Are ADUs Legal in California

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ADUs or accessory dwelling units are a useful way to get a lot more housing on your land and use it the way you want. There are many different reasons why ADUs may seem useful, but the most important question is whether they are legally regulated and whether it is legal to build them in your area. Because, if this is not the case, you won’t be able to make them for yourself. In California, laws regarding accessory dwelling units have changed considerably in the past few years. If you are interested in what the final conclusion is and whether ADUs are legal in California, continue reading.

What exactly are ADUs?

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ADU stands for accessory dwelling units, which are actually all those residential areas that are located on one plot of land. For example, if you have a house on your plot and decide to build one or two separate buildings within the same land, those buildings will be called ADUs. Some other names used for these living areas are accessory suit, backyard apartment, granny flat, and others.

Why do people find them useful and build them in California?

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In California, people find accessory dwelling units useful for a variety of purposes. You can fully equip them and rent them out to guests coming on holiday to your city. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in them, and you can earn a lot, which is a great deal for many.

In addition to apartments, ADUs can also be a home for your family members, when it is the best solution for everyone. And this is one of the main reasons why the popularity and number of ADUs in California is increasing: because this is a great way to keep close to your loved ones who are not able to take care of themselves. If you have someone in your family who is disabled or handicapped in some way, it is often best for everyone to live very close so that you can take care of them on a daily basis. You don’t have to spend hours driving every day, or worrying when they are out of sight. Another amazing thing about ADUs is that they provide a feeling of freedom and independence, so you can have your loved one close, but they can still feel independent and like they are living their own life. And for some people this is particularly important.

All in all, ADUs enable maximum use of space by building residential areas where you can earn, or you can accommodate someone you love. Of course, it is not enough to just build an ADU, but it is also necessary to properly arrange it and make it a nice place to live. At you can learn how to get expert help in the process of equipping and designing ADUs and get the most use out of your ADU in Los Angeles.

Are ADUs legal in California?

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In the last few years, the legislation in California regarding adus has changed significantly. Previously, laws were outdated and often prohibited the construction of ADUs, even when it was completely realistic. However, the California housing crisis has reversed the situation and led to new laws in this area that make building an adus in California legal and, moreover, highly desirable.

What is the California housing crisis and how did it push the construction of ADUs?


Although California is one of the richest countries in the country, the fact is that home prices are constantly rising and becoming increasingly unattainable for most people. It is estimated that the largest share of households spend more than 30% of their monthly income on housing, which is a huge share. The number of homeless people is increasing, and the number of people who need accommodation is also increasing because they cannot take care of themselves.

Because of all this, California has found a solution, and that is to stimulate people to build adus, because these are very practical and affordable housing options that can be the solution to many problems. First of all, ADUs do not require additional land, because they are being built on an existing plot on which there is already a house. It takes little investment, so it is often a very cheap option that is acceptable to most people. Also, you don’t have to find a new home for your loved ones who have nowhere to live and can’t take care of themselves. With ADUs, you have their insight, and they are also located and safe.

New laws concerning ADUs

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Several different amendments have been made to the laws concerning ADUs, and it is considered that the accounts of the greatest importance are AB-881, “Accessory dwelling units,” and AB-68, “Land use: accessory dwelling units”. What have these bills changed? In general, they removed many of the limitations that existed in this area and made it possible to build ADUs much easier and faster. One of the biggest obstacles in this process was the slow issuance of permits for the construction of CSAs. Decisions could be made within 120 days, but these bills halved that period. This means that the whole construction process is significantly accelerated and implemented in a reasonable time. Also, there used to be very rigorous restrictions on the maximum size of ADUs. Now the minimum size of these living areas is about 1000 square feet, depending on the number of rooms. All of this significantly increased the number of ADUs in California, which was the easiest way to solve the housing problems that arose over time. Now, many more people can afford a roof over their heads, in a very simple and practical way.


ADUs are separate living areas that are located on the same land as the house and have very useful purposes. They can be used for renting or as accommodation for your loved ones who need constant care. In the past, California laws made it difficult, and sometimes even completely restricted, to build adus. However, the housing crisis has significantly changed this, so the new laws that have been passed in this area allow people to build ADUs without hindrance, and in a much faster and more efficient way. This allows people to more easily afford housing and align it with the lifestyle that suits them.

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