5 Ways Modern Technology Is Making Vehicles Greener

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People are becoming aware of the global issue that the entire planet Earth is facing. Air pollution and climate change are becoming bigger problems in all parts of the globe.

Fortunately for all of us as well as the future generation, a lot of experts in different fields have started to work on the solution to these two problems. Whether things will change or not is something we are up to see. But, it seems that things are going in the right direction.

Generally speaking, one of the “problematic” business fields is the automotive industry. It is not a secret that cars and other vehicles are not helping at all. More precisely, the gas emission vehicles produce are simply making this problem bigger and bigger.

However, as previously mentioned, people are starting to be aware of the issues that we are all facing. If we continue to lead lives and keep the same habits in the future, the planet Earth will certainly change (negatively).

Because of that, we would like to highlight all the ways modern technology is making vehicles greener. We are sure that these ways are just a confirmation of the improvement that is present in today’s world. Let’s find them out together!

1. Logically – Electric Cars Are Our Superhero’s

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We have to start this list with the most obvious way advanced technology is making the automotive industry greener. For a very long time, all the vehicles are working thanks to gasoline engines.

However, in the near future, and the process has already begun, the majority of people are going to drive vehicles with electric motors. We hope the entire process will continue in a lot quicker way, but the results we already have are satisfying.

So, why is this a good thing for the planet Earth? Well, the first reason why this is good is the fact that carbon emission is going to be a lot lower.

Despite that, there is another thing that people usually forget about – the complexity that combustion transmission and engine have will reduce. That way, both things are going to be a lot simpler for automation, and they will be a natural fit for the driving technology.

Let’s use Nissan as an example. This company started this type of improvement in 2018 with the Chevrolet Bolt EV model. It was the first all-electric model that served as some sort of experiment for self-driving electric cars. Only four years later, things improved a lot, and this company has a lot of innovative and less harmful options to offer to the worldwide market.

Nissan as well as some other brands such as Toyota, Lexus, and Mercedes may be a good choice in case you truly plan to participate in solving some of the global problems. It is easy to deal with those brands, as you be able to find reliable parts suppliers like STS-Global on the market.

2. Car Batteries Come with Green Innovations

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Making planet Earth greener depends on a lot of details. However, electric vehicles and their improvement depend a lot on battery innovations and designs. Most automotive companies were offering batteries made of lithium-ion.

But, these batteries had certain issues that were not making the planet earth greener at all. For instance, lithium batteries are not temperature-resistant, and their durability can be a lot lower in case you expose them to a high temperature. One of the problems is overcharging which usually happens to the owners.

However, in recent years, many companies that operate in this business field have started to use cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. Despite their less harmful effect on nature, they are also a lot more practical and durable. Their price has become relatively lower which automatically made green cars and other vehicles more accessible to an average person.

3. Tires Have Become Greener As Well

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It would be unfair not to mention tires as they have been one of the main causes of the issue we are dealing with. However, thanks to advanced technology, things have changed a lot! Most tires that you can find on today’s market are greener than ever before. Today’s cars no longer have to spend a huge amount of energy to keep the tires in motion.

Believe it or not, certain studies have confirmed that the best types of tires that come with low-rolling-resistance are better for the 5.7 percentages compared to the older models.

This may seem like a small improvement, but imagine millions of people driving those tires. The issues we are dealing with are going to be smaller and smaller. Unfortunately, the planet is damaged too much and the results are not going to become visible too quickly.

But, they are going to become noticeable for 5, 10 or 20 years. Changing the tires you are using may be a good thing!

4. Vehicle Seats Are Also Becoming More Eco-Friendly

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Who would say that the seats of the vehicles are also going to become greener? Let’s, once again, use Nissan as an example. As mentioned, the batteries they are using are on a high level. But, the owners and experts in this industry have realized that they need to find a way to make the seats more eco-friendly.

The solution for this problem was found – Nissan is now making seats from plastic bottles. Yup, a bottle of water that you bought and recycled may end up as a part of the Nissan seat. Doesn’t this seem cool?

5. We Now Have Solar Powered Cars

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Well, it seems that worldwide experts have finally realized that solar energy is more useful and less harmful compared to some other sources of energy. Because of that, we are not having more and more vehicles on the streets that work thanks to the sun.

Of course, the number of these vehicles is still not big. You can mostly find them in the most developed economical countries. But, it is good to mention that the stored solar energy can support the work of cars even during the night. You can imagine how good this invention can be for the entire planet earth.

So, are you ready to use some of these options?

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