7 Things To Know Before Compressing A PDF File

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PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats across the globe. You can use this format to share any type of content with your coworkers, friends, or just anyone. When PDF was first introduced, numerous problems related to document sharing between friends and colleagues disappeared. It means, the introduction of PDF made receiving and sending documents even from a distance became easier than ever.

If you use PDF files quite often, you must know what compression is. Compressed PDFs are easier to send, and you can also send a large amount of data in a jiff. The mechanics used by software to reduce the file size may seem tough but are very easy to infer when broken into several parts.

Though PDFs are already very small, compressing them reduces their size further and takes very little space. Moreover, the compressed PDF file is transferred rapidly without compromising the quality of the content contained in the file. If you are also looking for online software that facilitates the compression of PDFs, make sure to check out any-pdf.com.

Several files have multiple information that is the same and not required. The software compressing PDFs eliminates the duplicate information without damaging the original information contained within. However, there are a few things that you should know when it comes to compressing your PDFs.

Efficiency in Storing Compressed Files

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While working, you receive and send numerous PDFs every day. Such documents add up to the total number of documents you have in your system. When you have hundreds and thousands of documents, they take up a lot of memory in your system. If you compress the documents before storing them, they will take less space.

Reducing the size of a single document will not be effective, but it eventually adds up when you reduce hundreds of your documents.

That being said, compression reduces the amount of server space a file takes, to a great extent. Moreover, if you store all your compressed documents in a single folder, and zip the folder to save it, a considerable amount of space is saved.

Enhanced Transfer Speeds

If you receive and send PDFs almost daily through emails, you already know that large file sizes slow the server down and hamper your working speed. The best solution in such a scenario is to compress the documents before sending them. Doing so will increase the transfer speed. After compressing, the file size decreases and thus sending compressed documents also helps by reducing the load on the server.

With the compressed documents, you can also easily make a zipped folder that is smaller in size as well, and it allows you to send multiple files at the same time. The recipient will receive the folder intact and they are just required to extract them and the documents will then be available in their original format.

Lesser Cost Incurred

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As it is mentioned above, smaller documents correspond to lesser space requirements. Thus companies that run a huge network can easily cut down their costs incurred in disk space, bandwidth, and equipment needed to store and transmit the data.

Maintaining Backups

In the era of the internet, it is quite important to maintain backups of all the documents owned by a particular company. The best part of compressing documents is that a majority of the systems automatically maintain backups of the compressed files.

Storage Of Multiple Files In One

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One of the best advantages of PDF compressing is that you can compress a batch of pdf files together. By many, we are not talking about 10 or 20 files, we are talking about some 1000 files together.

By using tools such as WinZip or WinRAR, you can easily compress many files and send them together in the form of a single file. All that the receiver needs to do is de-compress these files and use them as separate files if needed. In this way, both you and your receiver can save a lot of space.

Moreover, bulk compression also allows you to organize the files and create searchable text. Thus, after compressing the files you can easily search for texts within the file. This way, you will save a lot of time that otherwise would have been wasted in searching for texts manually.

Efficient Collaboration

The transfer of compressed files is faster than what is expected. Collaborators can also review the files quickly and send them back if required. You must be knowing that the files in their bloated format take a longer time to upload, may get bogged down when they are passed through several networks, and will take a lot of time when opened by the recipient. Emails with larger file sizes feel like snail mail as it takes a long to get transferred and then opening it is another pain.

Businesses are becoming digital these days, and they are required to send more and more files every day. Hence, compressed files are ideal for sharing and collaborating. Moreover, smaller files are easily accessed on almost all devices, and you can also open them on your mobile phone.

Compressed files don’t delay the process of getting back to a colleague or responding to a customer request. It also allows processing things faster than expected.

Effectiveness of Content

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Using genuine software for the compression of PDF files enables you to achieve lossless compression. Reducing the file sizes doesn’t compromise the quality of the content it has. It is just that the files are optimized and can be easily shared.

Compressing files enables easy sharing of information between two or more people. With compressed file sizes, employees can send and receive documents with fewer delays.


Compressing a PDF file has numerous benefits. Not only do they reduce the storage space required, increase the transfer speed, help in maintaining backups but they also help in cost reduction. With so many benefits offered, you must consider compressing your files before sending them to others.

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