How to Get Rid of Screen Tearing Without Spending Thousands – 2024 Guide

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The first question I always get asked after I tell someone about Adaptive-Sync is “How can I make my screen tear?” This can happen because some games look at your monitor’s refresh rate and then only display the screen if the frame rate is high enough to compensate. Some monitors have a low framerate anyway and make the problem worse.

The answer is: You don’t need to buy a new graphics card just to get rid of screen tearing. Here’s how.

First, you need to get to know your monitor’s Refresh Rate. If it isn’t visible on the monitor, check your screen’s edges. If you see “overscan” lines that extend from the edge of the screen, your monitor doesn’t refresh at the full Refresh Rate.

Now when the game detects that you’re playing a fast-paced game, it needs to refresh more often so your computer can update the image quickly. What you want to do is increase the Monitor’s Refresh Rate. One thing you need to consider is that while you can do this with some games you may find that others have even more options than you might think.

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There are also 3 options that you can use to make your eyes to become fatigued more quickly and without much in the way of fatigue. They are Viewing Angle, Refresh Rate Limiter and Eyefinity. These three options may be a little confusing at first but the short version is that you can use them to reduce the time it takes to view the screen. If you use these three options you’ll see an immediate improvement in your game play and this can greatly reduce the time it takes to see the screen.

The last alternative option for you to look into is Eyefinity. Using Eyefinity allows you to use more than one monitor.

As I mentioned before, there are many benefits to using AMD Freesync. This makes it very easy to eliminate screen tearing. However, if you don’t like the options that Freesync gives you, there are still other ones that you can use.

For example, for most gamers, the game they play the most is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. AMD has come out with a tool called Freesync that works great for this game. You should also try and get in-game tracking features for the newest models of gaming monitors.

Another thing you can do is get a Nvidia Graphics Card. Many Gaming PCs are made to support Nvidia and it’s actually cheaper to get a Nvidia Graphics Card instead of an AMD. This isn’t only because of AMD’s popularity, but also because you can get a better warranty on a Nvidia product.

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles and don’t care for using multiple monitors, then you can still get great results with an AMD. Keep in mind that you will need to run more benchmarks to get a more accurate evaluation.

So, if you’re a gamer that uses more than one monitor, I would highly recommend that you get an AMD instead of a Nvidia graphics card. Even if you don’t want to buy an entirely new PC or gaming monitor, you will still get a large performance boost. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on one thing just to get rid of screen tearing, get the whole package with a PC that supports AMD and then buy yourself a good monitor to play on.

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