9 Things to Try If You Lack the Skills of Writing a Good Essay

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Learning how to write is one of the skills that are important both while studying and later in life. While the essays are being used as a way to have your knowledge graded, they are an essential part of every scientific or academic discovery. 

However, not many people had the chance to have a good teacher to teach them the writing basics. If you were not eager to learn by yourself, you would’ve never gotten the chance to know. Since we are living in a time where everything is accessible on the internet, you can get informed better, and learn how to write a good essay. 

With many tools that were discovered, even if you lack the skills to write a good essay, you can still come up with great assignments, and improve your score both academically and professionally. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the things that you should try so you can improve your writing abilities. 

Try to write the essay on your own

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There is no other way to learn this thing if you don’t try it on your own. Although it seems hard, it will be funny to you how stressed you were about a task like this one. There are always mechanisms that you can use where you give someone else to write it for you, but it is worth it to try on your first. 

If you write something on your own, you will have the chance to understand where you make most of your errors and work on them in the future. With proper exercises you will be able to come up with essays like you wouldn’t even imagine. 

Learn more about the topic

To begin with your essay, you will need to know what topic has been given to you. make sure that you study everything around that theme so you can understand it better from all perspectives. 

Find everything that has been published until now, and read the texts that are most useful for your assignment. Make sure to note important headings, so you can work them out and do what is required from you. 

Base your statements with facts

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While reading and learning more about your topic, you should focus more on studies from eminent people. You can find them on specific sites where they post articles depending on the field.

For example, if you are looking for medical texts, there are specific sites made just for medical studies. The economy or studies from other fields have their separate sites. Make sure that you base your statements and arguments with facts.

If there is something examined well, and there is a scientific conclusion, you should make your opinion based on those researches. That way, your essay holds the weight, and your readers will take your statements more seriously. 

Make sure to give credit 

If you have cited someone else’s work, make sure that you write their name and study in your references. It is only fair to give credit to the work they have done. In addition, if you don’t write them down in your references, you might get in trouble for that. 

In case someone is interested to learn more about the topic, they can just read the whole study by the people you have referenced in your essay. 

Hire essay writing professionals

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Not everyone has the skill to write essays or the time to learn how to do so. In that case, it’s probably best to just hire essay writing professionals. To pick the right one, you can check out the 20 best research paper writing services as the ones found on top20writingservices.com.

Be more specific 

When writing down the things you have done your research on, make sure that you stay specific. Don’t fill your sentences with blank words just so you can meet the criteria. You can see that in a way where you take out space to say something important with words without meaning. 

Having an essay that is not being specific enough is also hard to read. While you expect to learn something quickly, you see sentences that say nothing. Being specific is what differs a good from a bad essay.

Do a better organizing 

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Besides the text that you have written, you have to make sure that your essay is looking good aesthetically. Having a clean presentation of your text will make your readers more interested in your work, unlike having a full text without any blank spaces.

By organizing your text, you give a more pleasant experience to the people reading your essay. Firstly, separate your essay into an intro, main part, and summary or conclusion. That way, your reader will have guidance. Make sure that you separate your texts into different paragraphs so it becomes easier to be read.

Give every thought a different section and you should be good. Our brain works in a way where we feel like we have accomplished something after finishing a small paragraph, which makes us wanting for more.

Avoid certain words and phrases 

Another way to make your essay better is by removing certain words and phrases. As we have talked about above, you should get rid of sentences that have no meaning. In addition, you should be careful to remove any cliché phrases, because they ruin the professionality of your essay. Keep them for verbal and nonformal use. 

Reread everything 

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When you finish with your essay, it is time to check if you have done a great job. Make sure that you read it at least two or three times, and try to find any mistakes so you can solve them.

By reading everything from the beginning, you will feel if there is a segment that seems odd, so you can change it. Also, you will notice certain phrases that are not supposed to be there, and find a replacement for them. 

If you are rereading your work, you will better understand the mistakes you are doing usually, so you can work on them in the future. This leads you to improve your writing and gain good skills. 

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