8 Tips to Plan Your First Trip to the Baltic Countries

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If you are searching for an exciting place in Europe, you can choose the Baltic countries. Many travelers search for different places that they visit during their trip. Undoubtedly, there are many things to explore. You will fall in love with these three cities and like to live there for more days.

The travelers get a warm welcome by the city, and hence, they love to see every corner of the Baltic countries. One will get a fantastic experience if you come here with your family or friends.

But it is necessary to plan things before taking a flight and land at the place. You must visit traveladdicts.lt to book your favorite hotels and live at an affordable price. We will discuss specific tips while planning your first trip to the Baltic countries in the following write-up.

It is necessary to know everything about the three independent cities involved. If you want to go for a trip with anyone to this location, make sure that one must follow all the mentioned tips.

1. Carry a Basic Map

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Whenever you go to a new place, you must be unaware of different places. You must carry a map to explore every corner of the city easily. If you do not carry any map, you may forget the route; hence, anyone can take advantage of you.

Three independent places come in the Baltic countries, i.e., Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. When you know the places through a map, you can effortlessly search for that place and know whether you should visit or not.

2. Know the Perfect Time to Go to Baltic Countries

You can enjoy the trip with family or friends only when you go to the countries at the perfect time. It is necessary to know the city’s weather while packing your bags quickly. Some people love to visit cold or hot places.

If we talk about the perfect time to visit this place, it is between late June and August. You need to count sunny days in European countries. It is cold as well as snowy in many months, which may not suit every traveler.

3. Search for the Perfect Place to Stay

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When you arrive in Baltic, you must look around for hotels, resorts, or any private property for your stay. It will be good to book your hotel before you get there. Ensure that your hotel is near a market or places you need to explore.

In this way, you can save a lot of money on transportation. Plenty of hotels are there in the city available in every range. You can select any location that suits you well, get ready for the stay, and explore the whole city.

4. Know-How You Can Get There

There are many ways to reach there, and the common one is to take flight. You can either take direct or connecting flights. You can easily hire a taxi when you reach your hotel when you reach your place.

Ensure that you browse all the possible ways to reach your destination place properly. If you need to compare the price of flights, then you must check out different websites and book your tickets from the suitable one.

5. Arrange the Local Currency

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Every country has a different currency, and you can exchange your country’s currency with the Baltic one. You can do it at the airport itself. But if you forget to do so, you must find different booths to exchange the currency.

It is necessary to arrange the currency to buy any product or services in a new city. It will be good to exchange the currency already from your country because there will be no hassle to do this job when you go there.

6. Calculate Your Daily Budget

Going to a foreign city can be expensive. Calculating daily expenses and determining whether it comes into your budget is necessary. You must plan your trip within your budget. It is okay to go a little beyond or less than your calculated budget.

You have to calculate all the expenses that involve food, accommodation, transportation charges, shopping, ticket prices, and much more. You can quickly save a lot of money by doing alternate cheap things like walking instead of taking a taxi, dorms or hostels instead of hotels, etc.

7. Explore Different Places and Activities

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Before you enter Baltic places, you have to explore different places and activities where you can go and do there. You must always do the homework before you go to any place. You must know what you can do when you land in a new city.

Undoubtedly, there are many areas to visit and various activities to do, but you must explore them. You can explore various online platforms to get the information and plan the trip. Many travelers are interested in various adventurous activities like trekking, mountain climbing, rafting, etc. You have to determine what you must do there for fun.

8. Know Things to Pack

When planning an exciting trip to Baltic cities, you must know the exact weather to assume what clothes you need to pack. It would be best to pack various things before leaving for the trip.

You must create a list of those things and gather them. Now, check the entire list and keep all the items one by one in the bag and mark them. You will never forget anything to take with you on the trip. Ensure that you pack all the things you will need there.

The Bottom Line

While planning for the trip to the Baltic cities for the first time, you may not know many things about the location and what you can visit there. It is necessary to research everything you can explore in a new country.

You can try different food, stay at the best properties, do adventurous activities and explore all three independent cities. You need to follow all the mentioned tips to plan the trip correctly and enjoy your trip with your family and friends.

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