8 Simple Ways For Keeping Your Cat Cool This Summer

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With this crazy weather, these past years pet owners are finding it difficult to keep their pets cool or heated during the seasons. Sometimes it is probably more difficult to keep your pet cool than warm, hence the article today.

There are all kinds of pets and some tolerate temperature differences better than others. Cat owners know that they have rather unique and sensitive creatures in every possible way and having a cat during the summer we had past few years is proving to be a difficult task.

In regions where temperature spikes are often and where it gets really hot during the summer, cat owners are struggling to keep their beloved furry friends cool enough to function normally. Cats are pretty moody and they do not tolerate huge changes that well.

They will show it by sudden mood swings, drawing to their corners or start doing something rather weird like doing their business outside their litter.
These are all the signs that your cat has an issue with something, and most likely is the high temperature outside or inside of your home. To avoid these problems and to ensure that your cat is happy and satisfied, with enough pep then here are few ways you can keep your cat colder this scorching summer. If we managed to miss something, on this website will be a whole lot more info!

1. Buy your cat a fan

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In these scorching times, there are a few easy things you can do to make your cat feel a lot more comfortable than she is. One of those easy things is to buy her a small room fan that will be placed next to her sleeping area or any area she prefers to lie and relax. One thing to keep in mind is to try and get one of those super quiet fans that won’t irritate your cat additionally and try and play some relaxing music until your cat gets accustomed to the new addition in her area.

2. Shade parts of your home

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Now, this is something we benefit from, just as much as our pets. If you have a home or apartment that is sunny most of the day, try and shade a few places where your cat likes to hang out. This will reduce the heat in those places and make it a lot more comfortable for your pet. This will benefit you as well because the shade will most definitely reduce the temperature in the home and will make it a lot pleasant for you as well.

3. Keep your home well ventilated

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This goes after you shade your areas or rooms. If you shade your windows you will have to close them, but keep in mind that it will get stuffy during the day and your cat will benefit greatly from some fresh air circulation. This is also good for us because being closed for a while in a room or home to stop the hot air from coming in can make more problems than solutions. Always have a window or two opened and allow the fresh air to get in, you and your cat will feel a lot better.

4. Ice

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Now, this might sound a bit ridiculous but if it is a very hot day and you have to leave your home, and your pet alone, pop a few icecubes into your cat’s water bowl for them to stay cool until you return. Another great thing you can do, if you have one of those ceramic or metal bowls, is put it in the fridge until the material becomes cool and then pour water inside and leave it in the usual place. If your cat becomes hot it will come to the bowl and probably lie next to it to cool off.

5. Homemade cooling packs

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Yes we know that there are cooling packs you can buy and you don’t have to bother making but there are substances inside that we don’t know what can do to your cat if she claws it and starts licking the content. To avoid this make your own by wetting a towel, cooling or freezing it and drop it in a zip lock bag and place it under her bed or the place she rests. She will thank you for that believe us, and you will keep her safe if she is the one that likes exploring new things and objects.

6. Use your A/C

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We know that A/C units are luxury for most and this is why we left it down here. If you are happy to have one use it as much as possible and keep yourself and your pets cool. If you don’t have one then make the most out of these suggestions earlier and no matter how some seem funny, they make a large difference to your pet.

7. Stay in

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The best way to avoid heat, burns and general discomfort in your pet live is to stay inside the house, especially when it is scorching hot outside. If you have a yard that your cat uses often try and keep her inside during really hot periods. It will save her from heat and exhaustion as well as from potential sunburns. Yes, you read right, sunburns. Your cats can get sunburns in places that have little to no hair like ears and nose. If you spot any redness in those places take your cat to the vet without any hesitation.

8. Consider a haircut

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You have probably seen a lot of cats with awesome cuts. These are done by professionals and one thing that can help with summer heat is probably the haircut. You can opt for a shortening if your cat is a long-haired one or you can go full lion cut for your cat but then you should consider protecting them from direct sun to avoid those sunburns. One more thing to do before getting a haircut for your cat is to visit the vet and simply check with them if it is okay and which cut should your cat get to benefit the most.

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