What Is Medicinal Mushroom Powder: Uses, Types, Dosage, and, More

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With a stem, cap, and lining of gills under the cap, the mushroom is an umbrella-shaped fungus that does not belong to any plant or animal category. These fleshy, non-flowering, spore-bearing fungi are a good source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

Some edible varieties include Button Mushrooms, Portobello Mushrooms, Shiitake Mushrooms, Enoki Mushrooms, Morel Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, and Straw Mushroom, which can be consumed as a veggie dish, soup, and snack.

Then there is another category of non-edible mushrooms having narcotic effects and hence are called Wild Mushrooms.

The medicinal use of mushrooms can be dated back to the records from Ancient Egypt, as well as Chinese medicine practices. These mushrooms have high potency to treat several health conditions, but their unguided usage without proper knowledge and acumen can be fatal as well.

What is Medicinal Mushroom Powder

To exploit the medicinal effects fully, a variety of mushrooms are dried, treated, and converted into powder. This medicinal mushroom powder is prepared by dehydrating and finely grounding mushrooms leading to a fine powder, dependent on the source and purveyor. Bioactive compounds are extracted from the mushroom, using hot water or alcohol extraction technique to achieve the beneficial compounds it.

Speaking of the numerous health benefits of mushrooms, some of them are recovering from Mental Stress, developing resilience towards physical stress, and improving energy, vitality, and endurance memory.

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In addition, focus, cold sore, energy, Cancer-induced fatigue, immunity, etc., to name a few. The mushroom powder can be consumed as capsules and can be mixed into numerous drinks, shakes, or food items that can taste delectable too.

For example, you can blend them into a smoothie or protein shake, etc. There are other creative usages where the mushroom powder can make it into the latte. Moreover, this powder can be incorporated into cooking mushroom broths, mushroom supplement soups, paleo bites, mushrooms, and therapeutic granolas.

How to Use Mushroom Powder

Add one tablespoon of mushroom powder to hot or cold coffee for that aromatic benefit. It tastes even more if you add some creamer or sweetener to it.

Another tip is to add one teaspoon of powder to your juice or smoothie, soups, salad dressings, oatmeal, dips/spreads, and sauces for extra health benefits.

Benefits Of Mushroom Powders

Though a little less popular among regular consumers, if it suits your metabolism, and you can afford it, then go ahead.” Since mushrooms contain several compounds that affect the immune system and other biological functions in the body, let’s discuss some of them separately:

Slowing Down The Aging

The antioxidants present in mushroom powder not only help fight the damages caused by the free radical damage but also prevent stress generated from oxidation.

Enhancing Brain Function

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Because of the biologically active compounds, mushroom powder has been found to reduce the impact of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s by slowing or reversing cell degeneration in the brain.

Supports Immune Health

Mushrooms have been identified as an aid to reduce inflammatory responses caused by pro-inflammatory cytokines. The mushroom powder allows T cells, B cells, and other antibodies to work efficiently. The powder contains polysaccharides, molecules to boost the function of the immune system.

Regulates Blood Sugar

When it comes to dealing with and fighting off blood sugar, studies have shown that the consumption of mushroom powder gives a clinical boost in managing diabetes and improving blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity in the human body.

Enlarged prostate BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)

Men with enlarged prostates often have troubled urinary symptoms. Taking powder with Reishi mushroom extract can improve their urinary symptoms such as the need to urinate etc.

Cancer-Related Fatigue

Intake of Reishi mushroom powder is known to help reduce tiredness that occurs in females dealing with breast cancer.

Clogged arteries

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People suffering from chest pain and shortness of breath and clogged arteries can benefit from Ganopoly mushroom powder because of its anti-oxidative and antiplatelet aggregating properties.

Types of Medicinal Mushrooms

Given the immense utilities provided with the use of mushrooms, there are several types of mushroom powder options available in the market with one type of mushrooms or in blends of more, here are some beneficial ranges of mushrooms to select accordingly:


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Enriched with all essential amino acids, along with linoleic acid, this variety of mushrooms is known to improve satiety and is often a good choice for weight loss. It also contains phytonutrients to upkeep heart health and complete immunity.


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Rich in antioxidants, ascorbic acid, and lycopene. It is known for its floury texture; this powder is commonly used to add flavor to broths and even make bread or pasta.


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An excellent inflammation reducer, Chaga, is ranked one of the top foods for radical absorbent capacity with an earthy flavor, which means it prevents arthritis and high blood pressure.

It may also improve physical endurance. Primarily found in Northern U.S., Canada, Alaska, and Europe, the Chaga mushroom is often not regarded as edible because of its earthy and bitter taste; hence its powder version is used vastly.

Lion’s Mane

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Found vastly in Europe, the U.S., and Asian regions, this variety of mushrooms contains shaggy white fur, and its taste resembles that of crab meat. Research on lion’s mane mushrooms suggests that they may be beneficial in fighting against dementia and nerve damage and repairing memory. It is also advised to consume to reduce mild symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Turkey Tail

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This high antioxidant variety of multi-colored fungi is relatively edible and is available in both powdered and dried form, and looks like thin oyster shells. It is also available in various shades of brown, and is murkier on the inside, with a light-brown edge. This mushroom supports improving immune health, gut health, and liver health.


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Primarily found in Asian countries like Nepal, China, Japan, Bhutan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand, this variety improves immunity by stimulating cells in the immune system and hence helps fight cancer cells and is known to shrink tumor size. This mushroom is edible in raw, powdered, or extracted form and can potentially upsurge the time to exhaustion in athletes.


Although there is still a vast area of study on the effects of mushrooms, mushroom powder exhibits several physical benefits to the human population, this is best consumed in shakes, coffee, smoothies, and other food items.

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