How to Guide When Hiring a Sydney Escort in 2024


Hiring escorts in Sydney has become more popular than ever, this is due to Covid 19 and the fact that Sydney’s rules around sex work and how accessible it is has become easier than ever. Sydney is a booming city in NSW and since the early 90s has become a liberal city for freedom of rights and supporting all groups and cultures. With this new long-standing freedom comes the ability to be about to access services that may not be so easily accessible in other cities around the world. This is why Sydney is so popular with lots of single men.

With Sydney fast becoming the most popular choice in Australia for visitors from all over the world there will be many men and couples who come here to live their life and during this time they may want to experience some escort services that the city quite openly offers. But how does one enjoy these services to the fullest if they have never hired them before?

This is why we have compiled some of the most important points to consider when you want to indulge in adult services in NSW, typically people would reach out to a website like here.

Never negotiate prices with escorts

When you buy a car, start a new job or even want to buy a house, bargaining and having some banter on the cost is not as much allowed but it is expected. All good deals are done based on fairness and a bit of haggling can ensure both parties are happy with their deal. But when the time comes to hire an escort haggling with the service provider is not expected at all and is heavily frowned upon.  Please always make sure that you read the prices of the lady and do not try and negotiate her prices, the answer will always be no.

Always shower before your booking


It may seem like a basic thing to suggest but you would be surprised. Many men can be nervous when coming to see an escort and this can cause them to sweat under the collar. This is a perfectly fine and understandable thing to happen to someone in this situation. You can simply shower at the escort’s place or in the hotel room if you are feeling this way. But if you call an escort after a night of partying in the city then you must shower being having your playtime. Your spent many hours of dancing and sweating on the dance floor, never mind being around people in the smoking areas and drinking pints of beer.

Stick within the rules and boundaries

People sometimes think that when you are hiring an escort it is free for all and you can do all you want and please, but this is not further from the truth. You are dealing with another human being and you should treat her with respect at all times during your time together. This involves sticking within the rules and not trying to push the limits. You might ask what the limits are then. Well, these limits will be written on the escort’s profile. Here you will see what services she offers, her times available and things which she expects you to follow.

Never take photos or videos

Hiring an escort is a private thing for you to do and we are pretty sure that this will be one aspect of your private life that you will want to keep private. The same goes for the escort that you are spending time with. She will want to keep it private for her also and it would be extremely bad for you to just start taking photos or videos without her permission. Most escorts do not allow this, while some do it is something that you should be discussing with her before your book the date as confirmed. Videoing and photographs are normally an extra cost.

Do not call her with a private number


The famous saying of a tyre kicker does not come from anywhere. Tyre kicker is a term used to describe a person who calls about a car but has no intention of buying it. When you offer a service you will always get these tyres kickers who are just looking for a chat. On skissr in Australia, this is no different. The best way to show the escort that you are not a tyre kicker is by not putting your phone number in private. This means you have nothing to hide.


Hiring an escort in Sydney or Melbourne can be one of the most fun things you can do on a weekend. It can be a way to kill some boredom, learn new things about yourself and your body or simply just to tick something off the bucket list.

Your experience can be a good one or a bad one depending on how your approach the situation and how much effort you put into it. The same thing can be said about the escort you meet. In order the maximum the best possible chance of having a fun time we suggest you show respect to escorts and follow their rules as best possible. This will means you will become a good client and the service provider will do their very best to make your time as enjoyable as possible.

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