How Does the Leveling System Work in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 was initially released back in 2017, and if you’ve just started playing it, know that it’s completely okay if you feel confused and overwhelmed by the leveling system.

After all, the first part didn’t do a fine job describing what you need to do, and although they made some improvements for the sequel, the same can be said.

Hence, if you don’t simply want to go around shooting different enemies and if you’re interested in learning how the entire leveling system works, look no further, our article below can help you. Here is our 2024 guide on understanding how the leveling system functions in Destiny 2:

“Levels From 01 to 20”


If you’ve played some other popular RPG games, the initial 20 ranks will basically work in the same way. You’ll need to battle a wide range of rivals and finish the main and side quests in order to gain XP. Once you gather enough of it to fill in the meter located at the bottom, you’ll achieve a new level. Until you reach the 20th level, each one will basically require you to gain a higher number of experience points.

Now, you should know, whenever you pass a lvl after the 20th one, you’ll get a “Bright Engram”. By opening it, you’ll get a wide range of game mods and, of course, cosmetic items. Like any other game, you won’t have a problem with passing this first thresh hold, mostly because you’ll have to defeat enemies, win, and lvl up. It’s as simple as that. But, what about the other metrics that you keep seeing on the screen? It’s called – “The Power Level”.

The first thing that you should know about the power level is that a lot of players call it “The Light”. Lvls 01 t 20 will hinder you from reaching further planets before you have the equipment and weapons for them, however, the power is a measure that’ll dictate which challenges you can take on. How the Power lvl is chosen comes down to the gear you’ve managed to gain. Every weapon and gear comes with a specific rating, and the average of those digits is your real power.

“Getting to Power 200 to 265”


Since you now understand the distinction between your Light and XP lvls, you’ll have to learn how to apply it to the game. While getting to lvl 20, you should use the gear that has the highest Power rating, mostly because it’ll be the perfect opportunity for you to boost it.

When you’re done with the storyline – which will happen somewhere between lvl 18 to 20 – you’ll gain approximately 200 Power points.

When you complete the story, you’ll have more areas where you can find beneficial loot.

This is why you should opt for completing Adventures – which are labeled by orange icons – and quests, which are blue. Don’t forget to run strikes, finish a wide range of general events, and don’t neglect the challenges. Planetary passes are also incredibly important, thus, when you gather enough of them, turn them in.

You might also want to try your skills in PvP battles and Competitive Quests, all of which will allow you to increase your Light points. Keep in mind, you’ll see a lot of advice popping up informing you to avoid quests like the Nightfall and this will only be important if you wish to increase your progress and if you think that you’ll get to Light 265 before it resets the following week – which always occurs on Tuesdays. You could read more about the quests you should take at

“Getting to Power 265 And Higher”


Rare and Legendary items will allow you to get to lvl 265, however, either of these gathered from lower levels won’t help you reach a new one. In most cases, they’ll drop seven Power lvl which is below the max, which can be beneficial from increasing your lowest gear – which is most commonly Exotic and Prized Legendary. This is a progressive feature that you’ll most likely neglect until you reach cap 265. Hence, if there is a piece of Exotic or Legendary gear that you really like, don’t choose to dismantle it.

Of course, dismantling is a task that you’ll want to do with gear that you’re not interested in using, and by doing so, you’ll gain shards that can be used as currency. However, for the gear, you really love, keep it hidden in your vault until you’re ready for Infusion since it’ll allow you to ensure that more important pieces of gear remain beneficial throughout the game. Infusion is extremely powerful, but your main ways to gain Power XP are to complete raids, Nightfall, landmarks, and so on.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind


Before we conclude this article, there are a few tips worth mentioning, all of which will help you with the game. For starters, you should educate yourself about the game. After all, it’s quite daunting and complex when it comes to the leveling system, which is why you’ll want to ensure that you know what you need to do, and more importantly, how you can do it.

For example, some basic things that you’ll have to learn all revolve around the different gear and armor you can opt for.

Also, if you’re completely stuck with the game, there is a wide range of online companies that’ll help you by providing you with useful advice and training, thus, if needed, you can always opt for hiring these services, especially since working with a professional player can help you with understanding other games as well. Lastly, you need to keep in mind that practicing is everything, hence, even if you lose, learn from it.


Although a lot of players seem completely confused by the leveling system in Destiny 2, this is completely normal, mostly because the game doesn’t do a good job at explaining what they have to do. But, if you follow some of the advice we’ve mentioned above, you’ll be able to reach new levels quickly, and more importantly, you’ll improve your skills!

Since you’re now aware of what the system is and how it functions, you really shouldn’t waste any more time. Instead, if you’ve downloaded and installed the game, you should turn it on, and then start leveling up – something that’ll allow you to enjoy the game as you proceed.

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