Is playing Valorant Easy for Beginners?


Valorant is a game developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows. The idea for this game was created in 2014. The official version of this free game was released in early June 2024. In just one year it became incredibly popular throughout the whole world. This is a game with really great potential on the gaming scene. Even pro gamers are super happy with the many possibilities and stories that they have in front of them. Its popularity is also supported by very small hardware requirements, so an Intel i3-370M processor, Intel HD 3000 GPU, 1 GB VRAM, 4 GB RAM and 64-bit Windows will suffice.

The whole concept of the game is set in the future. This is a team game, where each player takes control of the selected agent. However, as simple as it sounds, this game can probably be quite complicated and confusing for someone who is a beginner in shooting games. It is not easy to manage, and a beginner, even if you have played Counter-Strike so far, can be confused and have no idea where to go next.


Since we were all beginners in games like this, with the help of our friends AussyELO, we tried to write a little guide for every beginner in this game. Here we will give you an answer to the question is playing Valorant is easy for beginners, introduce you to the concept of the story and give you some tips.

Don’t give up on Valorant if it seems a bit hard in the beginning because this is a really fun game. We wish the beginners all the luck and a lot of patience because you will really need it. There is no preparation or warming up here — get into the fire right away.

So, as we have already said, this is a shooting game where the players are divided into teams, 5 to 5. Your choice is whether you will join the attacking team or the defense team. You choose agents who are quite diverse, coming from different parts of the world and different cultures. They are all specific, and you must look for money to strengthen their abilities and strength of weapons. The range of weapons you can use is astounding. There are submachine guns, pumps, machine guns, snipers, assault rifles and pistols. The game is played in 13 rounds. Everything revolves around Spike and planting bombs in certain places. Simply, the attackers have the task of planting these bombs, while the defenders are trying to prevent it. Each match is divided into two halves and then the teams can change their roles.


The first thing you will encounter when embarking on this adventure is choosing an agent. You will be offered about 16 agents, each with its specifics. You should choose an agent according to your skills, ie whether you are more of an attacking player, defensive, support or similar. However, if you are a beginner, you will not have much knowledge of this. It would be best to choose an agent with whom you will be able to practice basic mechanics well. Perhaps it would be best to start with a simple choice and choose Sage. This is perhaps the simplest agent in the entire Valorant concept.

Sage is a defense agent, but it is very important for beginners to first examine the area well and get to know it. This agent is therefore ideal. It can raise walls and thus block the area for a while. Here you have the opportunity to explore, zone, but also think tactically. All the skills you will acquire during the first time of playing will most likely always follow you. Sage has another great ability that makes it very easy to manage for beginners. Sage has healing abilities, so she’s pretty simple to play with. With her, you are free to practice both attack and defense. You don’t have to worry about using your abilities properly because they can recover over and over again. Feel free to experiment and strengthen your mechanical abilities. Not only can she heal himself, but also your friends and enemies.


If Saga doesn’t suit you or everything has already been studied well, the next agent we suggest is Sova. Each agent will teach you special skills. If the previous agent was related to the defense, Sova is a character whom we could present to you as a researcher, but also the brain of the team. Using this character you will get a vision of the abilities and positioning of other players. That way, you will be able to better position yourself for open fire, and, of course, you will share the information you get with your team.

This character can fire bolts. However, there are two types of bolts: one is related to reconnaissance and obtaining information about the enemy, while the other type of bolts is the one that causes damage. Another phenomenal ability for the Sova character is the amazing arrow. You won’t have to worry about its range because sometimes it can cross half a map, and it is so strong that it can easily pass through walls. However, in order not to make everything so simple, the number of arrows is limited to 3.


In addition to choosing an agent, you must choose the right mode tailored to you. Our suggestion is to start with Spike Rush. In this mode, the game lasts approximately 8 minutes, which is much less compared to some other modes. The advantage of Spike Rush is that you don’t have to worry about finances and the economy. Here you are quite free to investigate both the weapons and the abilities of the agents. This is an ideal environment to explore and strengthen yourself. We suggest that you play at least twenty games in this mode so that you are ready to go to another mode. After Spike Rush, our proposal is Unrated. You can already compete.

No beginning is easy, so, as we have already mentioned, arm yourself with patience and take the time to master this game. Once you master these skills and choose the ideal agent and mode, then the real magic is created.

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