Skype Translator Comes to Skype Windows App End of Summer

Skype Translator Comes to Skype Windows App End of Summer


Microsoft announced to roll-out Skype Translator in the Skype Windows Desktop App end of Summer.

Microsoft is beta testing its real-time translation software since end of last year in the Skype Translator preview. Skype Translator currently supports four available spoken languages – English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and 50 instant messaging (IM) languages. With IM, customers can write a text message in their language, and the recipient will receive it in their language of choice.

Microsoft is now targeting a release of Skype Translator in the Skype for Windows Desktop app at the end of Summer. Last month Microsoft made it easier to obtain the Skype Translator preview by removing the sign-up requirement. Since then, the company has seen a 300% increase in Skype Translator usage.

The usage of Skype Translator is essential as the system is based on machine learning that needs trainings data. By learning from the training data during this preview stage, along with all of its nuances, the software can learn to better recognize and translate the diversity of topics, accents and language variation of actual Skype Translator users.

Microsoft released a video tutorial that helps users start a Skype Translator call. 

The Skype Translator Preview can be downloaded here.

Skype Translator is a great example of how software can dramatically change our lives and connect people suddenly that could have not been able to communicate with each other – the ultimate Peace Tool.

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