7 Tips For Aligning TV Aerials and Antennas

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Many homeowners intend to install the Television aerial themselves to save a few dollars that they will have to otherwise pay a third party for the installation. For the process to be successful, you need to make sure that the Television aerial is aligned properly. Though the task of getting proper alignment may sound simple, it is not so in reality.

To make it right in the first attempt, there are a few things that you should know. If you want that your Television operates correctly, then aligning the Television aerial perfectly is something that you will have to master. For best results, we recommend using tayloraerials.

If you are desperately looking for some full-proof tips that will help you get the alignment correct, we have got your back. Keep reading, to know more about how you get the required signal strength from your Television aerial.

1. Installation of Television Aerials:

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The process of installing a TV aerial is not less than an art. However, you should be aware of the fact that it may work accurately in one place and may detect errors in another. Several situations have been reported in the past and hence, you should ensure that everything is properly aligned to work accurately. At times, it happens that the aerial signals increase unexpectedly by just moving the position of the TV aerial.

You are just required to move the TV aerial for just a meter or two from the original position to ensure it works adequately. Hence, if some position is working for someone, the same properties don’t need to work for you as well.

2. Alignment of the Transmitter of the TV:

Before you install the aerial of your TV in one place you should make sure that the transmitter of your TV is better aligned within your region. Professionals always recommend this step first and also advise people to conduct a test to make sure that things are working fine. This is probably done to ensure that everything is aligned perfectly. When you reach out to professionals to get your TV aerial and antenna, you will always see them using analysers to get the TV aerials analysed.

Evaluators will also ensure that the aerials are all properly positioned and that your alignment is suitable.

3. Choose to Call a Professional:

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We always recommend people to call for professionals to get help with installing TV aerials.

Professionals will have their entire team at your service, and you will not have to spend huge amounts of money to hire analysers and get the TV aerial installation inspected. That said, your money, efforts and labour will be saved since a professional team will take care of everything within a quick turnaround time.

Even if you are planning to do things by yourself, you should at least consult professionals to know the right alignment set. Also, they will assist you with using your DIY TV aerial installation project to ensure that everything is done adequately.

4. A Few Things To Pay Attention To:

When you are making an effort to align your TV aerial and antenna, you should keep a few critical points in mind to make sure that everything follows and work accordingly.

  • If you are attempting to connect the wire of a radio, an FM aerial or a DAB radio is not going to work for TV signals. It will also not work with a satellite dish.
  • You should ensure that the TV aerial that you are trying to align, fits well with the TV transmitter. This in turn will help enhance the signal strength that is otherwise generated by the devices.
  • Another critical thing that you need to be informed of is that some of the TV aerials are usually harmonised to pick up the shorter-range frequencies. This makes the TV aerials non-compatible with every other type of wire. This is known as grouped aerials.

5. Polarizing The Television Network:

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TV signals are transmitted by the Television transmitters with the help of vertical or horizontal polarization. Horizontal polarization is generally used in most countries for broadcasting Television signals. You will have to place the antenna in the same position as that of the Television antenna to make sure you obtain the best performance.

Since most of the transmitters are polarized horizontally, the best position recommended for your antenna is horizontal. The antennas though receive both horizontal and vertical signals.

6. Areas Receiving Strong Signals:

If the strength of the signal in the hour area is too strong and the antenna used also has a built-in amplifier, there are high chances that the receiver of your Television will get too much signal. This will further result in the loss of your Television signal. You can reduce the amplification of the antenna by turning the variable gain control right from maximum to minimum. You will have to put it on the minimum and then flip the Television channels again to see if things go well.

7. Have Long Cables:

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If you extend the antenna cable, the signal strength received by your Television will reduce slightly. However, if the cable is long enough that it reaches the window from where the Television transmitter faces, then it will help improve the Television signal to a great extent. However, you should always try not to use long cables that are not necessary, since it will help reduce the signal length to great extent.

It is very frustrating when you have poor Television reception. The tips and tricks that we have mentioned above, will help you make the most of your Television antennas and aerials. Also, it will be aligned better to provide the maximum benefits. Better aligning the aerial and antenna will help to get rid of all irritating signal problems.

The Bottom Line

Aligning your Television aerial and antenna is a task that requires proper knowledge of getting the tasks done. We have listed some essential tips and tricks that will help you achieve better alignment of the aerial and antenna. However, you should not DIY such tasks and always seek help from a professional to get the tasks done.

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