Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing Heel Sandals


The season of heel sandals is never behind us, no matter what the weather says. But, even if you don’t want to wear your heels and open-toe sandals during the winter, springtime is just around the corner, so it might be wise to get ready early on.

Today, we’re going to give you a few fashion tips on how to wear heel sandals, or better yet, what to do and what not to do. Hopefully, by the time we’re done with our dos and don’ts, the weather will be lovely, and you’ll be able to put your sandals on once again.

All jokes aside, let’s check out these heel sandal dos and don’ts.

Do Wear Your Heel Sandals To An Evening Event


It is always a good time to strap yourself in a high heel sandal, but there is arguably no better time to do this than the nighttime. If you have a party that you need to get to, or any other evening event, wearing cute little heel sandals is always a good choice.

They’re more comfortable than the regular high heels (at least we hope you got ones that are), so you shouldn’t have any issues making it through the night without any pain. Also, these just look good with anything. Pair them with a dress or a pantsuit, or even jeans if that’s your jam. Whatever the case may be – don’t go out without them.

Don’t Wear High Heel Sandals If You Have To Stand For A While


We don’t really have to tell you, but wearing high heel sandals if you’re going to be standing for a long period of time is not really wise, isn’t it? Sure, sometimes you just have to fight through the pain because the dress code isn’t optional, but if you have an opportunity to “cut” your heel just a little bit – do it.

You don’t need to rock anything higher than 3 inches if you know you’re going to spend the next five or six hours standing or walking around. Don’t put yourself through pain if you don’t have to. Your feet will thank you – we can guarantee that.

Do Wear Your Heel Sandals With Both Formal And Casual Attire


The great thing about heels sandals is that they can complete pretty much any outfit (but not every outfit, as you’ll see in a moment) you throw at them. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing some casual to the lunch and coffee with your girlfriends, or if you’re going to a romantic dinner with your partner all dressed and dolled up.

A heel sandal, according to Dream Pairs’s official site will match with anything you have on. Skirt and blouse for work? Pair it with heel sandals. A cocktail dress for an event with your loved ones? Pair it with heel sandals. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt for brunch with your friend? You’ve guessed it – pair it with heel sandals.

Don’t Wear Your Heel Sandals With Sporty Clothing

We’re sure you’ve seen some celebrity rock high heels and leggings, but unless you want to look cheap and trashy – you better steer clear of sporty clothing when wearing your heel sandals. These just don’t work that well together.

If you’re wearing a pair of leggings or a tracksuit – wear sneakers or some low-top shoes. You look like you’re going to workout, so dress for it. Heel sandals and leggings don’t belong together, no matter what you saw your favorite lady rapper wear!

Do Treat Yourself To A Foot Massage After A Day In Heel Sandals


Sure, sure… Heel sandals are comfortable. That’s undeniable. However, you could be wearing a cloud on your feet, but if you spend a whole day walking around, doing errands, or god knows what – you should be able to come home to a foot massage.

If you don’t have anyone at home to gently massage your feet after a long hard day in your heel sandals – don’t worry. You can always pay a professional to do it for you. There are plenty of salons where you live that offer foot massages and other foot-restoring services that you’ll fall in love with as soon as you try them out for the first time.

And, if you just can’t find the time to do this – don’t worry. Soaking your feet in cold water after a long hard day will also work.

Don’t Wear Heel Sandals That Are Too Small


You would think that you don’t have to say to people, “hey, don’t buy shoes that are too small” – you’d think that. However, almost 90% of all women are constantly wearing shoes that are too small for them, especially when it comes to the shoes that they don’t wear all that often, like heel sandals, for example.

What is the reason behind this? Well, who knows? Some say that’s because your feet size changes through life, especially in women, and especially during and after pregnancy. Either way, try on your shoes before you buy them, and make sure that they actually fit.

Do Buy Your Heel Sandals Later In The Day


If there is one thing people constantly do wrong, is they buy their shoes early in the morning or after they’ve spent the whole day in one. When shoe shopping, and especially when heel sandal shopping, it is important that you go when your foot is not swollen. And, your feet are at their most swollen early in the morning and after a long day walking around.

So, what do you do to get the best fit? Go shoe shopping on a day where you don’t have a lot to do, and wait at least until after lunch to go shopping. That is when you’ll find the sandals that fit the best.


There you have it. Hopefully, you’ve found our list of dos and don’ts entertaining, but we hope even more that you’ve learned a thing or two about heel sandals and what you should or shouldn’t do. Take care.

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