Top Reasons Why You May Need Portable Toilets


When it comes to hosting large events or gatherings, one thing you cannot afford to sleep on is providing hygienic and clean toilet spaces for your guest’s convenience.

This is why portable toilets have become a popular solution that many hosts use to provide their guests with top quality washroom experience. So if you’re planning to host a large number of people, here are some of the top reasons why you may need portable toilets.

They are Great for Outdoor Events

Portable toilets have become the go-to solution for several different types of outdoor events such as carnivals, sporting events (marathons, hiking, bike races), wedding parties, community events, and festivals.

Portable toilets provide a quick and easy way for guests and attendees of these events to relieve themselves.

Faster Construction

Constructing a traditional and permanent toilet structure for an outdoor event or large gathering is not only unnecessary, but it also takes up a lot of time and building work.

Portable toilets, on the other hand, offer the same function as regular toilets, and they can be set up in a quarter of the time. An added advantage is that portable toilets can also be installed in the harshest of terrains and the most remote locations.

Cost Effective


Apart from taking up a lot of time, constructing traditional and permanent toilets for an event can be very expensive.

A more cost-effective alternative would be to hire portable toilets. Some of these portable toilets for hire also come with cleaning services included, so you won’t need to spend any extra money on hiring people to clean them.

Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest challenges of using permanent toilet structures to host large events is the labor-intensive maintenance that they require. The large number of people using these toilets often leads to them being unclean and dirty most of the time.

This can, in turn, pose a health risk to your guests and attendees. Portable toilets are a great solution here as most of them come equipped with waste management facilities and require low maintenance – especially since there are life-threatening infections you can get from using portable toilets if you don’t have proper waste management in place.


Just as implied in their name, portable toilets can be easily transported to wherever they are needed.


They also take up very little space and come in a range of different types (regular toilets, toilet blocks, warm water toilets, and disabled), so it’s easy for them to be placed in areas where they are best suited.

They are Great for Accommodating Guests With Special Needs

Hiring portable toilets is a way to ensure that there is enough accessibility and accommodation for guests with special needs.

For example, you can hire a combination of regular, disabled, and unisex portable toilets. This way, none of your guests feel excluded, and their unique needs are accommodated.

It is Good for the Environment

Because portable toilets come equipped with waste management facilities, they use significantly less running water, so using them for your event can be a way for you to do your part in helping the environment.

A trustworthy supplier such as Southern Loo Hire will typically take care of all of the waste collected for you, so you won’t need to worry about doing this yourself.


A lot goes into hosting a large group of people and making arrangements for them to have a comfortable and convenient bathroom experience should be a top priority.


Portable toilets are a great solution for providing your guests with the privacy and comfort they need to use the bathroom at your event.

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