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Tyceno is an online star with a huge fanbase. He is a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer. This 24-year-old has gained a name for himself in the world of online gaming. He is very popular for streaming his NBA 2K gameplay. His live streams are amazing with the brilliant gameplay that he shows. Once started, it didn’t take much time before he was subscribed by many on YouTube. Read the full article to know interesting details about the life, career, and net worth of this gaming star.

About Tyceno

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Tyceno is an amazing video game player and live streamer. As of 2024, he is 24 years old. His zodiac sign is Libra. At the young age of 21, he amassed a huge audience and has been a YouTube star since then. He loves playing NBA 2k, which is a very popular basketball simulation game.

Apart from his video games, he is a big fan of the NBA (The National Basketball Association) in real life as well. This young celebrity keeps posting various quotes and motivating stuff related to NBA players on his Instagram handle. His posts are filled with quotes from famous basketball players like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and others.

Early Life And Family

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Tyceno was born on the 25th of September, 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand. Since childhood, he was quite fascinated with video games. After finishing High School, he didn’t enroll in any college. At the age of 18, he took up the job of a typewriter, where his work was concerned with writing and typing for legal cases. But soon he left his job because the work didn’t interest this technoid at all. In 2024, he professionally started streaming his videos and gameplay. Then he rose to become one of the youngest YouTube celebrities!

Though he is an online star, he keeps his personal life quite private and doesn’t share much information about himself or his parents and siblings. Apart from his gaming, his fans rarely get a peek into his personal life. Coming to his relationship status, he is single. He doesn’t have any available dating record as well.

His Career And Major Milestones

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After quitting his typewriter job at the age of 18, he started his career in online gaming. He started his Youtube channel in the year 2016. Initially, he made the channel for uploading fun gaming videos. Then he also began streaming his live gameplay on Twitch.

Currently, he has a huge number of subscribers on YouTube. The subscriber count is 1.02 million to be exact, with over 300 videos. He plays very popular games like NBA 2K and Fortnite Battle Royale for which he gets views in thousands everyday. His Twitch profile also boasts of 500 thousand followers. With his huge fan base he is on top of most others.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Tyceno

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  • The real name of Tyceno is Sharaz Aslam.
  • He is quite passionate when it comes to live streaming. On one occasion he streamed on Twitch for 7 hours non-stop!
  • Because of his growing success, many brands are always ready to promote and sponsor him.  Tech giants like Xbox have also given him their latest products to try and play with, in his streams.

Net Worth

Tyceno’s current net worth lies between $1-1.5million. Youtube and Twitch are his major source of income with all the sponsorship and paid promotions he keeps himself engaged in.

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