The Most Popular Casino Games You Can Play at Parties


Casino gaming is a huge component of the hospitality industry; however, the hospitality industry has seen some rather drastic downsizing in the last couple of years. Hotels have been forced to limit their capacity or close outright. Thankfully, Swedish casino gaming has shifted its focus to the online casino model and continues to grow, like

While this is great for the industry, many avid gamblers may simply miss the ambiance of a good casino trip. If you count yourself among the old guard, you may want to consider throwing a casino-themed party for a few of your family and friends to recapture that excitement.

But, no casino-themed party would be complete without casino games, and your guests will certainly enjoy the thrill and excitement of a fun casino game or two! It’s your party, so why not go crazy?! Follow this link and you’ll discover a guide to the best slot machine app in Australia

In that spirit, Swedish gambling enthusiast Dominic Andreasson has compiled this list of the most popular casino games that you can play at your next house party.

Top 6 most popular casino games to play at house parties

1. Blackjack


The basic goal of this game is to outscore the dealer by holding a higher hand than the dealer without your hand going over 21. It’s a traditional Las Vegas casino game that’ll certainly be a favorite at your party.

Blackjack is a game of strategy. The goal is to collect cards with a total value as near to twenty-one as feasible without going over. Going over 21 is called “going bust” or “busting.” If a player’s hand is closer to twenty-one than the dealer’s hand, or if the dealer goes bust, the player wins.

Players may “hit” (take a card) as many times as they like until they either “stand” (stop taking cards) or “go bust.” Blackjack is our top pick because it’s a fun casino game that’s super simple to replicate at home or with friends since all you need is a deck of cards.

2. Poker

Poker is a fun casino game for parties because of the combination of psychology, probability, and sheer luck it offers players. There are many types of poker, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll be going over two here, the simplest: Five Card Draw and the most popular: Texas Hold ‘Em. You can play under your own rules and place your preferred bets.

3. Five Card Draw


At the start of the game, players are each dealt five cards. Then, initial bets are placed. Players then take turns picking up to three cards to discard in exchange for new cards in an attempt to improve their hands. Players then place their second bets and reveal their hands. The player with the best hand wins.

4. Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is the type of poker played in the World Series of Poker. The game begins with each player receiving a hand of just two cards. Five cards are then dealt face down. Initial bets are placed at this point.

During the game, players wager three more times as cards on the table are revealed. When putting together the strongest five-card combination, players combine their own two cards with the five communal cards, with the best combination winning the hand. You can find more informations on

5. Craps


In Craps, players, called “shooters,” roll “points” with two dice and then attempt to roll that same number again before a seven is rolled. At the start of a Craps game, the first shooter makes a “come out” roll to determine the point of the game, which can be a roll of either 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Then the shooter again tries to roll (or “shoot”) the point before rolling a seven.

If the shooter rolls a seven before they can shoot the point, that’s called a “seven out,” and the shooter loses control of the dice to the next shooter. The next shooter makes a new point and tries to shoot their point before sevening out.

6. Shot Roulette

This is strictly a casino-themed party game for adults who wish to spice up the gameplay and try out something different. It is based on the classic roulette wheel but there is a shot that is linked to each number on the board. Spin the wheel and pay close attention to the ball. Where did it land? It is time for that person to take a sip of that specific shot! You can play with different drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) but you can also add some spices to ”spice up” the game. Who would want to take a shot of chili sauce? That’s what makes it thrilling & edgy at the same time.

FAQ about home casino parties


1. How to set up a casino party at your home?

This depends on the size of your group & your preferred gameplay. Talk with your group and ask others to bring in their contribution, no reason for you to have to pay or organize everything on your own.

2. What are live casino games and can you play them?

Live casino games connect you with an actual dealer at your preferred studio or at a land-based casino. You can also play the game by interacting with an actual dealer, which allows you to bring the casino to your home while not having to leave it!

3. What to wear?

Your friends, your group, your rules! You can have a serious & strict code of all-black attire to have that actual in-casino feel. If you want to feel like you’re at the best casino out there (and your group also likes to dress up) give it a go! On the other hand, you can have the most casual night if that’s what you fancy.

Parting Advice

While we all love a game of chance, to avoid any hard feelings among your guests, you should give everyone the same starting amount of casino chips or fake money, with prizes awarded to players with the most chips or fake money at the end of the evening. Be realistic and don’t let anyone feel left out.

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