How to Improve Your Audio Experience When Playing Video Games?


For all those who play video games, it is clear that the quality of the image has no compromise, and the manufacturers of video game software are constantly working on improved quality.

However, there is another nightmare for everyone who enjoys gaming. We are sure that it happened to most of you while playing the game live, on the other hand, you hear “can you repeat that”, ’’sorry II didn’t hear you or similar remarks. At the moment, even the best game is turning into horror. All because of the bad sound. No one wants live streaming to have poor microphone quality or complete sound. You know most of the tricks and tricks in the game are in vain if this is not at an enviable level.

As much as the picture, the sound is important. Not only does it hint at the presence of obstacles or dangers as you pass through a virtual world, but it also gives you information about entering and exiting the player. In addition to this very important information, sound effects and music are what allow you to fully immerse yourself in this virtual world and experience it in the right way.

If you are one of the players who felt bad sound while playing your favorite game and you really want to improve it, you are in the right place. Stay tuned to our text and learn useful tips on how to improve your audio experience when playing video games.

Free and decent sound effects

There are certain websites where you can find very good sound effects. If you are a fan of specific sound effects, slightly different from the standard, you may have to pay a few dollars, but even that is not too much if you really want your sound to be tailored to you. For a classic, free sound effects, we suggest:

  1. sonniss – a huge sound archive
  2. incompetech – free melodies of various genres
  3. Pickle Prospector – great list of music and sound effects

Since all these are large bases of different sounds or melodies or both, it is clear to you that the quality will vary, just be patient and find the right one. For newer variants, you will need either a little sheep or a little more time (until they become free of charge).

Learn more about the sound

It often happens that we are aware that something is missing but not precisely what it is so that we can fix or change it. It’s the same with sound. You may feel that this is not the case, but you are not aware of what needs to change. So it would be good to deal with the sound a bit. Take the time to explore the sound a little.

If you’re interested in learning to play the piano, understanding the sound is essential. Learning to identify different notes, chords, and melodies is the foundation of any instrument. Conclude that these are the most important sound effects that you should pay attention to. Which audio tracks should you focus your maximum focus on? Maybe a quality conversation with a sound designer or even a composer will help you.

Conclude that these are the most important sound effects that you should pay attention to. Which audio tracks should you focus your maximum focus on? Maybe a quality conversation with a sound designer or even a composer will help you.

This way, you will not waste a lot of time wandering through endless audio libraries, but you will know what you are looking for and what you need.

Player interaction at the highest possible level


While we’re talking about sound don’t forget that the game itself is primary and that everything you do you do to enrich and improve it. Experience while playing is the only thing that matters, so anything that has to do with builder interaction must be perfect.

You want a better and clearer sound as you walk through the bushes, hit the walls, fall into the swamp … you want the attacks and blows to be more vivid, the music more stimulating to move from new to the level.

The music that is heard in the background has a very important effect on how you will feel while playing. The team you are communicating with must hear your words clearly, as must you hear them. Therefore, do not skimp on the accompanying equipment and make sure that everything is well connected and adjusted. Let’s talk about this!

Many details can interfere with audio input. One of the most common reasons, believe it or not, is the microphone on the headphones. Today, the most popular headphones that connect to a Bluetooth device, and as great and cool as they may seem, also have their drawbacks.

There are a huge number of items that can interfere with this Bluetooth connection or that frequency. Among other annoyances, they can make Wi-Fi connections, microwaves and many other things.

Furthermore, if there is a long distance between the connectors and the headphones or materials such as metal and concrete, this can be a serious nuisance. Another big problem in this connection can be non-updated and outdated firmware.

In addition to this connection, the problem may be in the range of the microphone, the so-called microphone diaphragm. It is responsible for the transformation of sound into mechanical data. It is located on the very surface of the microphone in the form of a thin membrane. And logically: the more it is, the more audio details it can collect. That would mean the bigger the microphone, the better the sound.


But who will handle the big microphone while playing the game? Today’s manufacturers are doing everything to reduce the size in the physical sense, so they have introduced micro-electromechanical systems. The microphone on the dryers is getting smaller and smaller, but that doesn’t diminish its quality.

Most headphones also have a built-in microphone. These microphones are very light and mostly located at the level between the neck and chest. Unlike them, the microphone on the bracket is mounted and placed near the mouth. It gives a much better sound.

Remember, if you have a high-sensitivity microphone and headphones, and you’re in a crowd, don’t expect only your voice to be transmitted to the other side. Keep track of where you are and who surrounds you.

However, there is a solution for this as well. Audio device manufacturers have met the needs of gamers so much that they have designed something completely new and different.

Now you can have a sound like real producers without feeling that you might lose the sound. Yes, it’s a vest with audio equipment. Although you have already heard of such a thing, we are presenting a revolution here in terms of sound quality and ease of carrying, and comfort. It’s Woojer West Edge and you can watch a great review here:

How important sound is while playing a game is clear to everyone, and sometimes you will discover the weaknesses of your equipment only when you try a much better one. If you think you need a lot of pain from the current, with the fact that you do not skimp on equipment, it may be time to call a sound designer.

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