How Much Do Good Electric Skateboards Cost?


In the past couple of years, many manufacturers have come out with new and improved models of skateboards that operate using an electrical supply. These skateboards, known as electric skateboards, have been designed in a way that they do away with all the potential drawbacks of traditional skateboard models.

Electric skateboards also simultaneously prevent all of the harmful and toxic impacts that are observed in other conventional means of transport. Electric skateboards are much faster than traditional skateboards, and they do not require any physical labor from the user.

These electric skateboards also come with a wireless remote control mechanism. Using these remote control devices, you can control the speed of the skateboard wheels and regulate other specifications such as operation modes.


Earlier, traditional skateboards were designed specifically to cater to young people. However, electric keyboards have been developed in a way that they can easily be operated both by children and by adults. These electric skateboards are completely safe and are built to operate within a safe speed limit.

They can be used on a day-to-day basis for mundane tasks such as going to work and buying groceries, as well as for long stretches of travel. Unlike most conventional means of transport, electric skateboards have been proven to cause little to no damage to the environment.

They can also help improve your stature and your sense of balance, seeing as electric skateboards have been designed to operate in a way that they can be steered by your body weight and balance without any additional labor on your end.

All of these features help make electric skateboards one of the most sought-after means of transport in the twenty-first century. If you are an adult looking to equip yourself with an electric skateboard at a reasonable price, you can browse through the vast catalog at

Electric Skateboard Price Ranges:

  • The cheapest electric skateboards that also come with certifiably good utilities are seen to range between 400 US Dollars and 1000 US Dollars in terms of prices. However, in case of budgetary constraints, you can find electric skateboards as cheap as in the range of 100 US Dollars. For example, the RazorX electric skateboard costs only 150 US Dollars. However, the reviews of this electric keyboard seem to indicate that most customers have not been satisfied with this skateboard.
  • If you are an amateur or a beginner simply looking to incorporate skateboarding into your day-to-day schedule, the electric skateboards around the range of 400 US Dollars are perfect for you. For example, the Meepo V3 electric keyboard costs 409 US Dollars and comes with a mileage of 20 miles. The maximum speed in this electric vehicle is 28 miles per hour. You can easily find this electric skateboard on
  • If you are looking to buy an electric skateboard for the purpose of hiking or climbing, you will need to spend an amount between 1,000 and 2,000 US Dollars to get your hands on a decent product. Electric skateboards in this price range can offer an average speed capacity of up to 25 kilometers per hour, and the battery life of these electric keyboards can last up to a duration traversing an average distance of 35 kilometers. Examples of these electric skateboards include Boosted Mini, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth.
  • If you are willing to spend an amount between 2,000 and 3,000 US Dollars, you can procure the finest-quality electric skateboards out in the market. The electric skateboards in this price range employ cutting-edge technology and are mostly used by professional skateboarders and adventurers. These skateboards are specially equipped to handle rough terrains and mountainous topographies. A lot of these top-notch electric skateboards also come with additional sets of wheels. Each wheel has its own unique functionalities and can be used for varied purposes.

Benefits of Buying an Electric Skateboard


For generations, skateboards have been one of the most popular means of transport and recreation in the world. The demographic of these so-called traditional skateboards have always primarily been constituted by children, teenagers, and young adults.

This is because, for most people, the recreational value of a traditional skateboard vastly outweighs its validity and relevance as a feasible means of transport for day-to-day use. No doubt, traditional skateboards come with a vast array of benefits in the areas of health and fitness.

However, the fact that the primary operating mechanism of these traditional skateboards is dependent on the mechanical energy generated by the physical strength of the user can be seen as a drawback for a lot of older customers.


In a day and age when working hours and tight schedules have all but jeopardized every individual’s work-life balance, it is quite unrealistic to expect a working-class individual to opt for a means of transport that requires them to halt for a breath of fresh air every time they run out of stamina.

As a result, most grown adults instead turn to more conventional vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. This, however, is quite unfortunate since most of these conventional means of transport use non-renewable sources of energy and fossil fuels.

These vehicles also release an alarming amount of fumes which pollute and damage the environment while simultaneously causing damage to the mind and body of the user and those around them.


Thankfully, in recent years, many manufacturers have come out with a new design of skateboards that run on electricity. Instead of relying on the mechanical energy generated by the user, these electric skateboards rely primarily on the electrical energy generated by lithium batteries. You can find top-notch quality electric skateboards on the website

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