Testosterone Enanthate – An Effective Set of Muscle Mass

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Enanthate belongs to steroid drugs that have strong androgenic and moderate anabolic effects. Because of this, many powerlifters use it to quickly gain muscle mass and increase strength in a short time period. A large increase in muscle mass is associated with the accumulation of water in the body. Bodybuilders want to buy testosterone enanthate 300 mg for themselves, who are pursuing the goal of improving physical performance.

Properties of an injectable anabolic

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The active substance of the drug consists of the sex hormone and the enanthate ether chain, which is connected to it. This ether helps to slow down the secretion of testosterone into the bloodstream from the injection site, in addition, it improves the half-life of the substance from the body. It is possible to track the peak of the substance release within a couple of days. Over the next few weeks, testosterone levels begin to drop. This form of steroid is suitable for bodybuilders, as it requires rare injections, so it is recommended to buy testosterone enanthate 300 for all powerlifters.

The main distinctive uniqueness of the active ingredient lies in the fact that, along with a pronounced anabolic effect, a strong androgenic effect is also visible. As a percentage, both indicators are 100% of the male hormone. This makes it possible, when using the drug, to feel not only a good set of mass but also to feel a charge of strength and energy.

Features of the mechanism of action on the human body

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Criteria for changes in the state and general appearance of an athlete after passing various types of substance courses:

  • the maximum build-up of muscle mass is ensured;
  • pronounced muscle pumping;
  • the athlete increases strength and endurance, performance, due to which the drug deservedly takes first place among athletes involved in deadlifts;
  • removes painful problems present in the intervertebral discs, helps to eliminate an unpleasant crunch in the shoulder area;
  • increases the ability to quickly recover after training;
  • improvement of the general tone of the whole organism, removal of the effect of the tested overtraining;
  • increase in libido and male sexual characteristics;
  • long period from one to the next injection;
  • blood is saturated with oxygen.

Taking enanthate 300 can cause such side effects: the entire axis of the hypothalamus – the problematic pituitary gland – male testicles is suppressed, the effect of masculinization appears in both women and men taking it, a tendency to aromatize the substance, there may be signs of general obesity, remaining female, small baldness, acne.

It is not recommended to use the remedy for women who are afraid of masculinization. In a mixed course at higher doses, it is combined with GONADOTROPIN to prevent testicular shrinkage and a decrease in the function of spermatogenesis. Consolidation of the result of the gained mass is helped by taking cortisol blockers after the completion of the course.

To obtain maximum perception and absorption into the tissues of the body, this substance is injected into the athlete’s gluteal muscle. The dosage of the substance is carried out, starting from once a week and gradually reaching four throughout all 10 fruitful weeks of taking the substance. Perfectly combined with such products as BOLDENONE, OXYMETALONE, and others. After completing the course, it is recommended to undergo therapy, it is worth consulting not only with your personal trainer but also with your doctor.

The use of the Testosterone Enanthate 300 

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Enanthate can only be bought by individuals who are 18 years old. To prevent the appearance of bad manifestations, before the start of the cycle, an examination should be carried out and consulted by a sports doctor or trainer. Injections are given no more than once every three days.

The dosage of Enanthate 300 is prescribed based on the personal characteristics of bodybuilders and their state of health. The optimal daily dosage cannot go beyond 250-500 mg. With an increase in the amount of muscle mass and the total weight of the athlete, it is recommended to increase the dose. The average duration of a solo course is approximately 2-3 months. PCT can be carried out only 2-3 weeks after the end date of the course.

To prevent possible unpleasant manifestations, it is necessary to use Proviron or other aromatase blockers together with test 300 enanthate. It is recommended to monitor the concentration of estradiol, which will provide the ability to follow the suppression of side effects after the use of enanthate.

Side effects

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Before you buy enanthate, you need to find out its main disadvantage – a high level of aromatization. The transition to estrogen is due to the manifestation of a number of similar undesirable signs:

Priapism and other manifestations of excessive sexual stimulation (frequent erections);

The formation of body fat according to the female type;

  • Arterial hypertension;
  • The oiliness of the skin;
  • Decreased spermatogenesis;
  • Acne;
  • hirsutism;
  • testicular atrophy;
  • Aggression and hyperexcitability.

The use of antiestrogens will help to remove such appearances. But it is best, without waiting for their occurrence, to start taking aromatase inhibitors.

Where to buy testosterone enanthate 300mg at an affordable price?

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