Forests Conservation Measures


Over recent years, the world has been suffering from climate change. This change can be attributed to various factors. However, one of the main critical factors has been due to deforestation. As the population increases, the people have been cutting down the trees to create a place for their residence. These measures have interfered with the climate and the ecosystems because they have made some wild animals and plant species extinct. The world has started to feel the impact of deforestation, such as soil erosion, increase in greenhouse gases, climate change, and desertification. To contain this situation, we should employ these measures.


There should be regulated cutting of trees. In most instances, people cut the trees for commercial purposes. Since the individuals aim to maximize profits, individuals can cut many trees without considering the repercussions. Even though the trees are referred to as a perennial resource, it could be hard to revive them if they are exploited on a higher margin. Therefore, there should be the adoption of methods to regulate tree cutting. Some common methods include selective cutting, clear-cutting, and shelterwood cutting. If you want to know more ways you can protect the forests, click on to get more info. Individuals who unite to conserve the forests will experience an improved life.


Individuals should carry out reforestation and afforestation. Since we cannot stay without cutting the trees, individuals should ensure that this area is reforested. This would make the forests remain in their natural way. During this process, people should introduce better tree species. People should select the trees according to the local geographical conditions of the area. The individuals can use natural methods or artificial methods such as aerial seeding.

Manage the instances of fire. There have been many instances where the forests have been destroyed by fire. Fire can result from natural sources such as speedy winds, lightning, or friction. However, in most instances, it is a result of man activities such as smoking in the forest which can happen either intentionally or unintentionally. It is usually hard to manage when the fire starts in the forests. There should be measures to ensure that the causes of fire are managed. Furthermore, there should be emergency response measures to manage the fire if it erupts.

Individuals should protect forests. In addition to commercial cutting, unorganized grazing can destroy forests. Moreover, forest diseases such as viruses, nematodes, parasitic fungi, mistletoes, and rust can destroy the trees. The research should be carried out to create measures that can help reduce the destruction of the trees. Some of the measures include using antibiotics, chemical sprays, and developing trees that are disease resistant.

Rather than continuing to complain about the negative impact of climate, individuals should take steps and employ measures to control it. For instance, the individuals should regulate the trees being cut, manage the fire, protect the trees, and manage instances of fire. For example, they can enjoy a good climate, reduced cases of flooding and drought, and fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This process will therefore call for commitment from all the stakeholders.

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