3 Reasons Why China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge is the World’s Best Multi-Day Hike

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Hiking is a great way to relax and get some exercise in but rolling around the same hills each day can get repetitive. This makes hiking trips extremely tempting. Among the most impressive and tempting international hiking locations, Tiger Leaping Gorge stands out. This Chinese natural wonder is dense with nature and history. The name itself stems from a legend about a tiger who leaped across the gorge to escape a hunter, an event that’s firmly commemorated with statues and trinkets that can be found at the location. The namesake isn’t the only interesting part of the gorge however, so let’s take a look at some of the aspects that make Tiger Leaping Gorge the best long hike in the world.

1. Ecological hotspot

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The whole valley is part of a UNESCO natural preservation area. The site is called Three Parallel Rivers World Heritage Site, intersecting with China’s Three Parallel Rivers National Park. The importance of this area when it comes to wildlife and plant preservation comes from the staggering biodiversity of the area. Due to it being a meeting place of multiple ecological zones, which bring their own types of climate along, resulting in a lot of different conditions that fit different wildlife. These plants and animals aren’t only diverse, a lot of them are very rare. During the hike, there are plentiful opportunities to see some of this biodiversity on display which makes it even more enjoyable. Tiger Leaping Gorge is a place of many sights, from villages to pure nature so make sure to explore all the possible locations before delving into the hike.

2. You can walk throughout the entire gorge

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The gorge runs for 10 miles and the whole length of it is traversable through hiking. There are two separate trails. The lower one is a paved road meant for bus tours while the top one is perfect for hikers. The trail is very high, it’s more than 8000 ft high, and has a lot of guesthouses to visit if you aren’t aiming to do the whole hike at once. The huge length is impressive but what truly gives it the edge is that the area is always sparse with people. This means that you can comfortably enjoy a peaceful hike without having to encounter too many tourists. On top of that all, the path isn’t too strenuous past the initial climb so you can enjoy the relaxing nature area without being exhausted.

3. Tiger Leaping Rock gives a perfect view of the area

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If you want to admire the beauty of the gorge and the surrounding area some more, there’s always the Tiger Leaping Rock. This is a beautiful place to take in the beauty of the area as it allows you to appreciate both the towering height of the gorge and the rushing, blossoming nature below. The Tiger Leaping Rock is also the place where hiking and bus trail meet, so expect the place to be a bit busier than the rest of the hike. Thankfully, it’s still far from cluttered so the worst-case scenario is that you’ll need to wait for a few minutes before getting to admire the view yourself.

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