice Blossom, Kristen Li will voice Bubbles and Natalie Palamides will be voicing Buttercup. Amanda, Kristen and Natalie all introduced themselves and the character they would be voicing. Their introduction ends with telling the fans that the show would be returning in 2016.




As far as the introduction goes, the girls’ voices are definitely different from the original voices. Amanda’s voice is subtle compared to the original Blossom voice that was clear, curt and smooth.

Kristen’s voice sounds cute but it doesn’t have the same squeaky quality that is signatory to Bubbles’ character and Natalie’s voice is not the same rough voice and just getting the sound of them now means that the original Powerpuff fans might have to make some hearing adjustments to get used to these new voices. That is if you are over 15 and still watch cartoons.

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