Antenna Vs Cable Television – Pros and Cons and Choosing Tips


If you want to watch quality television, our recommendation is definitely a satellite dish.

However, not all people cannot enjoy all its benefits and need an alternative. Also, the prices of the satellite dish are slightly higher compared to other options. In that case, you may want to learn more about the TV antenna and cable tv in order to make a good decision.

We are sure that you also have your favorite show that you like to watch after a hard day without being distracted. In addition, it would be better to have more options available when it comes to television. Because of these and all the other items, take some time to read all the pros and cons of this television.

Pros of antenna television:


1. Availability of local channels

For example, your local channels will be available to you if you opt for this antenna. They will also be free, and many claim to provide a better HD image if we compare it to cable. In relation to it, it will not dilute the image quality. The signal that reaches you is cleaner.

2. Good price

This is a great option for those who want to save, and it refers to the external and internal TV antenna. There is one thing you need to keep in mind, and that is the difference between an outdoor and an indoor antenna. The use of an indoor antenna is recommended, as it has become more efficient over the years. But it also has to be installed properly.
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3. Better technology

Today you have a lot of new models and new technology. In the past few years, companies around the world have begun to take antennas seriously. As a result of their hard work, significantly improved products were obtained. For example, indoor antennas can receive a signal over long distances. Anyone who has not had a good experience with these antennas in previous years, would be surprised today by its improvement.

Cons of antenna television:


1. Lack of premium channels

In addition to all the advantages, there are several disadvantages. One of them is the lack of a basic cable, but also a premium channel. That means you won’t be able to watch HBO, Fox News as well as your favorite sports channels. You will have as an option only those channels that will be distributed locally. Of course, with an internet connection, you can buy separate channels such as HBO.

2. Location problem

One of the common phenomena is that the antenna does not work in a certain location, and that may be your location. So before you buy an antenna, ask yourself how it fits in with the place where you live. Note that it may not be able to capture all signals. For example, this happens if you live too far from the canal tower or have some obstacles in the way of the signal. These can be tall buildings or mountains.

3. Bonus channels

You may also get a number of independent channels that are broadcast locally. Old movies and TV shows are not shown on most channels. Although you didn’t expect it you can get more programming than you planned. For a lot of people, this is very frustrating.

Pros of cable television:


1. Access to multiple channels

Depending on your plan, you will have access to multiple channels. Of course, streaming services may limit your options, as you will only watch shows that they show. However, if you are a sports fan, this is great news for you, because you will be able to access all sports channels.

2. News channels

When we talk about a large selection of channels, we must not neglect the diversity of news channels. That way, you’ll always be up to date with the latest news instead of watching only short videos of the latest news. Traditional television will give you access to different types of channels that will manage to meet your needs. You will find different content there, and it is an opportunity to always know what is happening in your community.

3. DVR

This option acts as a streaming service. This is another reason to think about this television, because you will be able to watch your favorite shows. Companies allow you to access your DVR from any device.

4. Cheaper bill

Although cable TV is a bit more expensive, using streaming services will not save you much money. If you want to satisfy your preferences, you can do it for a cheaper bill. For example, you will need faster internet for streaming, especially if you do not live alone. Consider the activities of other members as well, because if one of them is playing games, be sure that you will need a really fast internet.

5. Weather resistance

One of the biggest advantages is certainly proper operation even during bad weather conditions. The reason is optical fibers and coaxial cables that prevent service interruption.

Cons of cable television:


1. Insufficient service

If you are one of those viewers who want to use premium packages to watch their favorite movies, maybe this television is not the right choice for you. The reason is its high price, which can bother many. Otherwise, you can pay for satellite TV for the same amount of money, and you will get many more services available.

2. Lack of function

In addition to channel services, there is another problem and that is the lack of features in the offer. Satellite TV providers will provide you with interactive attributes such as personal video recording. So pausing, rewinding and similar things come with this feature. We can say that cable television has a lot of limitations, although the technology tends to be upgraded and improved.


If you want to make the right decision, it is best to consider the price-quality ratio. We’re sure you don’t want to pay more for services you won’t be happy with. So make a wish list and stick to the standard when choosing a television. Consider factors such as price, quality, services, features and similar things.

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