How To Write A Good Essay With A Less Than Average Writing Skills


Essay writing is one of the major skills that an individual learns during their educational career.

The levels of the essays change from the school to the colleges and the universities. They help students become better observers of things in life and develop the capability of expression.

In general, all the students can not achieve skills and capabilities of self-expression. Some students simply struggle throughout.

Whenever they endeavor to write essays or dissertations, words seem to halt inside their soul and show utter reluctance to come out. But on the other hand, essay writing for some students is like a flow of a meandering river.

Do you find yourself having a problem writing essay? Yes, with less-than-average skills, it simply becomes difficult to write well. You are not alone in this dusty land; you will find millions of them on the same track.

We discuss some tips for writing a good essay, even with less-than-average skills and competency.

How To Write A Good Essay With Less Than Average Skills


The difference between a good and an average writer lies in the fluidity and evocation of ethos and pathos. Good writers establish a strong bonding with the readers throughout their work. But average writers need help with crafting the same skills.

Millions of studies simply can not express them naturally. Here we discuss some ways through which even an individual with below-average skills can write it down.

1. Brush Up Your Basics

The first thing that you have to try is bruising up the skills. The basics need to be improved. Only then can you elevate your writing? Some of the books can really help you with the aim. Every writer can have a copy of, The Elements of Style by Stunk and White.

They are invaluable possessions for any individual who is struggling with writing. The resources can help you with the correct usage of grammar, and ultimately, you can emerge as a better writer technically.

2. Keep Your Vocabulary Notebook


The problem that thousands of students have is keeping good vocabulary notes. This can help you with the development of a good vocabulary. One of the basic requirements for writing well is the proper application of words.

If you can attain it, you will find out that you have elevated your levels from ordinary to decent, and then you move towards achieving high quality.

You can use the essay writing service Fresh Essays to understand the standards and use of vocabulary in an essay. It can make you confident.

3. Draft A Basic Outline

Whether an amateur or a pro in essay writing, a draft is necessary. The draft is the first rough work where the writer uses all the plans and resources. Finally, it becomes a chunk. Keep all important resources in this section so that you can edit and trim whatever is unnecessary.

Drafting a basic outline can help you provide quality work and brush up on your research capability. Research is one of the core requirements for writing a basic essay.

4. Imitate The Writers You Admire


One of the great pieces of advice for writing a good essay is reading. Yes, a reading habit is a must for all, especially for those who lack confidence in writing. Read story books that are easy and read by all, irrespective of the level of intelligence.

Try to get yourself immersed in the emotions. This can help you be one with writing. Now if you read more and more, you can start to follow not only him/ her but also the writing style.

Soon you may find that you have some common qualities that match with the writer. This technique can undoubtedly help you write good essays.

5. Join Night Classes

Are you preparing to get an entry into the IVY league? It is getting immensely tough over time. You might know that the IVY League institution starts the admission procedure well in advance.

According to a study, Cornell University enrolled around 3,533 students for the year 2026, which is the largest among the other IVY league institutions. So you can understand the levels of competition that prevail in the education sector.

Keeping this in mind, we advise you to get admitted to a night class on essay writing tips. It can help you sharpen your skills and competency as a writer.

6. Edit Ruthlessly


The hallmark of quality and professionalism is constant editing. If you have finished writing your essay, you need to start editing your essay with vehemence. The first and foremost step is to give as many readings as possible. Soon you can find out mistakes emerge from your writing.

Read the lines and discover which expressions are redundant in your writing. They are called Clutter. They make your essay boring and consume the word count. This average and mediocrity kill the essence of a good essay.

Be mindful of your spelling and grammar. Only constant reading can help you out. Other than this, you can also use AI-based editing and grammar.

They can help refinement of your end product. Spelling and grammar mistakes are considered rookie mistakes and are neither entertained in the academic circle nor professionally.

In situations where assistance is required, individuals have the option to procure a professionally crafted dissertation, an educational resource that can be acquired to enhance one’s academic pursuits, you can purchase dissertation like this at ThesisRush.

7. Do Not Be Afraid To Express Yourself

The last piece of advice we would like to give you on writing is fearlessness. Fear is one of the common enemies of people that stops them from taking action.

Before you embark on a journey of battling against the odds in life, you have to defeat the inner foe (fear).

They gobble all your confidence and leave you indolent. You can best procrastinate and nothing else. Hence, you need to write fearlessly, come what may! Mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes in their lives.


Putting The Discussion To A Close

Essay writing is neither an easy nor a difficult affair. But it demands your constant time and engagement. Only then can you develop yourself as a writer?

So try to follow the above-discussed skills. We assure you that you can write an effective essay even with less-than-average skills. So shed your fear and start improving yourself in essay writing.

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