Is PS4 Better Than Xbox? Xbox Viability Drops As PS4 Takes the Spot – 2024 Comparison

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This question has been asked hundreds of times. You see, is PS4 better than Xbox?

The questions are relevant because these console wars have become quite heated in the last few years. For years Sony and Microsoft have been at each other’s throats but the latest data may have something to do with that.

What are PS4 and Xbox doing right? Well, they have the same launch games, but the Sony PlayStation 4 has something Microsoft did not have when it was launched: a new motion sensor controller called “Kinect.” That will be quite helpful to Microsoft, who has been struggling with the stick thing for ages.

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They are also now getting into the online video game market, which is big business these days. They might even become the next giant like Facebook or Google.

Some people say Nintendo and Sony are at each other’s throats because Nintendo didn’t make a good game for its Wii, which is available now. With all this that is happening we need to see who wins.

Nintendo may have lost its dust-ups with Microsoft but, the company is a powerful force in the video game industry. It dominates the handheld market and is coming out with the Wii U which is a must buy now.

One of the greatest games released this year was “Destiny” by the developers Bungie. This is one of the hottest games ever and some say it might even beat the highly popular first-person shooter genre.

Microsoft is also trying to get into the online game arena with the Surface tablet. This tablet is perfect for gaming because it is lightweight and runs several games through the Surface like they would run on a laptop.

However, if you play Battlefield 3, or Medal of Honor for Xbox, on your Surface tablet then you would realize that the game is just too demanding. You don’t want to be playing it on a small tablet while you are in the middle of a battle.

If you want a great portable gaming device that can also work as a laptop for some tasks then you should check out the iPad. It is very easy to use and will be a must have device for your office.

PS4 and Xbox are still the most popular gaming systems and there is no doubt about that. But, some companies are going to beat them.

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