5 Considerations to Have in Mind When Buying a Ranch

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Having a small piece of paradise is not that difficult, depending on what you perceive as a paradise that is.

Most of us dream of having a home for ourselves. Some want a place in the city some in the suburbs with picket fences while others find appealing that ranch type of life surrounded by crickets, trees and farm animals. If you are one of those people that see themselves enjoying a farmer’s life then you have come to the right place.

The article today, with the help of Harrigan Land, will tell you about a few things you need to consider before you buy yourself a ranch. We will touch on some elementary stuff and go in a bit deep. It will be a sort of your map when it comes to buying your piece of farm paradise.
Many that opt for this type of purchase fall into pitfalls that are everywhere and if you don’t want to be one of the new victims, stick through this article and consider everything we have to tell you. Without any further ado let’s dive right in!

1. Raw land vs. land with a house

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Now when deciding on what to buy you have two main options. You are either going to buy raw land with nothing on it and go from there or you will buy a previously owned and established ranch. There are pros and cons to both of these and depending on your personal preferences and the budget you will choose between these two. As you can imagine by yourself, raw land is a lot cheaper than land with a house and other objects on it. Raw land is also a lot easier to find, believe it or not, but a land that has a house on it already is going to save you some time and cut down your headaches by half if not more. Another thing that is cool when buying raw land is that you get to build a house you want and whatever you like, you can pan other objects on your land according to your needs, but if you want to finance raw land then you should know that most places require somewhere around 50% down payment. If you are buying a previously owned ranch with everything on it, it will require a standard loan that revolves around 3.5%.

2. Woods, pastures or a little bit of both

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When you opt for a ranch you also have to consider the type of ranch you want. If you want green pastures that is fine because they are a bit easier to work on and around if you go for a wood type of farm working on it is nearly impossible during summertime e because everything is in full bloom and you can’t do anything in the woods but enjoy its greatness.

The mixed type of ranch (meaning part woods part pastures) are probably the best ones because you have the benefits of easy working, a lot of space for animals if you are planning to own some, and forest part where you can enjoy in the greatness of trees. One thing to consider when opting for ranch type is that forest land is a lot cheaper than pasture or cropland and depending on the size of the trees they can be an immediate source of income for your family.

3. Water source

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Having a water source on your ranch can be a huge deal. Many are discussing this and according to what we picked up, you will have a huge relief with a water source because you don’t have to pay for the water from the city. This will of course impact the price of the land a bit. A water source land and the one without it won’t be priced the same because the people selling it know what they have. Having a ranch that has water is imperative because, depending on the region you plan on settling you may not get the needed rainfall year over and you will have to depend, heavily, on whatever you have at your disposal as a water source. Ponds, small lakes and water wells are a thing you should look for when buying a ranch. Having a pond on your property is also a good thing if you like fishing or if you want to try and produce fish as a source of income, besides animals.

4. Access to necessities

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Now, whenever you think about necessities in life they tend to change as time goes by and what was once considered a necessary thing for a person today maybe isn’t and vice versa.

Now since we are living in the 21st-century internet is a big deal. This may be sounding a bit funny to some but being a ranch owner that utilizes the power of the internet is a huge deal.

If you are going to live on your ranch and on what you manage to breed, produce and grow, some of your revenue will go over online sales and for those that make 99% of revenue online, it is important to have a steady and strong internet connection. As we stated it might sound a bit funny but it is a thing that you have to consider and whether you want to admit it or not access to the online world is a huge thing nowadays. Besides the internet cellphone reception is another big thing. We all know that ranches are a bit off-grid and sometimes you may struggle to get reception or have it at all. this is why when ranch hunting you have to check these things out or even ask about them.

5. Location

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The most important thing when buying whatever type of real estate is to look out for the location. You heard this numerous times but it is important. You don’t want to go too far from town and all the amenities it offers but you also don’t want to be that near or in the town with your ranch. You have to find the perfect mix of ranch away from the crowd and too long to drive to get groceries. This is why location is everything. You need to be situated in a place that will offer you peace and quiet for your business whilst also being close to the city and whatever it offers to you and your family.

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