IT Support Services That Boost Productivity


The revolution of hybrid and remote work has seen the number of people working remotely double. And it seems that employees enjoy working from home.

The hybrid model enhance work-life balance and allows employees to spend valuable time with their families. However, unless businesses implement the right tools, productivity levels in a hybrid working model may suffers.

They shouldn’t. There are plenty of tools on the market that enable a distributed workforce to be even more productive at home than they are in the office. Let’s take a closer look.


All businesses have menial and repetitive tasks that staff dislike. Without being surrounded by their colleagues and management, they will likely find completing these menial difficult, with isolation harming their motivation.

Luckily, automation is now available for businesses of all sizes, passing these dull tasks over to computers. Freeing staff from this burden should help improve their morale and will give them much more time to focus on the more creative aspects of their roles.

However, this software will be complicated, requiring a great deal of expertise to set it up adequately. To avoid investing in technology that is poorly set up and goes on to cause more harm than good, it is a good idea to bring in IT support that are experts in automation so that your system can run as efficiently as possible.



New workplace trends and a more destabilised world have caused an alarming increase in cyber attacks throughout the world. In June, Forbes reported that there had been a 62% year-over-year increase in cyber attacks during the pandemic. These cyber-attacks are potentially fatal for all businesses because they will cause extended downtime in which your workers will be unable to be productive.

These attacks are becoming increasingly complicated with cybercriminals leveraging the latest technology to keep ahead of business’ measures to reduce risks. They are now using AI to understand better human behaviour that they can exploit, and machine learning to spread their influence over networks they break into at unmanageable speeds.

IT support services can help by connecting you with the next generation of cybersecurity technologies. These use AI and machine learning to ensure that cybercriminals can never get ahead. They use AI to gather data on the cyber attacks that their clients are facing to predict and adapt to the latest threats and machine learning to respond to detected attacks faster.

Productivity Suites

Finally, IT support providers can help you leverage productivity better. Your business may already make good use of Microsoft 365 or a similar service, but you will not be optimising this usage fully unless you can leverage appropriate integrated third-party applications. There are hundreds of these available, and only a good IT support provider will know exactly which applications on the marketplace will best fit your business’ unique needs.

Getting Productivity to the Next Level


This article has detailed technology that can protect your pre-existing productivity, and achieve greatly improved productivity in other areas. The technology mentioned is undeniably complex, and for all SMEs, a strong IT support provider is the only way to ensure the technology is successfully deployed.

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