Can UK Skilled Worker Visa Be Extended?


The United Kingdom! There’s something magical about it. Is it the Royal Family? King Arthur? It might be the Premier League and the atmosphere at the stadiums for all of you football lovers. It could be almost anything.

But, for the most part, it is a great place to be in. It has a great tradition in many domains. For some, just being there, and employed in the UK is the ultimate dream. You can achieve it with the right skill. It was always hard to come to the United Kingdom for work. Today, after Brexit it’s even harder.

Of course, it can be done. If you’re a skilled worker, you are more than welcome to enter this Union. Many individuals all over the world have received a skilled workers visa in the UK. Just as any other state in the world with a powerful economy, the UK is always on the search block for more employees.

But they have a well-saturated market. So, to receive the necessary visa you need to be special. Even football players are required to receive a work permit to arrive and play in the UK despite being stars in the rest of the world. This is what makes working and life in the UK so appreciated – the law functions and it’s the same for everyone.

But, when and if you receive the visa we are talking about here, the work doesn’t end there. As we said, their laws are strict, but fair nonetheless. Once you get the permit and start working, you’ll love it there.

When you fall in love with the United Kingdom you’ll want to stay. You’ll want your loved ones to come over. All of it is understandable. Of course, it also begs the question of extending this visa. This is what we’ll answer in this text. But first, let’s see if you can obtain one in the first place.

How to Obtain UK Skilled Worker Visa?


People with a desire to apply for this visa must have unique skills. So, it’s not easy to obtain one. But, if you’re specialized in a certain field and have what it takes and what the UK is demanding you can get the SW visa.

Once you have it, you’ll move to a state with an excellent living standard, receive a nice job, work and improve your skillset, and with time your family will be able to apply for one and eventually come over. If you stick around more than half a decade, you can apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain). This is the path to being a fully pledged citizen when it’s all over.

While all of this sounds great on paper, there’s a lot to pass before you’re there. First of all, persons younger than 18 can’t apply. Also, if you had a criminal record in your home place, don’t even bother to apply regardless of your unique skills. Furthermore, your immigration plate must be clean. If there’s any process ongoing or a prior ban, it is impossible to receive any UK visa. What’s interesting is that you’ll also need a medical record shown to the immigration services.

A person who wants to reside and obtain  SWV in the UK needs to be of good well-being. This is interesting but understandable. The focus will of course be on the skills you provide. If you can prove that you’re good at what you do, and fill in all the dots from above, you’re good o go. The last condition, and of course, one of the most important ones is that you’re fluent in English.

There’s a specialized test that will tell if there’s a language barrier that won’t translate well to your field of work. If you’re the person who has it all, and you’re granted this visa, it’s great. But, when enough time passes by, it will expire. At that moment, you probably don’t want to leave. This brings us to the main question. If you’re interested to know the answer to that question, keep on reading.

What About The Extension?


We mentioned professional football players who come to the UK and the world’s most prestigious league. Their contracts also need to be extended if they perform well enough. Even if they’re global stars the rules remain the same. If you follow football closely you remember that even Sir Alex Ferguson had to intervene for one of his players when there were issues with the work permit. As a skilled worker with a time-limited visa, you might find yourself in a pinch.

But, it’s good to know that it can be extended. Of course, as with everything else, there are rules, regulations, and conditions. First of all, you’ll receive the given visa for five years for an unlimited contract. If your contract is limited the visa will last as long as the contract. When reapplying for the latter, you’ll need another contract, proof that you’re working in the same or similar workplace, and that you’re still employed by the same employer.

In the case that you received a five-year visa, and that it’s expiring, the matter is different. In that case, you’re eligible for ILR. This is a great option for everyone involved. The one condition is that you never break the 180 days limit on leaving the UK for two years. When applying for it and to Remain in the UK you must still hold your position, with the proof that your skills are still in high demand.

If you receive the ILR the doors are open for both yourself and your family to apply for citizenship after the settlement period has passed. Of course, there are conditions to this part too.

The main thing is that you’re not absent from the country in the fourth year for more than three months. Also, they will be looking at the entire five-year stay. The maximum amount of days you can spend on the outside is 450. Have all of this in mind when you apply and re-apply for a UK skilled workers visa. It will be worth it in the long run.

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