11 Things All Destiny 2 Players Get Wrong – 2024 Guide

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If you are enjoying playing games, you know how good it is to sit down and play after a long day. Not only that it makes you feel good, but it relaxes you and makes you happier. With many options that you can choose from, if you like shooting games, you should definitely try Destiny 2. It has many things that you can do while playing so you will not be bored at all. In addition, there is a constant base of people who play it, so you will not have to wait much to get into a game. Last but not least, you don’t have to pay for it, you just download it and you enjoy your time.

However, if you have already played this game, but have stopped at some point, you can come back anytime and continue from where you have started. With constant improvements and adding new things, you will have a great time. If you have played in the past, now there are more levels that you can get, and many items in equipment that will make you stronger.

In this article, we will talk about some things that all of the Destiny 2 players get wrong, and how to improve those things in order to become better. Since it is a video game, you should do what you want but if you follow some of the things on this list, you will notice an improvement.

Have a selection before you upgrade something

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One of the things that people get wrong is that they tend to upgrade everything that they have. This not only that it is not good, but it will make your game difficult. Instead, wait until you get the item that you really want, and then proceed to make it better and stronger. If you upgrade everything that you have, you will not be able to maximize everything so you will play with slightly better equipment than before with basically no real improvements.

Look for a party

Depending on the player that you are, you can play alone or with a team. However, finding a party to play with will make everything easier. If you don’t know how to do something, they might help you and guide you. And you can communicate and that is what makes this game beautiful other than the other things. Also, finding a party will give you an opportunity to select a special type of quest so when you finish that, you are all getting rewarded.

Make sure that you use the power

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At some point, you have the opportunity to use the power that you have collected. Don’t be the person who is holding on to that and never uses it. Whenever you get the chance, use it to become stronger for a certain amount of time and help yourself if you are playing alone, or help the progress with your team.

Don’t use boosting services

Another thing to note is that many Destiny 2 gamers aren’t utilizing the power of boosting services and give up on the game entirely. If you are tired of the grind and you just want to get over that threshold, considering hiring boosting services as suggested by Destiny2-sherpa.com.

Go back and redo some of the missions for experience and chance of gear

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To obtain levels faster, or to gain better equipment, you will have to do some events constantly. This might be a little bit annoying but when you see the rewards everything will be okay. Because it doesn’t take much time, once in a while you can get back and do some missions that you have already did in the past for a chance to get better items and progress faster.

Don’t play with just one weapon

Many people get this wrong and that is really bad. There is no point in playing with only one gun when you can add another one and play with both of them. If you really enjoy playing with a certain type, you can have that as your first choice, but make sure that you add another one to improve your short or long distance so you basically become better.

Play with only one hero

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This is a mistake that many people make because they didn’t know about that. If you play with only one class, you will have a harder time becoming better with slower progress. Instead, make another hero, and play that for a while. Sure, it might become boring to go through everything that you have been through the first one, but in the end, you will get more light for both of them.

Don’t use the help from the game

It is really interesting how people forget to use the help that the game offers. If you get stuck somewhere, not knowing what to do next, try to see if the game will help you. If not, you can use the internet because the chances that someone else had that problem are big, and they can give you advice on how to get out of that situation and continue playing.

Make sure that you are strong enough to participate in a raid

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You might become intimidated by the awards that may drop at the end, but you have to be strong enough to be able to finish those events. If you are not strong enough, you will have no problem going through the first stages but when the end comes, you will not be able to do anything and you might become frustrated about that. That is why you should become strong enough, and have a gear that is great as well to be able to do these events without a problem.

Not combining the equipment together

This is a thing many people get wrong and that is why they fall back. You can combine the gear with your guns for better effectiveness. For example, you can match them and have a faster reload, or faster gun change. That will give you an advantage over others, and you can use that well.

Don’t leave

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The last thing on this list is just the behavior that many people who enjoy the games tend to have. If something does not go as you planned, or if you cannot go through something, especially if you are with your party, don’t consider leaving. Not only that you will use the progress, but you will also make your party mad because they need you for it and you will leave them weak.

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