Benefits of Natural Stone Backsplashes

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A backsplash is a vertical extension material used to fill the kitchen and the bathroom wall gaps between the cabinet and countertop. A professional or an individual can install it. As we are doing our day-to-day activities, water and other liquid can be splashed on the walls but having a backsplash in place behind the sink protects your wall against damage. Other than the protective purpose, the backsplash is used for decorative purposes.

If you intend to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen, natural stone from Saturnia should be your first choice. There are multiple types of natural stone that you can incorporate in your backsplash and basically include:

Some of the most prevalent stones that you can incorporate in your backsplash primarily include:

Bianco Maremma

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Bianco Maremma is the most preferred element to add to your backsplash as it is available in various colors and designs. Typically, there are multiple designs that you can select from in the market. This element will allow your backsplash to be aesthetically appealing.

At the same time, the natural stone backsplash is practical, and its durability is unquestionable. Another appealing factor is that the stones are straightforward to maintain, and it is quite an affordable option to include in your home decor.

When you include Bianco Maremma in any space, it will dramatically transform that area and add a good vibe to your home. The stone has rustic yet stylish decor.

Montemerano Classico

The other excellent material to add to your backsplash is the Montemerano Classico. This material is luxurious, elegant and adds a modern feel to any space. It is pretty straightforward to clean thus will maintain its natural color for more extended periods.

You can select different patterns, colors, and styles that create a luxurious feel in your bathroom and kitchen area. Since the material comes with diversified color options, it can ideally complement your existing decor. This material is recommended as it is easy to clean and maintain.


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It is another common material to add to the backsplash of your kitchen or bathroom. It offers strength, durability, and it is an easy material to maintain. There are multiple colors and design options available in the market, meaning your choice is unlimited. You can comfortably personalize your space and ensure it complements the existing decor.

Etrusco, despite being a rare piece of element for most savvy homeowners it creates an ambient environment in the kitchen since materials are hassle-free to clean; they are pretty good addition to your kitchen and bathroom backsplash area.


Marble is typically one of the most expensive natural stone materials in the market. However, this material is versatile and will create a statement on your backsplash. You can use the marble material to create either piano or mosaic tiles in your space.

The material also comes in various colors, designs, and patterns; thus, selecting one that compliments your existing decor is essential. To achieve symmetry in your decor endeavor, ensure you match your floors and countertops with the marble backsplashes.


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Granite is a prevalent backsplash to include in your bathroom and kitchen space. Ideally, black granite adds coziness and a rustic feel to your kitchen. You can also incorporate green granite in the bathroom space.

Granite is an ideal material as it is non-porous and more aesthetically appealing in any space. Some of the reasons you should consider granite backsplashes include:

  • Offers unmatched look-granite is a matchless material to add to your backsplash. Its shades are captivating and have unique patterns.
  • Robust strength-granite is quite strong, and its durability is unquestionable. It can perfectly resist tear and wear, but you should ensure you properly care for the material.
  • Can resist extreme temperatures-the material can perfectly withstand extremely high temperatures making it perfect for areas such as the kitchen.


Slate is another popular material that you can consider for your backsplash. This material offers a rustic look for your space. If you are looking for a more contemporary look on your kitchen or bathroom backsplash, ensure you select the dark grey type of slate. You can also consider including slate materials with a honed finish.

On top of offering admirable aesthetics, slate is relatively easy to maintain, but you should ensure you regularly clean this material.

Some of the most common advantages of incorporating natural stone for your backsplashes include:

The maintenance cost is low

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Natural materials are often easy to clean as they are only washed with soap and wiped with a dry cloth after a spillage. The cleaning of backsplashes should be done weekly to maintain its stunning look and ensure it retains its natural character for many years.

Foods and drinks that contain acids cause the backsplash to turn dull over time. Sealing of the stones with granite sealers protects them from spillages such as water, grease, and food residue that may cause discoloration. .

It gives out a professional look

The use of natural stones such as marbles initiates attraction as they come in different shapes and sizes. They are eye-catching, and thus, if you have it in mind to resale, it will be relatively more straightforward as they are appealing even after their use for many years.


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Natural stones are of different materials such as marbles, granite, and travertine. They usually differ In the configuration, and hence one can be assured that their choice will not resemble anyone else.


Most natural stones are hard to break; granite is complex and resistant to stain; hence, it does not fade from regular use. However, it is paramount to ensure that you incorporate basic maintenance tips if you want your stone element to maintain its natural character and integrity.


Due to modernization, many people have shifted to using natural stones backsplashes in their bathroom and kitchen. This is because of their wholesome benefits compared to other products.

Installation of the stones may seem pretty expensive upfront, but homeowners tend to save a lot in the long run because the stones rarely break or discolor if adequately cared for and maintained. Nevertheless, natural stones are known to be budget-friendly and offer robust durability.

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