5 Tips to Keep Your Pet-Friendly Home Tidy

Keeping your home clean and tidy is a challenge many people face. Add in a pet or two, and it becomes much more challenging and possibly even overwhelming to some.

Learning how to keep up with tidiness and cleanliness is vital when you have a pet, especially if there are multiple.

If you or one of your loved one suffers from allergies or any breathing problems, pet dander can quickly become a problem. Living in a clean and tidy environment is important and is something to be taken seriously.

People with pets are usually happier and love their pets like family members. Learning how to maintain a clean and tidy home will make pet ownership even more rewarding. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out, complicated process. Getting your home to a tidy state with your pets may require a few additions here and there or some better organization in certain areas of your home.

Let’s explore how 5 tips that will help keep your pet-friendly home tidy

1. Utilize the space to the best of your ability

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if you have heard that tidying up starts with everything having a place, and this is true when it comes to your pets. Finding smart storage solutions or strategic ways to set up your home to be more accommodating to your pets will save you a lot of hassle.

Having a feeding station, for example. Maintaining an area that is strictly for feeding and the storage of your dog’s food and dishes will make feeding them much easier than carrying the dishes around the house to fill up and letting your dog eat wherever they are. Not only does having everything in the area that they are going to be fed, but it also opens up the opportunity to implement some doggy discipline.

These don’t need to be elaborate set-ups; work with what you have. If you only have a small spot by your door to hang your dog’s leash and stash a pack of dog wipes, that will work just fine.

2. Keep the clutter under control

Having a dog is a good reason to declutter your home. If you can’t walk freely in your home without having to move stuff or shimmy past piles of clutter, then either can your dog. It’s a safety issue, and your pooch doesn’t like to live in a cluttered home. They want to roam around their home freely without worrying about dodging piles of clutter or tripping over something that has no business on the floor.

Owning a dog comes with a lot of added stuff to your home, like toys, food dishes, grooming supplies, etc. Figuring out ways to keep all this stuff tidy is a good idea. Many articles and guides online help make your pet’s supplies blend into your d├ęcor. Some ideas for storage are baskets, hooks on the walls, cabinets, and even setting up stations around your home for feeding, grooming, and sleeping.

3. Make sure your pets are clean

Tips to Keep Your Pet Friendly Home Tidy

An effective way to keep your home tidy is to ensure your dog is clean. There are so many products available on the market to help keep your dog clean without having to resort to a bath on a daily basis. You can use dog wipes to wipe dirty paws after a walk to stop them from tracking dirt and grime into your home.

A big problem with dogs is the debris, allergens, and irritants they can release into the air or leave behind on your furniture, especially if they have dry skin. Many doggy moisturizers are available to help relieve your dog’s dry skin and cut down on the dry skin being shed all over your home. If you want to venture down a more natural route, coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer for your dog.

4. Establish a dog cleaning station

Having a dog as a companion brings so much joy to your life, but sometimes that joy can get a bit messy, especially on rainy, snowy, or muddy days.

Setting up an area in your home that’s sole purpose is to clean your dog will make a world of difference.

If your dog tends to get really dirty, it might be worth investing in a doggy cleaning station and having it installed near the door most often used by your dog. So, when they come in covered in mud, debris, and anything else they found to roll around, you can scoot them into the doggy cleaning station quickly and without having to pass through other areas of your house.

It’s worth setting up for various scenarios. You may not need to hose down your dog every time they come inside, but having bio-based dog wipes in the cleaning station will make wiping their paws quick and easy. Using dog wipes can help protect your cat or dog’s skin from allergens and irritants while keeping it comfortable, nourished, and comfortable.

5. You should air your house

Keeping your homes air fresh and free of debris, allergens, and irritants when you own a dog can be an issue. Thankfully with a couple of easy steps, you can freshen up the air in your home.

Investing in an air purifier or two will help clean your home’s air. An air purifier sucks in the air, filters out odors, debris, allergens, and dust, and then pushes out clean air back into your home.

You can also install an air filtration system into your home, so you don’t need to buy an air purifier for each room.

Opening your windows works great to let in the fresh air and let out the smell of dogs. Leaving your windows open for an hour a two a day if possible and then running your air purifier after the windows are closed up will keep the air in your home clean and fresh and eliminate doggy odors.

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