How Proxy Servers Protect The World Of E-sports


The video gaming industry and its most successful products have revolutionized the world of entertainment in the XXI century. With activity shaking off its taboo status and different forms of games captivating the attention of individuals with different upbringings, gaming is giving the already established forms of media a run for their money.

Different approaches and tools for beautiful graphical representation often give video game creators better, unique tools to tell stories and make the player feel like part of the portrayed world. Some prefer video gaming as the evolution in storytelling, an upgrade to movies and TV shows, but that is just one branch in the massive tree of video games.

The balance between immersion, fiction, role-playing, reality emulation, and the freedom to control these experience sliders gives game creators the green light to fully implement their vision and transform it into a beautiful product. Unlike traditional forms of media, video games transform the observer into an integral part of the experience.


Another angle comes in the form of multiplayer games. Online gaming takes a different approach, with an emphasis on skill expression and competition, and storytelling elements adding the ambience to the experience, forming an emotional attachment with the characters and game components that make the competitive experience feel more authentic.

The latter approach might focus more on individual skill expression and leave less room for the development of a narrative but different gameplay elements let different individuals shine at their beloved games. Just like the growth of competitive chess in the past, the competition in the most successful video games started to be treated as a sport, giving birth to a massive, ever-growing e-sports industry.


However, to fully express their abilities in video games, professional e-sports athletes have to ensure perfect technical conditions and minimal latency between the personal device and the game serve to minimize the threats that can diminish their performance. To make matters worse, some video games reach a massive level of popularity, and competitive games between players or teams can become targets of match-fixing.

In this article, we will discuss the threats to the e-sports industry, why protecting your digital identity is important to succeed in competitive gaming, and what is the best option for ensuring stable connection and defense against cybersecurity threats. One of the most effective, lightweight, and multifunctional solutions is proxy servers.

You can find legitimate providers with fair proxy prices and use them today. Because proxy pricing depends on use cases and the target base of the supplier, you can find legitimate options with the right types of proxies and cheap proxy prices for gaming. Keep reading to learn about digital threats and why cybercriminals target the gaming industry.

Vulnerability of online events


While the biggest events hosted by successful companies owning the most popular video games happen in rented venues and are strictly LAN  events, the e-sports industry is full of ambitious players without recognition that wants to compete anywhere. However, the doorstep amateurs have to cross to become professionals is full of cheating, gambling, and deceit.

When attending amateur events that can give players a boost to stardom, some are eager to get to the next level by all means necessary and start to cooperate with cybercriminals to cheat and fix matches. While cheating can be easy to detect in streamed online matches, convincing the player to lose money or disrupting the internet connection of opposing players is a safer strategy.

During an online event, an amateur e-sports athlete is at the mercy of their internet provider and the leased public IP address. If the party involved in the tournament gets hold of their digital identity, subtle DDoS attacks can be used to sabotage the connection just enough to diminish the player’s performance.

Effective protection of proxy servers


Proxy servers are an extra stop your data packets take before reaching their final destination. This way, the communication with the Wide Area Network only happens through the additional address, making your real identity invisible to the recipients. If the cybercriminal discovers a proxy address, it can be ditched or replaced with a new IP, while changing your main address, the public IP given by the internet provider is much harder.

However, that additional stop adds extra travel time. To make sure the sacrifice for protection stays negligible, get your proxy servers from reliable, top-industry providers. This way you can have access to multiple IPs at the same time and change them if one attracts unwanted attention.

Proxies are slowly becoming a necessity in e-sports. Make sure you stick to the best providers with near perfect connection rate, and you will not feel the difference between proxy connection and internet access through your IP address. Make sure you choose legitimate providers that are bound by law to protect your data and avoid dangerous public proxies at all costs!

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