Pros And Cons Of Using WhatsApp Web For Work


WhatsApp has long been the best messaging app. So, it is known around the world for its great features that continue to be upgraded. It is also available on various mobile platforms, which is why it has so many active users. However, this app continued to surprise us and so came the creation of the WhatsApp Web.

Its fans can only continue to use their favorite app on their computer or any other device that supports the WhatApp web. It’s a great user experience on the big screen, and that’s a great thing for business. This is not a standalone app but uses an existing WhatsApp account. Below you can read all its advantages and disadvantages and find out if you will use it.


1. Using the app on your computer


Since this is the reason why the app was created, the possibility of using it via a computer is the biggest advantage. This opens up a number of possibilities that lead to better functioning at work. For example, you will need significantly less time to do different things. In that case, you can have an important conversation or a casual conversation with co-workers on the big screen while doing something else on the phone. It is also a good option for you if you spend a lot more time on the computer than on the phone and everything is there for you.

2. Synchronization

With this choice, you will stay involved in everything and you will not miss absolutely anything. The thing is, the WhatsApp web synchronizes all conversations. Whether they take place on a computer or a phone, they are there waiting for you. When it comes to business conversations or sharing some important information for business purposes, this is of great importance. This means that key information will not be lost, but neither will it be misappropriated. This app has extremely strong protection such as encrypted messages.

3. One platform for all


What does this actually mean? This applies to a wide range of features with just one app while you used to have to use too many of them. Now you can be more relaxed because you will be able to function at work without other apps. If you are quite busy while doing work tasks, you can do a lot of conversations on a daily basis. Depending on which device you use more, you will probably have an app for each purpose on each of them. However, when you have WhatsApp it is enough to activate your account on your computer and that is all. You are already networked, you just need to turn on your computer and have a conversation.

4. Download photos

What an app it would be if only boring conversations were done on it. So another advantage is taking photos. Although we all already know this, it is good to know that all images will be saved on this platform, but also automatically saved on the computer’s hard drive. This is another reason why people adore this teamwork of mobile devices and computers.

5. Speed


If you don’t like to wait and don’t have time for that, don’t worry when this app is in question. Login is very fast which means it is enough to have a proper internet flow. It is also very easy to log in because you do not have to remember and enter the codes that most people forget. All you need to do is enter the app via your mobile phone and opt for the WhatsApp web option.


1. It only works while you have the internet


Since this app is not standalone, it cannot run without your mobile device. That’s why it’s important to be connected to the Internet if you want to use the app on your computer. If you don’t have access to cable internet or Wi-Fi you are in problem. And we all know Wi-Fi sometimes won’t work. According to Avanda you should try and restart WiFi, but that is not always solution that will work.

This can be considered a big drawback, but you certainly can’t use the original version without the Internet. The conversations may have been synced, but this is charged. Your mobile phone must always be on. When we mention unavailability, we have to mention that it is not available for iPhone. These users are not few, which is why many are not happy with it.

2. Unable to send video

Although you can download images, there is another problem. Unable to download videos you may really need. If most of the work tasks do not involve video sharing, you will not notice this drawback. Otherwise, it could hamper your work. There is another criticism of sending photos, and the notification in question informs you that the message has been read. It doesn’t exist here, but it seems easy to fix.

3. Notifications at two locations


When we mention notifications, we have to look at the various notices. If your mobile phone is always on or the sound is amplified, you will surely be annoyed by too much noise. Especially if you are very busy sharing content with multiple people at once. Every time you receive a message in one location, you hear it in another. However, for many, this may suit them because it serves as a reminder. In that case, they will certainly not miss any information in the form of a message or a call.

4. Message speed

Thanks to the keyboard and large screen, it is much easier to type and exchange more messages in a short time. However, this is only possible if the other person is also at the computer. Otherwise, you will type much faster than her or she than you. This can create a communication problem because one person will always wait a little longer for an answer. It can also be hard to be in a group where everyone is on the computer and you are the only one on the cell phone.


Just like any app, this one has its advantages and limitations when it comes to business. So consider your needs and compare them with the acquired information about WhatsApp web. We hope we helped you find out all about her.

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