Few Crazy Things That Sell as NFTs

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One of the newest types of digital currencies to have been sweeping the internet is non-fungible tokens. They’re units on a blockchain with one-of-a-kind id figures that make them unique and treasured to their owners. When we say valuable, we mean it literally. However, they look like photos, videos, audio, and other digital files.

For that reason, these are perceived as some sort of valuables that can be either traded or exchanged. You would be surprised with how high value some of them can be. If you take a look at some of the examples online, you will see that there are pieces that are worth millions, without any exaggeration. So, it is not a surprise that they have become so popular recently.

It is important to point out that they can be attained when cheap and retailed for much more over time. Many are disordered as to why some NFTs sell for money, and how a particular value is calculated for each. However, as every seller has learned, value can fluctuate and means every price someone is interested in paying. Basically, it is the rule of every market, if people want it, it has a price.

Every day, a new multi-million-dollar sale is tracked by even those who are bigger and as the sales increase, they get wilder. But, for you to have a clear idea about what are these, be sure to look for some fine examples. Today, we want to discuss the most unexpected things that can be sold. The following are some of the most luxurious and outlandish of these sold to date.

Few NFTs to have sold to date

Taco Bell GIFs

Source: behance.net

This company is just one of the many brands to benefit from the attention surrounding NFTs. The chain sold GIFs and pictures as merchandise on the market Rarible in March. It appears that they retailed quickly. When you see the market, you will see there are a lot of which you can choose from. Besides that, purchasing these can provide you with benefits when purchasing some Taco Bell products.

Nyan Cat

Source: dukechronicle.com

The Nyan Cat is considered a legend on the internet. A decade ago, a video was released with a pixelated cat carrying a Pop-Tart along with tracking its path to a popular tune. It resembled an interesting mixture of retro and modern design. The creator sold the NFT version for about $580k in 2024. Marty, the late cat of Torres, seems to have inspired the Nyan Cat’s scheme.

Not Forgotten, But Gone

Source: niftygateway.com

“Not Forgotten, But Gone” is a video that shows a spinning golden bear bone. WhIsBe produced the piece, which depicts these in a variety of forms. 1 million US dollar price tag indicates that this one was particularly special. We can see that this is one of the most exceptional stories about selling this form of digital currencies.

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Twitter Founder’s First Tweet

The initial tweet by Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was listed in this form on the fifth of March. In it, it read “just setting up my Twitter” and traded for almost $3 million. The purchase was made using ether digital currency, which Dorsey said he will convert into bitcoin and give to charity. It is not clear whether this is exactly what happened with this amount of money. Nevertheless, it serves as an interesting story about this sort of digital currencies.


Source: ledgerinsights.com

A CryptoPunk is essentially an image of a certain size, which is regarded as art. CryptoPunks come in five varieties. They each come with different displays. Numerous CryptoPunks are available, but many rare ones have traded for a large amount. While it may look that this is something that can be considered too silly to get retailed for this much money, it looks like it is sought-after at the market.

Among the 9 alien punks, CryptoPunk #3100, traded for an amazing $7.5 million. The one we’re talking about has light-green skin, is wearing a hairband, and has a blasé appearance, but people could mistake it for an average meme… That is if he didn’t cost $ 8 million. Nevertheless, it is certainly among the most luxurious pieces of digital image ever. We cannot wait and see what will be the next record amount.

Grimes WarNymph Collection

Elon Musk, Grimes’ noteworthy other, has long shown interest in cryptocurrency, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that her art was sold as NFTs. In February, her WarNymph group wholesaled for roughly six million. Mic.com reports that changing a piece – having 303 editions – into an NFT generated seventy tons of carbon dioxide releases. It is safe to say that it is a way how digital currencies can become much more environmentally friendly, which is complemented with all the newest trends in the business.

Beeple’s Crossroads

Beeple, the illustrator is recognized as Mike Winklemanm, traded “Crossroads” ahead of the presidential election at $66k. He aimed the part for it to alter based on the voting result. The artwork featuring a vivid image of former President Mr. Trump resold for six million US dollars. So, the idea is that practically anything can become an NFT. Therefore, nobody should be surprised why this piece has made so much money after being traded in this format.

Fart Sounds

In 2024, during the longest COVID-19 caused lockdown in the United States, Alex Mallis, a filmmaker, and his friends started recording their own farts. They sent these records to each other. Over time, the material becomes 52-minute long. Therefore, it was converted, and it can be found as an NFT these days. We can see that this material was retailed for $85 that same year.

It is interesting to know that it was put on a public sale that lasted for a couple of days. Not to mention that some of these individual sounds were retailed for additional money. We can even see that one of them was even retailed for $90, which was a pretty strange thing to hear. All in all, this is exactly what happened.

BTC to the Moon

Source: unsplash.com

Lindsay Lohan is one more celebrity who has released several of these of herself. Lohan donated $50k from the sale of “Lightning” to charity. A play on her promo picture features an animated Lohan resting against a VW Beetle with the BTC logo on the hood and the words “BTC TO THE MOON” serving as the background is one of her recent omens. Sure, she is not the only celebrity who has expressed her interest in this format.

In Conclusion

These are the several famous NFTs to have made big sales since this format has become a thing. Many people are buying into this idea and creating these for sale to the general public. Since the options you can choose from are practically limitless, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try it out. You can be sure that you can do the same too, if you’re creative enough, that is.

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