7 Best Activities of the Nile Cruise in Egypt

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The Nile cruise is a prominent way to have a delightful tour in Egypt. Many tourists prefer to spend their vacation in Egypt on a long Nile cruise since they can do various activities through it.

So the Nile cruise is really worth doing when visiting Egypt, as you can do most of the essential things in Egypt like visiting monuments, enjoying nature, attending oriental shows, taking great photos, etc.

1. Enjoying nature

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Watching the picturesque scenery along the Nile Valley is one of the main blessings of Nile tours. The Nile, the desert, the sky, and the greenery make a magnificent scene that helps you to relax and have a comfortable and calm vacation.

Also, the scene of the sunset and sunrise from the board of the boat is fantastic. Never miss those peaceful moments when all the world’s sounds disappear and you hear only the serene sounds of birds and water while watching the warm sun rise from the water in the morning.

2. Visiting monuments

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Each Nile cruise itinerary includes visiting prominent sightseeings along its way. The Nile valley has a large number of monuments since it was the main source of life in ancient times. So whatever the itinerary of the Nile cruise, it must include seeing Egyptian monuments.

Furthermore, the Nile cruise enables you to visit many scattered monuments while enjoying your voyage which may be tiring, expensive, and difficult to do in other cases. It is to be mentioned that most of the Nile cruise programs already include guided tours to the main historical places, with the accompaniment of a professional tour guide.

You can visit the most interesting sightseeings through the Luxor to Aswan Nile cruise, for example:

  • The temple of Karnak.
  • The temple of Luxor.
  • The temple of Hatshepsut at Deir-el-Bahari.
  • The royal tombs at the Valley of the Kings.
  • The Colossi of Memnon.
  • The temple of Edfu.
  • The temple of Esna.
  • The temple of Kom Ombo.
  • The temple of Philae.
  • The high dam.
  • The temple of Abu Simbel.

3. Taking photos

The historical places and the wonderful landscape in the Nile valley especially in upper Egypt are great locations for taking photos.

So be sure to bring your camera to take some admirable photos.

4. Entertainment shows

Whether you are going to do a short or long Nile cruise; the entertainment shows will be part of its program.

These shows are held on the deck of the boat, usually at dinner.

In Cairo, it is very familiar to do a short Nile cruise for a few hours, during which you have dinner and attend amusing concerts and shows.

Besides, large Nile cruisers have similar nights in their programs.

It comprises many oriental shows like the “Tanoura” show, along with live oriental music and singing.

5. Trying Egyptian food

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Whether you have a modest Nile cruise on a traditional felucca or a luxury one on a huge floating hotel, dishes from Egyptian cuisine will be served.

The most famous traditional Egyptian dishes are:

  • Kebab: grilled meat.
  • Kofta: pieces of minced meat mixed with onion and spices.
  • Mulukhya: it is a green soap made from jute leaves.
  • Mahshi: different kinds of vegetables stuffed with Egyptian rice.
  • Stuffed pigeons: small pigeons stuffed with delicious rice.
  • Koshari: a traditional Egyptian dish that has many components like rice, pasta, and brown lentils, it is usually served with a special hot red sauce.

6. Activities in luxury floating hotels

Long Nile cruise journeys typically happen on a large floating hotel, which is a huge ship provided with all the hotel facilities.

Activities on the sundeck

All the luxury floating hotels have a sundeck full of facilities for entertainment. The pool is the most entertaining one, it is usually a large pool with different water levels to suit all ages.

The experience of swimming in a pool on the deck of a luxury ship among nature is really amazing. Some pools are provided with a jacuzzi to boost your joy and excitement. The sun deck also comprises a bar where you can enjoy sipping your favorite drink.

In addition, you can find sun lounges near the pool, you may like having a sunbath there. Comfy sofas and chairs to help you to have a relaxing day.

In some Nile cruises, barbeque parties are held on the sun deck, but it depends on the weather and duration of the journey.

Spending some time in the spa

Luxury Nile cruises typically have their health clubs, equipped with all facilities like sauna rooms, jacuzzi, massage units, and Turkish or Moroccan baths.


Besides, large Nile cruisers usually have a gift shop or bazaar where you can buy some gifts and souvenirs like pharaonic artifacts and traditional Egyptian clothes.

7. Activities in Luxor to Aswan Nile cruise

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The Luxor to Aswan Nile cruises usually have a program full of visits and activities, in addition, there are some other optional things to do with extra fees.

Hot air balloon ride in Luxor

Typically, the hot air balloon ride is one of the optional tours in the program of Luxor to Aswan Nile cruise. These rides depart from the west bank of Luxor in the early morning, hence it is a great time to watch the sunrise in the sky of Luxor.

It lasts for about 45 minutes, during this adventure you can see the monuments and landscape of Luxor from the sky in a unique and unforgettable view.

The show of light and sound in Karnak

This show is an interesting way to learn about the Karnak temple which is considered the greatest temple in Egypt. It depends on spotting lights on monuments while narratively presenting their history. For instance, when the light is spotted on the statue of Ramses II, you will hear his story as if he is the narrator.

The show is accompanied by pharaonic music that makes the experience more distinctive and takes you back to ancient times. In the end, if you will do only one thing in Egypt, a Nile cruise is highly recommended, since it comprises many kinds of activities and adventures in one journey.

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