Best Apps for Students to Study Effectively on Campuses

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The whole world has evolved in terms of technological advancements. Through technology, we can view the world as a whole in different dimensions. There is a significant breakthrough whereby students can order food, book for transport, or find a location using their mobile phones. There is always an app to assist you in whatever you do and wherever you go.

Why use an app in your education?

There are helpful apps that are used in the field of education. There is an app to help you out, especially when it comes to equipping yourself with more knowledge or doing your assignments on time. Different apps are found in the Apple store or Google play store.

What phone do you own, and what type of assistance do you need or want from your app? Well, the best way for students to acquire the best education is through intelligent study methods. Several apps assist students in planning their time effectively and when it comes to their performance with their studies. Below are some of the apps by 123Homework to help students to study effectively.

Top 6 apps that you’re going to love for effective studying sessions

1. Evernote

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Students have a problem arranging their work, pictures, and Pdfs clearly and effectively. This also often happens with our notes that can get messy or way too clumsy. At times, students find some difficulties in maintaining their work in the correct and organized manner. You should consider downloading Evernote on your phone or tablet to make your studying & organization process a lot better, as well as smarter.

On here, your notes are organized in a manner that you will understand your files or documents. Everything is seamless and practical for every user. Students find their work efficiently without any disturbance. Many students have experienced a revolution in their education after using Evernote software. You can become one of them as well!

2. Dragon Anywhere

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Here is one of the best apps that students love because the app allows you to type the work while using your voice. Students break the monotony of writing everything that they hear and learn in the classroom through this solution. Thanks to Dragon Anywhere, students have a way of recording, revising, and revisiting their lessons whenever & however they like. They also have the liberty to record their lecture notes without running their messages because files are saved as both audio files and text documents, and edit your work using some voice commands. If you are more so a talker and a chatter, instead of a type – you’re going to love this feature.

3. Scanmarker

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The app is designed to allow users to scan pages using the student’s camera and then convert all of that into digital text. The photocopying and the tiresome form of writing down all the notes are eliminated, and students can quickly get their work done on time and within their preferred timeframe. You save your document the way you want it to appear so that you visit your work whenever you wish. Students can use voice commands to manipulate the text and edit it however or whenever they want. They can also translate the text into different languages, which is great if you’re bilingual. The app is addictive and great enjoyment to students without being too hard to navigate.

4. Exam Countdown Lite

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Have you ever used Exam Countdown before? Well, the app is designed to alert students to the activities that await them that include schoolwork or exams that are to be done. If you are often forgetful or running late with your tasks, you’re going to enjoy this as your go-to tool! Students who use the app get a variety of advantages whereby their procrastination is reduced. Productivity is improved as the students are reminded of the task that they have to undertake every day. You can adjust the app per your preference and get notifications per your liking.

5. Google Drive

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Although a bit old-school or basic, Google Drive is still one of the most (if not the most used) go-to tools for business people and students. It is available on your phone & your laptop, which makes it easy & convenient for everyday use. Students have a chance to store their valuables in Google drive, no matter what it may be. The services of Google drive include synchronization services and multi-functional storage. Students should make sure that their work and all information are stored in their industries to avoid losing their essential documents. Store your files, documents, music, photos – you name it!

6. Oxford dictionary

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Last, but not least, you can give it a go with the Oxford dictionary as your trusted go-to. Many learners are aware of the essential dictionary app that is most suitable for student use. Students need to understand their content very well for them to pass their exams, which is why a simple outlay is important. Complex words in their classwork can easily be understood using the Oxford dictionary, which is always a savior to students who love to read yet have a hard time managing or understanding some new words/phrases. Students pursuing linguistic and literature need the app to understand the classwork that they tackle effectively.


In the end, you need to make sure that your approach is proper and that you find a trusted source and an app that works best for you & your needs. Every student has the desire to pursue their career and be successful in their lives. If you wish to be the best of the best – make sure that you invest a lot of time & care into your education. The key to attaining good grades and getting outstanding results is knowing the different types of apps used in the learning process while successfully navigating and managing your free time. Students should understand and learn about various apps that simplify their student life, like some of our recommended ones.

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